Meade, Glenn (USA)

No Rest For the Weary (??)
Phantasmagoria / The Elements (1992)
Quantum Dances (1994)
Gloria (1998)
Patmos (2000)
Perils of the Great Ulysses (2003)

This is music for fans of the symphonic Vangelis, i.e. sweeping, grand, orchestral-like electronic themes and cosmic atmospheres. During the 1970's, Glenn acted as a classical composer, but in 1986 he was introduced to MIDI. Realizing the potential that the use of synthesizers had, he quickly embraced the technology, assembling a large studio and filling it to the top with cutting-edge keyboard instruments. He literally began writing scores for a large synthesizer orchestra, which pretty much defines the bulk of his work. 


Meadow Grove (Finland)

Dona nobis pacem (2022)

Officially a dungeon synth project, Meadow Grove goes far beyond those influences on Dona nobis pacem, presenting an epic ambient adventure with organs, pads, distant choirs and even some sampled voices that somehow remind on certain moments of Klaus Schulze's sampling phase.


Meadowlands (USA)

Chartreuse & Champagne (2012)
Music From Mainzer Strasse (2012) (S)
The Sounds of Skyline Blvd. (2012) (S)
Cross-Sectional Studies (2012) (S)
Low Event Horizon Musik Vol. 1 (2012)
Tri-Coastal Horizons (2013)
Midtown Direct (2013) (S)

Meadowlands is ambient artist Michael McGregor (from New York area).


Meadows, Bill (USA)

Strands (1990)

Texas-based artist. A mixture of abstract soundscapes, some collages and narration.


Mealann (Poland)

Der Einsiedler (2011)

Repetitive, minimalistic melodies from Piotr Cojnacki who is also know under the alias Cold Womb Descent. A bit in the style of Burzum's ambient works but with a sort of a cosmic touch.

See also: Cold Womb Descent


Méan, Marc (Switzerland)

Collage (2020)
Basteln (2021)
Rituals (2022)

Zurich-based pianist and classical composer who also likes electronics. He can be usually found combining piano with EM (mostly Ciat-Lombarde instruments) or electronically processing piano (Collage, Basteln) or organ (Rituals). Basteln is a nice, sparse, jazzy work, reminding on Brainticket's early 1980's phase and some of Vangelis' more experimental stuff. Especially the second side of the cassette is nice. (Italy)

Take Black Pills (2016)
Mirror Movements (2016) (S)
Twin God Fragments (2016) (S)
Fernweh (2016) (S) (with Skag Arcade)
Twentynine Palms (2017) (with Skag Arcade)
Blank Ritual (2017) (S) (with Banished Pills)
Golden Ruins (2018) (with Rooms Delayed)
The Worlds We Left Behind (2018) (EP)
Requiem. A Journey To Alpha Centauri (2018) (S)
Technicolor Dreams (2019) (S)
Endurance (2019) (with Mulo Muto and Skag Arcade)
Heimat (2020)
Endless Decay (2020)
The Bedroom Sessions (2020)

Drone Ambient from Angelo Guido.


Meara, Michael (Australia)

Spider Dream (2002)
Void Cutter (2002)
Synaptic Firings (2003)
Styx (2003)
Descent of the Strange Attractor (2003)
Alien Machinery (2003)
Moss Shrine (2003)
The Long Thin Shadow (2003)
Eternal Circle (2003)
Garden of Serpents (2003)
To Resonate & Glow (2005)
Abstractus Somnarium (2005)
Ephemeron Night Pulse (2005)
The Calling Darkness (2006)
Aeon (2007)
A Cold Inner Sea (2007)
Endpoint 1: Deep Space Drones (2008)
Endpoint II: The Veil of Night (2008)
Endpoint III: Siderial (2008)
Timeworn (2016)
Dark Matter (2016)
Terra Australis (2017) (with Jack Hertz)
Cepheus (2018)

Varied Ambient material from this Australian artist, from bright and piano-based Classic Ambient to dark drones, orchestral-like, Space Music and even industrial-influenced. There are at least 2 more albums that feature acoustic guitar-based and vocal pieces with ambient backing as well as metal-influenced stuff. They are Obscure Directions (2004) and Lava Planet (2004).


Mecánica Clásica (Spain)

Filtraciones de Luz (2019)
Vientos Eléctricos (2019)
Colección Exigua Vol. 1 (2020)
Colección Exigua Vol. 2 (2021)
Mar Interior (2021)

EM band consisting of Fernando Junquera and Juni Kosmos (Polígono Hindú Astral) with Juanvi Mínim helping out. Analog, cosmic, repetitive.

See also: Mínim


Mecca, Nico (Italy)

Floppy Computer (2021) (recorded in 1979 - 1985)

Rediscovered tapes by a famous pop producer who appears here under a pseudonym. Mostly wacky and rhythmic / melodic, sometimes ala early italo-disco. Not really progressive most of the time, but curious nevertheless.


Meczûp (Turkey)

2007 2018 (2020)

A synth / theremin duo.


Med Gen (Russia)

Brittleroots (2018)

Ambient project of Michael Selitsky. The music on Brittleroots is devoted to (and inspired by) the swamps. Just like its subject matter, its moisty, murky and gooey, while still staying focused and moody. Nice stuff and we certainly need more "swamp ambient".


Medeo (Kazakhstan)

Medeo (1984)

A rather obscure ensemble from Kazakhstan that mixed melodic, minimal electronics with jazzy trumpets and some (real-sounding) strings. Warm and analogue, but often pretty simplistic and easy-listening music. Sometimes closer to jazz-rock / fusion, sometimes reminding on symphonic Vangelis with drum machines and synth arpeggios.


Medhelan (Italy)

Nocturnal Wanderings (2015) (S)
Ticinum Insurbia (2015)
The Minstrel's Fireplace Tales (2015)
Fall of the Horned Serpent (2016)

A mixture of dungeon synth and a unique cinematic style from Matteo Brusa from Milan.

