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23.04.2019  New entries: Nico Georis, Monstromery, Flavien Gillié, Leafcutter John, Escupemetralla, Tómaš Niesner.

22.04.2019  New entries: Myopic, Jenna Leigh-Raine, Futuregrapher, Garek Druss, Metta World Peace.

20.04.2019  New entries: Heteroduplex, Stubbleman, ツルネCrane, Hierofante, Oblong, Qasim Naqvi.

15.04.2019  New entries: Charlis Linos, Into the Ethos, The Silent City., Culled.

14.04.2019  New entries: Secretflowers, Fox Millions Duo.

13.04.2019  New entries: Þórir G. Jónsson, Teneleven, Tamayugé, Weltklang (René Steuns and Thomas Voburka).

13.04.2019  New entries: Velvet Dream, Eusebeia, Sam Häggblad.


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