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15.02.2019  New entries: Kessler, Karol Almert, Filmico.

15.02.2019  New entries: Euglossine, Simone Dionigi Pala, Lesteronthebeat, Sync24, AV-GO, Bewider, Moloch Conspiracy, Cory Kilduff, Shanna Sordahl.

13.02.2019  New entries: Michael Bentley, Golden Hallway Music.

12.02.2019  New entries: Leisure Birds, Il Generale Inverno, Nightwalk (Spain).

11.02.2019  New entries: Grand Kali Ma, Mika Toivanen, Småland.

09.02.2019  New entries: Glåsbird, Christian Carrière, Gabe Knox, VHS Dreams, Paul Statham.

08.02.2019  New entries: Charles A.D., Pink Midnight, Klein Volk, Hypervigilance, John Davis, Lee Gamble, Nicholas Emmert.


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