See also: La Tredicesima Luna, Krios.


Mediated Ambience (Denmark)

Sound Explorations For A Preferred State of Being (2019)

Varied ambient synth material from Milán Zaks, sometimes with background dub or techno throbs.

See also: Maizena


Meditations In Lemuria (Chile??)

Meditations In Lemuria (2020)

Moody ambience with a touch of dungeon synth.


Medium Mortem (Germany)

Colum Ac Fusum Veneris Tamquam Familiaria Antiqui Numinis Signaeine (2005)

Dark textures with touches of noise and Black Ambient from the man who calls himself Graf Ravenhorst.


Medusa Cyclone (USA)

Medusa Cyclone (1995)
Mr. Devil (1998)
Tangier (2002)

Sounds like a mixture of space rock and Electronic Music ala Tangerine Dream. Medusa Cyclone grew from the ashes of 80's Gong-styled band called "Viv Akauldren" and is led by keyboardist Keir McDonald.


Medve Na Meche (Russia)

Yasun' (1996)

Ritual Ambient influenced by Russian paganism. Slowly moving melodies and noisy backgrounds. A project by Andrei Ivanov who is one half of the duo Off the Cuff.

See also: Off the Cuff


Meecham, Andrew (UK)

Monophonic Vol. 1 (2011)

Scottish nu-disco artist. On Monophonic Vol. 1, he creates a nice concept work by using only one monophonic analog synthesizer for each of the tracks. Rhythmic, propulsive music with a fat sound.


Meehleder, Steve (USA)

Synthetic Four (1982)
R.O.M. (1983)

Flowing, neo-classical EM from this West Olive, Michigan-based synthesist. R.O.M. stands for Rough Order of Magnitude.


Meek, Noel (New Zealand)

Ohno (2015) (S)
Live At the Audio Foundation (2015)
Living In the Time of the Golden Circle (2015)
The Lothian Tapes (2016)
The Mysteries of Extremophilic Folk (2016)
We Contain Multitudes (2017)
Southern Bleach (2017)

Noel Meek is a Wellington-based sound artist who in a way can be considered as someone who works on the outer fringes of noise. However, his stark and busy compositions (he never goes for full-on noise assaults) are also melodic and rhythmic, having that Prog EM vibe to them as well. Fans of the more experimental end of the EM spectrum (Schnitzler, Seesselberg, Cluster etc.) may check him out.


Meemo Comma (UK)

Sleepmoss (2019)
Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² (2021)

A project of Brighton-based Lara Rix-Martin. Mysterious, cinematic, dark-ish (but never pitch-black). Nice stuff in an individual style.


Meero (USA)

Breathing Angels (2006)
Breathe (2006)
Echoes of Me (2006)
Elements (2006)
Passages (2006)

Sort of an Ambient / Space Music hybrid, a bit new-agey but also darkish and deep in places.


Meesha (Netherlands)

Titanic (1996)
A Voyage To the Unknown (1993 - 1997)
Pentorama (1999)
Waves (2002)
Within the Parallel (2010)
Novia (2010)
A Change of Scenery (2021)

Dutch electronic artist. Very Jarre-influenced.


Megabats (USA)

In/Out (2009)
Goes To A Lemon (2010)
Introvertical (2010)
Solaria (2011)

Varied drone-based and rhythmic electronics between the classic and the modern from this Seattle-based duo of Riley Scott and Samuel Melancon.


Megabyte (Germany)

Powerplay (1987)
Go For It (1990)
Island Energy (1992)
Coral Sand Paradise (1994)
Crystal Universe (1994)
The Cut (1996)

German project by Thilo Rex on IC label mainly in new age / new instrumental style. Some ambient tracks and more rocky stuff can be found, too.

See also: Rex, Thilo


Megaptera (Sweden)

Near Death (1991)
You Will Recover (1991)
Nightmares (1992)
Songs From the Massive Darkness (1992)
Beyond the Shadow (1993)
You Will Never Survive This Nightmare (1995)
Disease (1996)
Near Death V2 (1996)
Electronic Underground (1997)
Live In Rostock (1998)
The Curse of the Scarecrow (1998)
Disturbance Ritual (2006)
Staring Back At You (2007) (recorded in 1993 - 1998)
Nailed On Vinyl (2014)
A Horse In the Eye Is Part of the Art (2019) (recorded in 2014)

Dark Ambient / industrial outfit (Peter Nyström). I'm not sure which releases are more Dark Ambient and which ones are on the more active industrial side, but I guess The Curse of the Scarecrow should be interesting for Dark Ambient fans. This is intense, horror ambience. A retrospective CD is out on CMI, called Beyond the Massive Darkness. The project was discontinued in 1999.

See also: Negru Voda


Megasole (Italy)

Bestia Infinita (2020)

Long, intense, monolithic tracks of wall-of-sound synth and pulses from this Treviso-based artist.


Megatone (Moldova)

A Journey To the Core of Reality (2005)
Mulberry Forest Voyage (2007)
Vicious (2008) (with Kenji Siratori)
Pure Land (2008)

Varied ambient soundscapes from Marcel Gherman, both light / melodic and dark. Read my review of Pure Land here.


Mehew, Jake (UK)

Ambient Modular Library Vol. 1 (2022)

Long tracks of playful sequences, melodies, modular sounds, etc.


Meilir (UK)

In Tune (2020)

Welsh artist with an idiosyncratic style mixing synths with various toy instruments, strings, processed sounds and piano. He also sings, which puts him roughly into the category of art pop / indie pop artists perhaps. There is also this EM flair and a Brian Eno feel sometimes (in his art pop stage, up to "Another Green World").


Mein Studios (USA)

Heartbreaker (2019)

Minnesota-based electronic trio with a bit of an Heldon vibe. Rough and dark synth drones, some sequencing in supporting roles, menacing melodies...


Meipr (Sweden)

égalité (2018)
egalecto (2019)
Kolekto (2020)

Melancholic neo-classical arrangements mixed with melodic and sometimes grating analog synths.


Meirelles, Alex (Brazil)

Autofocus (1997)
Radio Random (2000)

Unique artist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He started experimenting with sound in the 1980's, mostly as part of the group Cinema. However, a bit later he joined Tanga, that played mostly Samba music. Paulo Moura e Ociladoce was his next project, focusing on electroacoustic composition. Finally, during the 1990's, his solo career began with the release of Autofocus in 1997. Alex's style is unusual and hard to compare to other artists. He uses electronic sounds, lots of samples and traditional / ethnic structures.


Mekata Oka, Keishi (Japan)

Why When Where (2022) (EP)
scene ~ why when where 特典限定盤 (2022) (EP)

Strange mixture of styles from this artist, from purely ambient to melodic and relaxed to rhythmic experimental or noisy.


Melankolia (USA)

Nokturnum (2008)
Orpheus Down (2010)
III (2012)
Vividarium Intervigilium Viator (2017)

Ambient / dungeon synth with Medieval and neo-classical traits predominating. Melankolia is Mike O'Brien.


Melanohelios (USA)

The Durance Machine (2021)

Dark Ambient.


Melatony (Poland)

Melatony (2017)
Droga do REM (2022)

A project of Polish drummer Hubert Zemler. A mixture of his drum improvisations and mysterious-sounding electronics with some eerie voices and stuff. Todd Barton guests on Buchla on Droga do REM.

See also: Zemiter


Melchiori, Marco (Italy)

Tuscan Castle And Country Seat (1978) (soundtrack)
Fly In 5 Dimensione / Plane Beta Ø (1979)
Strumentali (1984)
D.O.C. (1987)
DRAGON (1988)
Inchiesta Sul Mezzogiorno (??) (with A. Riccardo Luciani)
Feryxigan (1996)

Italian composer who is pretty hard to pin down. Not everything he's done is electronic and a lot of it is library music. Fly In 5 Dimensione seems to have been released on a library label, too, but, contrary to most library discs that tend to have a lot of short tracks, this one has two sidelong electronic pieces with a nice, spacey, analog feel. So it may not be a library disc in the end, but a normal album. I will try to list his prog EM-related works here, including the ones he did under his "Rimauri" and "Teisco" pseudonyms, although the only known "Rimauri" LP (D.O.C. from 1987) seems too cheesy to be considered even remotely prog (it is electronic, though).


Melero, Daniel (Argentina)

El Deleite Fatal (1988)
Operación Escuchar (1995)
Cutaia Melero (2014) (with Carlos Cutaia)
La Ruta del Opio (2020) (with Diego Tuñon)

Singer-songwriter and synth-pop musician. He has another facet which is that of an experimental musician. I am not sure how much of his experimental output could be qualified as prog EM, as a lot of it seems to be influenced by trends such as IDM and glitch. The above, however, seems to be interesting. El Deleite Fatal is (electronic) music for a play, while Operación Escuchar is a subtle Noise Ambient work. Further investigation is needed.


Melià, Marc (Spain)

Music For Prophet (2017)
Echoes of Prophet (2018)
VEUS (2021)

Nice melodic analog music from this Mallorcan artist (currently living in Brussels). Arpeggios, sequences, vocoder singing...


Melkor (Sweden)

Hedge (2021)

A project of Andreas Sellstedt. Darkish synth soundscapes inspired by early 20th Century silent horror cinema.


Melle, Gil (USA)

Tome VI - The Jazz Electronauts (1968)
Waterbirds (1970)
The Andromeda Strain (1971) (soundtrack)
Mindscape (1989)

Gile Melle was a jazz musician (born in New York in 1931) and saxophonist who in the late 1960's became interested in producing electronically-generated music and started to build his own electronic instruments from scratch. Thus, The Electronauts were born - a cutting edge electronic ensemble. Some releases followed, including solo works by Gil Melle. A good exapmle is the third album which is a classic sci-fi film soundtrack that uses synthesized tones only. Gil Melle died in 2004 at the age of 72.


Mello, André (Brazil)

Blue Desert (1999)

Keyboard player from the band Tempus Fugit creates music in symphonic Vangelis style.

See also: Magnum Opus


Mellonius One (Canada)

Fragments (2022) (EP) (with pr0te)

Moody electronic compositions with a touch of suspense.


Mellow Ginger (Denmark)

Mellow Ginger (2019) (S)

It is not known at the moment who is behind Mellow Ginger. The music is EM based on sequencing.


Meloche, Chris (Canada)

Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth (1994)
Wireless (1995)
Document '90 (1996)
Urban Myth 2 (1996)
Distant Rituals (1996)
Impossible Shapes (2004)

Ambient soundscape artist with some albums on Pete Namlook's FAX label.


Melodic Energy Commission (Canada)

Electreum (2020)

Canadian psychedelic / space rockers that included Hawkwind's Del Dettmar at some point. Electreum is a hybrid space rock / psychedelic work that is loaded with electronics - both conventional and not (such as the self-built theremin). A unique, lysergic EM work.

See also: Xaliman


Melodien (UK)

Melodie du Kronk (2008)
Moxie Carmichael's Secret (2009) (S)
Participation Mystique (2014)
Theurgy (2015)
melodien-vicemoth (2017) (S)
Enantiodromia (2019)
Apeiron (2020)
Monad (2021)

One of the countless projects (Harry Sumnall) influenced by the early krautrock movement. This one is for fans of the Dusseldorf School - motorik rhythms and analog synths galore.


Melodysheep (USA)

Midnight Sun (2014)

A project of Seattle-based John Boswell. Midnight Sun features a varied set of tracks that range from piano solo to "electronica" / pop, to upbeat modern EM, with even touches of melodic Tangerine Dream on tracks like "Chasing Infinity". File under EM-related.


Melquíades (Australia)

The Bluff (2018)
Blue Caves (2018) (EP)
Excerpts (2019) (EP)
Lanterns (2019) (EP)
Further Afield (2020) (EP)

Not to be confused with the Spanish project of the same name. This is actually a pseudonym of Alexander Albrecht. A mixture of deep house and ambient tracks.

See also: Albrecht La'Brooy, Albrecht, Alex.


Melquíades (Spain)

Imaginary Sounds / A Map (2016)
Keep A Seed (2019)

Ambient synth compositions based on the sounds of analog instruments. Reflective, pastoral, hypnotic, abstract... A project of Carlos Perea.


Melted Distance (???)

Lightyears Away (??)

Melodic / Space.


Melting Bridge (USA / Taiwan)

We Come From Tomorrow (2019)

Experimental duo of John Tucker and Pia Hsieh. They combine traditional Eastern instruments and electronics. I would say that the closest they get to Prog EM is on the subtly pulsing "DB2D In This World".


Melzak, Alexander (UK??)

Alexander Melzak (2021)

Cinematic EM that sounds like a mixture of those bombastic symphonic 1980's soundtracks and classic Progressive Electronic sounds explored by the likes of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and others. Nice.


Memnon SA (UK)

Thule (2016) (S)
Lemurian Dawn (2017)
World Serpent (2020)

In 2014, Misha Hering aka Memnon SA released Citadel - a doom metal album. However, a few years later he returned with Lemurian Dawn, but this time his sound was dominated by analog synths. The mixture of EM and shades of his doom metal roots creates a rather unique experience.


Mémoire Vide (France)

s/t (2020)

Moody ambient soundscapes with lots of field recordings.


Memomachine, The (Ukraine)

Morning After Humanity (2020)
Chimeras (2022)

Post-apocalyptic ambience from Vladimir Kozlov based in Kiev.


Memoria (USA)

Bloodflux (1995)
The Axis of Sorrow (1996)
Chemical Drift (1997)
Ethersphere (2001)

Atmospheric project out of Wisconsin, USA (Jeffrey Noblitt). More or less in the classic Dark Ambient mould, although most of the time not so dark, really. Something in Raison d'Etre vein, maybe, with a touch of sadness.


Memories of the Past (Russia)

Nostalgia (2012) (S)
Siberian Life (2013) (S)
Hidden Pathways (2013)

The ambient side of the guy who makes atmospheric dark metal as Nebula VII. Similar in sound and approach to other metal-related ambient acts but a bit more developed and not that naive.


Memory Blank (USA)

EP 1 (2010) (EP)
Bad Nights (2012) (S)
Venus / Mars (2015)
Death of A Person (2015) (S)

Memory Blank is electronic project of Frustrations (a punk / rock band) bassist Sean Dufty. On Bad Nights he presents melodic synth music apparently inspired by Tangerine Dream's score to "Risky Business". On Venus / Mars, however, a different kind of music is heard - noisy, harsh, industrial and sometimes ambient collage of sounds.


Memory Geist (Greece / Australia)

Funereal Cavern (2007)
Benthos (2011)

Experimental / Ambient project of Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) and Steve Law (Starseed Transmission). It is always nice when two great Ambient artists collaborate on a project, especially when the result is a massive, dark soundscape. Listening to the first track of Funeral Cavern, called "Shadowy Periphery", I am reminded of the best works in the genre, from Lustmord to Robert Rich and the darkest Steve Roach. Excellent, low resonating sounds might be a classic formula but here it works 100%. Like most Dark Ambient, this is music to be experienced - heard, felt, whatever. But not to be described, as there's no real melody and no rhythm. Track two starts in similar vein, with long sheets of resonating bass and distant synth strings. I am reminded a bit on Invisible Connections from Vangelis. It has the same feel to it, although it's much more intense. The combination of Steve's textures and Bakis' deep analogue sounds really works well here. The title track begins with what sounds like an imitation of dropping water. Soon dark textures and echoing resonances completely take over, and, surprisingly, one can also hear a distorted, clanging sequence of sorts, although it remains in the distance, never coming to the fore. The guys have really managed to capture the atmosphere of a deep, dark cavern, with its shadowy corners and resonating chambers. By the way, "shadowy" would be a nice description of this album. It's not pitch-black like some other Dark Ambient albums are. It's more like a combination of massive darkness and brief glimpses of light and everything in-between. This last track has so many different shades of sound that I could hardly describe them all. Let's say that it's rich ambient music, pure sonic ecstasy. Finally, as the album progresses toward its final chords, the sound becomes brighter and more emotional, while at the very end we get low bass rumbles and metallic resonance. I recommend this album as one of the most successful Ambient releases of late.

See also: Parallel Worlds, Law, Steve.


Memory Pearl (Canada)

Music For 7 Paintings (2020)

A project of Toronto-based Moshe Fisher-Rozenberg who on Music For 7 Paintings was inspired by 7 different works of art on display in art galleries throughout North America. Nice and varied EM here - melodic, hypnotic, repetitive, ambient... Moshe Fisher-Rozenberg is also a drummer and synthesist in three-piece kraut / indie rock band Absolutely Free.


Memory Wire (UK)

Ascend (2010)
Pattern Recognition (2011)
Plus One (2012)
Meteor (2012)
Parallel (2013)
Fingerprints (2014)
Aura (2014)

Varied experimental / soundscape duo of Jim Tetlow and Chris Conway.

See also: Tetlow, Jim, Conway, Chris.


Memotone (UK)

Four Tales (2019)
Invisible Cities (2020)
Memotone LP (2021)
Shiro (2021)

Hauntology-related project from Bristol. There is a weird Cluster vibe on the album Invisible Cities. On the other hand, the mood here is completely different - claustrophobic and nocturnal instead of pastoral.


Menard, Philippe (Canada)

Contes Electroniques en Couleurs (1983) (with Serge Rustin)

Canadian academic composer, a pioneer of electroacoustic music. This album will be enjoyed by fans of Experimental EM.


Mendes (Italy)

Faraway (1997)
Clips (1998)

Experimental music from Sicily, influenced by German EM and krautrock and released privately on cassette. The musicians behind Mendes are Danilo Riolo (vocals, bass), Francesco Cucinotta (guitar, VCS3 synthesizer) and Salvo da Rosa (flute, synthesizer).


Mendigo (Venezuela)

Olamuerta (2004)
Tetauro (2004)

Drone Ambient from Renzo Peressi.


Mendonça, Maria Emilia (Brazil)

Os Aneis de Urano (1985)

Ambient, electroacoustic music based on the sounds of processed piano.


Meneghetti, Stefano (Italy)

Cité Redieuse (2020) (with Giuseppe Azzarelli and Massimiliano Donninelli)

Varied music - dark, moody, jazzy, experimental, melodic. A complex electronic work.


Menex (Greece)

Phenomena (2014)

Continuing his country's tradition of melodic Electronic Music initiated by Vangelis and a few others, Thessaloniki-based Menex composes lush, symphonic music with great melodic content. Influences from Jarre and the Berlin pioneers can also be felt.


Mengir (Russia)

Silence (2019)

Strange project from Yekaterinburg, mixing rudimentary dungeon synth-like electronic compositions, superfast metal with drumming and strange collages. Rather lacking in direction, then.


Menny, Bruno (France)

Cosmographie (1972)

Although coming from an academic backround, Bruno Menny (a student of Iannis Xenakis) released this LP in 1972, subtitled "Musique Electro-Acoustique" with music in an experimental, but still pretty listenable, out-there and cosmic style. He uses both synthesizers and musique concrete techniques. Side two features electric guitar. Like a mixture between academic electronics and more outlandish forms of progressive EM.


Mens, Radboud (Netherlands)

Cycle (2016)
The Ambuguity of An Apparently Static Phenomenon (2018)
Live 2015 (2020) (with Michel Banabila and Marco Douma)

Dutch sound artist. Some of his works will be enjoyed by fans of droning Ambient.


Mental Decay (Australia)

Relapse Into Insanity / Deterioration of Consciousness (2017) (S)
Live Conjuring MMXVII (2018)
Demo II (2018)
Obsolete / Nothing (2019)
His Dark Presence (2019)
What Gnawed On the Fate of Our Souls (2020)

Dark, droning soundscapes. Rather minimal.


Mentat (Denmark)

Living In Space (2013)

Electronic Music from members of Death Rides A Horse.


Mentenova (Italy)

Milano/Uji (2022)

Electronic duo with a dense sound full of sequences, rhythms and melodies. Nice stuff with a warm, analog sound.


Menthaal (Spain)

Eau (1994)

Varied music from Nacho División and David Cervera. Somewhat new-agey and lacking in consistency.


Mentocome (Germany)

Mentocome (1992)

The music on this obscure LP, composed by Axel Grube and Rainer Rabowski, will be enjoyed by fans of Experimental EM (i.e. Conrad Schniztler).


Menzies, Alex (UK)

Order & Disorder (2015) (soundtrack)
Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams (2016) (soundtrack)
Other World Music Vol. 1 (2017)
Other World Music Vol. 2 (2017)

Soundtracks to BBC documentaries. Mostly short tracks, both flowing and ambient as well as experimental / rhythmic / sequenced. Some classical influences.


Menzman & Friends (Germany)

Insights (2018)

Berlin School artist.


MEO (France)

Pornwaves (2018) (S) (with Memorex)

Synthwave-related project of Mickaël Forrett from Paris. Combines that style with some elements of Prog EM. A nice, rich, analog sound here.


Mercatante, Salvatore (Italy??)

The Foundations of Eternal Sin (2020)
Pistacchio Sessions (2021)
Tre Sfere (2021)
Upper (2022) (EP)
SM Synthesis (2022)

New York-based artist with a penchant for horror-inspired synth sound, influenced by several generations of Italian horror soundtracks as well as general EM sound. Melodic, rhythmic, hymnal, menacing, sequencer-based...


Mercel, Jeff (USA)

Lunescapes Volume 1 (2018)

Solo music from member of alternative rock band Mercury Rev. This is heavily inspired by classical music. Mostly piano-based, with some strings and synths. If you like classical / ambient hybrids of artists like Harold Budd, Tim Story, Max Richter or even Roedelius, you may find this enjoyable as well.


Mercier, Frederic (France)

Pacific (1978)
+ ou - 8000 (1978) (with Teddy Lasry and Claude Perraudin)
Industry (1978) (with Guy Boulanger and E. Vercy)
Music From France (1979)
The World of Frederic Mercier (1984)
Music Band (1984)
Jingles (1984) (with Teddy Lasry)
Aventure (1986)

Melodic electronics ala Vangelis and Jarre. Some of his albums are library LPs.


Mercier, Jean-Claude (France)

Maxi-Couple (1974) (S)

This is a small "7 record containing soundtrack for an automobile show, I think. It's way too obscure but side one reportedly contains dark, atmospheric Electronic Music.


Mercimek, Jean-Marie (France)

Le Voyage avec Jean-Marie (2017)
Le Flourenn en Mars (2020)

Actually a duo of Marion Molle and Ronan Riou who use field recordings, voice and multiple cheap keyboards. They have a collage-like, ambient sound, with sound of nature, some spoken parts and wacky melodic synth creations. You could say they are a bit Cluster-like but they do sound genuinely French.


Mercury, Mark (USA)

Music of the Domes (1992)
The Art of Space (1996)
Music From Cycles of Spheres (1999)

These albums contain Planetarium selections from this experienced Orchestral / Electronic Music artist. Note that The Art of Space (1996) is Mark's music with layered spoken word in the form of poems about space.


Mercury Ribbon (Denmark)

Cavalry Whips of Bamboo (2019)
Árbol (2020)
Songs of the Retina (2021)

Varied ambient soundscapes.


Merdh Laleh (Denmark)

Water For Your Eyes (2019)
Matter Out of Place (2021)

Liquid ambience with an electro-acoustic feel and lots of processed voices and digital textures from Copenhagen-based Valdemar Kragelund.


Merdzo, Robert (Germany)

Katarakt (1990)

Music for a ballet performance apparently in dark and abstract synth style.


Mere, Gilroy (UK)

The Green Line (2017)
Adlestrop (2020)
Estuary English (2022) (with D Rothon)

The 2017 effort is nice Electronic Music inspired by the buses that used to link London to suburbs via "The Green Line", operated from the 1930's up to 1986. Seemingly inspired by Cluster and other Dusseldorf School greats, the music has a pastoral and very English quality, with some acoustic instruments, folky melodies, chirpy drum machines, warm synths, transport-related samples etc. Adlestrop continues in the same vein, this time taking inspiration from old English railways and long-closed stations.

See also: Assistent, The


Meredith, Anna (UK)

Black Prince Fury (2012) (EP)
Jet Black Raider (2013) (EP)
Varmints (2016)
Anno (2018) (with Scottish Ensemble)
Eight Grade (2018) (soundtrack)
Fibs (2019)
Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies For Dodgems (2021)

British singer-sognwriter and electronic musician. As a large part of her output contains vocals, it will not be for an average EM fan. However, just about half of the tracks (a bit more actually) on Fibs are instrumental, done in a frenetic, extremely complex (Zappa's synclavier experiments come to mind) and progressive style. Unique, post-everything EM.


Merge (UK)

Barophobia (1992)
In the Lap of the Gods (1993)

Merge is the project of brothers Steve and Ian Pearson. They had only one official CD (not counting the demo from 1992) released on their own label. The cover of the album is very Dark Side of the Moon-like. Merge also have a presence on the web, with their 1993 album available for download, along with an unreleased second album (in a different, more dance-oriented style) and a solo album by Steve Pearson (all download only, and hence, not included here).


Mergener, Peter (Germany)

Passage In Time (1991)
Creatures (1991)
Take Off (1992)
Livedates (1993)
Let There Be More Light (1994)
Instinctive Traveller (1996)
Noises In the Sky (1998)
African Smile (1999)
Wet Places (2001)
Cruisin' (2002)
Nox Mystica (2003) (with friends)
Lounge Control (2004)
Visions of Asia (2006) (with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock)
Vitam Aut Mortem (2008)
Phonetic Society (2010)
Creatures 2020 (2014)
Robotic Instinct (2016)
Astronaut (2019)
Mare Nostrum (2020)

German musician, one half of the Software duo. His own music can be a bit more versatile than that of Software, but is still very accessible. And too accessible for my taste. Some of it approaches the new age territory.

See also: Mergener / Weisser, Software, PCM, G.E.N.E..


Mergener / Weisser (Germany)

Beam Scape (1984)
Phancyful Fire (1985)
Night-Light (1986)
Bits And Pieces / Jinglefever (1988) (with Hess)

These are basically Software albums, released as Mergener / Weisser. If you know Software, you know these. And if you like Software, you will probably like these too.

See also: Software, Mergener, Peter, G.E.N.E..


Mergia, Hailu (Ethiopia)

Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument (1985)

Ethopian organist currently residing in the US. The above album was released on cassette in his native Ethiopia (there is a re-release from 2013 by Awesome Tapes From Africa). Here, Hailu Mergia improvises on synth and accordion. There are also some repeptitive bass synth lines and steady drum machine rhythms. The music is not very progressive but could be considered EM-related. A nice cursiosity. Extracts from other albums by Mergia I've heard were in lounge / hammond organ or jazz mould.


Meri, Uki (USA)

Synthphonies (1996)

Symphonic electronics in Vangelis style from this New York-based artist.


Meridian Arc (USA)

Out of Stasis (2015)
Phase (I-V) (2015) (S)
Aphantasia (2016)
01032016 (2016) (S)
Timelapse (2020)

Interesting project from Seattle-based Andrew Crawshaw, drummer of punk / psychedelic rockers Terminal Fuzz Terror. Here, he dispenses with drums and focuses on analog sound creation with synthesizers.

See also: Crawshaw, Andrew, New Frontiers, Old Dark House.


Merinero (Spain)

Spores of A Pluviophile (2021) (EP)
A Marathon Story E.P. (2021) (EP)

José Marinero is a Mardid-based artist (and marathon runner) who on A Marathon Story EP combines steady electronics with slow melodies and lots of sequences. There is a similarity to Klaus Schulze circa 1997 - 1999 (and also later) on tracks like "It's the Day", "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" and others.


Merkaida (???)

Rozarozaroza (2022)

Varied music - mostly ambient, with a strong electroacoustic touch.


Merkey, Madalyn (USA)

Goddess of the Horizon (2009)
The Lavender Tatooer (2009)
Over Language (2010)
Please Don't Keep Me Waiting (2010) (S)
Madalyn Merkey (2010)
Scent (2012)
Valley Girl (2014)
Super Star / Ready To Rock (2017)
Untitled (2017)
Puzzle Music (2022)

Computer musician from Oakland, California, whose material on Puzzle Music is quite listenable and progressive, although not without typical "academic EM" traits.


Merkury (USA)

Inari (2013)
Negative Hand (2019)
Spatial Illusions (2020)

Aka Mercury. Crossover dungeon synth / EM project from Olympia, Washington.


Merlini, Claudio (Italy)

Flight of Fantasy (2008)
The Colours of Music (2010)
Enchantment (2012)
Forever Changes (2014)

Melodic Electronic Music.


Merlino, Stefan (Germany??)

Gedanken (1983)
Sommerreise (1985)

Melodic Electronic Music. He released a couple of albums, on cassette and LP.


Merope (international)

9 Days (2012)
Amaranthine (2015)
Naktės (2018)
Salos (2021)

Folky / World Music ensemble consisting of Bert Cools, Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė and Jean-Christophe Bonnafous. Features extremely relaxing and at times really beautiful music, fusing ethnic instruments, singing (Lithuanian folk songs are performed here), some electric guitar and electronics. For fans of the spacier Popol Vuh and Between maybe.


Merrick, Neal (USA)

Magic Traveler (2005)

Neal Merrick is a multi-instrumentalist from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. He is a respected composer and one of the mainstays of the US Space Music scene. In 1988 Neal Merrick founded the legendary Space For Media studios with the help of his grandfather Robert Smith. A lot of artists produced their works there, including Giles Reaves and Aashid Himons. Neal himself had been making music for at least 25 years before his first official album was released. In 1978, after producing a series of tapes, he got in contact with Peter Baumann and in the 1980's he nearly signed for his Private Music label, but eventually nothing came out of it. Neal's debut consists of slow, floating Space Music with rhythmic sequences and lots of atmospheres. 


Merrin Karras (Ireland)

Apex (2016)
Northwest Passage (2020)
Silent Planet (2022)

Brendan Gregoriy aka Merrin Karras makes techno / house music as Chymera. This name, however, is reserved for melodic EM influenced by the big names of the genre.


Mertzanis, Vangelis (Greece)

Οδύσσεια (2011)

Flowing, cinematic, classically inspired music with tribal elements. Sometimes with a Vangelis' "Oceanic" feeling.


Merveille & Crosson (USA??)

Cerulean (2017)

Second album by this duo. The first one was supposedly more downtempo-oriented. This one is pretty experimental overall but very Prog EM in feel. It mixes electronics (mostly of abstract kind, but also vaguely melodic and analog, arpeggio-laden structures) with some jazz touches by means of guitar, sax, etc.


Merz, Andreas (Germany)

Attenti Al Treno! (1992) (with Peter Frohmader and Gerhard Schedel)

Andreas Merz was born in 1957 in Munich. He has decent experience in Electronic Music, working in the field on and off since late 1970's, both as a solo artist and as part of the group Welklang. Andreas Merz composed several soundtracks for the films of German director Alexander Kluge and produced a lot of sounds for sampling CD's.

See also: Weltklang


Mescherin, Vyacheslav (Russia)

Easy USSR (2001) (recorded in 1961 - 1980)

Soviet musician (1923 - 1995) who in late 1950's created the first (state-funded) ensemble of electromusical instruments (electric and electronic) in USSR. This formation played Soviet easy-listening music (a counterpart of Western space age pop and exotica / lounge styles of the time). This is what you basically get on this sampler - easy, funny, cheesy, melodic music played on theremins, claviolines, electronic organs, electric pianos and such. The music of Mescherin's orchestra was used in some movies and animated cartoons and they used both commercially available models of instruments and rare one-off curios and prototypes (mostly Soviet-made). They also made use of synthesizers a bit later. The absolute majority of material here has nothing to do with prog EM (although it does possess a certain historic value and charm). However, there's also a longer, suite-like piece titled "Fantasies On Peru Themes" (should be "Peruvian" of course) which is just plain fantastic. Not all of it is progressive, as it alternates between some cheesy upbeat sections (thankfully, these are short) and ambient, wailing, theremin-laden soundscapes. To think that it was all done in 1962 is amazing. Pioneering stuff. There's also a second volume of the "Easy USSR" sampler but unfortunately nothing on it compares to the sheer experimental and explorative spirit of "Fantasies...". There were also some vinyls released with music by the ensemble, but what I've heard so far consisted of exotica cheese only. Perhaps further investigation will help uncover more gems.


Meschplan (Sweden)

The Meschplan Tapes (2019)

Varied electronic compositions (actually, it's one long track broken into sections). Cosmic, experimental, wacky.


Mesektet (Netherlands)

Towards A Bleak Sun (2014)

Side-project of Jornt Elzinga in pure Dark / Deep Ambient mould.

See also: Striider


Messell (Denmark)

Ligesom Rigtige Mennesker (2020)
Disjecta Membra (2021)

Martin Messell is an experimental electroacoustic / electronic artist who uses processed samples from old classical records, cell phones and analog / digital synths. Rather curious stuff and pretty unique.


Messemaker, Karel (Netherlands)

Please Stay (1985)

Dutch musician who used to play with Surinamese-Indian musicians, doing bollywood covers and stuff. The above is his solo LP that closes with an instrumental electronic track "Forest In Spring (Part Two)". There may be some other interesting material as well. For now, file under EM-related.


Messina, Francesco (Italy)

Prati Bagnati dal Monte Analogo (1979) (with Raul Lovisoni)
La Vera Storia di Kas Kas il Piccolo Scoiatollo (1982)
Medio Occidente (1983)

Not a collaboration, but more a split release. The first side of the record features Electronic Music by Francesco Messina and the second side is devoted to acoustic experiments by Lovisoni. Francesco then went on to release two solo albums. One was a narrated fairytale with background music and another, Medio Occidente from 1983, was more or less a hybrid of ethnic music and strange italo-disco / pop-infused electronics with lots of people participating, including Franco Battiato. It is a good EM release with a unique style.


Mess_Montage (Georgia)

The Death of Optimus Prime (2017)
The Garden of Earthly Light (2021)

Varied ambient compositions. Mostly bright and hypnotic.


Meta (Italy)

Ambienti: Volume I (2016) (S)

A duo of Luigi Calfa and Simone Guidice. They are influenced by techno but avoid straight 4/4 beats and the opening track on Ambienti: Volume I is completely ambient. Basically a one-track inclusion for now, but the potential is there.


Meta Mora (USA)

The Life And Death of Aurora Tides (2010) (S)
Eftir Hljòð (2013)
Prismatic (2014)
Temperate Worlds (2015) (S)
Moon Hymns (2015) (S)
Ocean Terminal (2016) (S)
Agartha (2016) (S)
Arc of the Sun (2016)

Slightly new-agey synth drift from Boston. Sometimes moody and reflective.


Metakrilato Registrato (Spain)

Maquetas (1981)

This obscure band from Barcelona area usually gets lumped with the early industrial scene, although they seem to be mostly influenced by Kraftwerk, not without some industrial and minimal synth touches, though.


Metaman (Greece)

Ipina (2020)

This disc opens with a moody EM piece that reminds on a darker, neon-lit version of Vangelis' Spiral. It then proceeds to weirder realms, with electro rhythms and spoken vocals, always retaining a nice synth pulse. Unique stuff for sure and well recommended for the more adventurous EM fans.


Metamono (UK)

Tape (2011) (S)
Parcel Post (2012) (S)
Bambino Lives (2012) (S)
With the Compliments of Nuclear Physics (2013)
Creative Listening (2016)

Strictly analogue music between library stuff and krautrock. Metamono are Jono Podmore and Paul Conboy.


Metamorph, The (UK)

Mechanismo (2020) (S)
Return To Splendour (2021) (S)
Red Tape (2021)

Varied Electronic Music from Gavin Brick, made with hardware synthesizers and occasional IOS apps. Melodic, mellotronic, synthy, atmospheric... Formerly known as Logan 5.


Metatag (Norway)

Transmission (2014)
Surrender (2015)

Analog-based ambient soundscapes and vignettes from this Norwegian duo.


Metatron Omega (Serbia)

Gnosis Dei (2015)
Sanctum (2016)
Illuminatio (2017)
Evangelikon (2019)
ISIH (2022)

Mysterious Dark Ambient textures with lots of distant, reverberant choirs. Nice stuff.

See also: Paleowolf, Orkforge.


Metavari (USA)

Oh, Diane (2015) (S)
Tetra A. D. (2017) (S)
Metropolis - An Original Re-Score By Metavari (2017)
Symmetri (2017)
Absurda - Music Reimagined In the Short Films of David Lynch (2019)
Soft Continuum (2022)

Post-rock band from Fort Wayne, IN. Metropolis is an unusual synth work that marries progressive electronic with synthwave.


Metaxas, Savvas (Greece)

Savvas Metaxas (2013)
Scenes (2015)
Syncopation (2016)
Inwards (2016)
Silent Sound (2019) (S)
Hypnos (2019)
Detach (2020)
SVL (2020)
Transmitter (2020)
NAF (2021)

Syncopation features rich sequencer / arpeggio webs of sound.


Metcalf, Byron (USA)

The Serpent's Lair (2000) (with Steve Roach)
Wachuma's Wave (2003) (with Mark Seelig)
Mantram (2004) (with Roach and Seelig)
Nada Terma (2008) (with Roach and Seelig)
Dream Tracker (2010) (with Steve Roach and Dashmesh Khalsa)
Tales From the Ultra Tribe (2012) (with Steve Roach)
Monuments of Ecstasy (2015) (with Steve Roach and Rob Thomas)
Inner Rhythm Meditations (2016)
They Were Here (2018) (with Jennifer Grais)
Persistent Visions (2019) (with Mark Seelig)
Sacrament (2020) (with Jennifer Grais)
The Precipice of Choice (2020)
The Winds of Spirit (2020) (with Mark Seelig)
Rhythms of Remembering (2021)

Arizona-based percussionist who usually collaborates with other musicians. Inner Rhythm Meditations features Erik Wøllo on keyboards. The above albums will be enjoyed by fans of Tribal Ambient.


Metcalf, Thomas (USA)

One (1989)

Music in the style of Synergy, albeit more classically influenced and with digital instruments. Supposed to be quite good. The music on One was written and recorded between 1983 and 1987.


Metempsychosis (USA)

Swarm of Self (2011)
Deus Eidola (2014)
Paralimina (2016)
Kuya (2018)
Sophia Cocoon (2018)

Michigan-based band who describe their sound as post-rock / electronic.


Meteor Musik (Belgium)

Asteriu (2015)

Music in the style of classic French EM (Jarre, Space Art, etc.) from the trio of Tim Geelen, Joeri Wijnants and Micha Volters.


Methods Body (USA)

Methods Body (2020)

Portland, Oregon-based duo of Luke Wyland and John Niekrasz. They use keys and drums / percussion and their music is extremely hard to pin down. A strange form of math rock / electronics based on alternate tunings perhaps? Whatever the name, it is definitely progressive and partly electronic. It will possibly appeal to fans of the more experimental forms of EM and progressive rock.


Methyr (UK)

Bloopers (2017)

Varied, complex melodic compositions from Mitchell Hopkins.


Metlay (USA)

Exiles (1984)
Analog Archives (1987)
Band of Fire (1995) (S)
After Silence: Metlay! Live In Denver (2002)
Metric (2008)
Shriek.Void (2009)
Eocene (2009)
Fade (2016)

Pretty intruguing tense electronic sounds and rhythms. A bit dark. Mike Metlay (aka Metlay or Metlay!) started as a cassette artist releasing his works on his own as well as on Chuck van Zyl's Synkronos label (an early version of Band of Fire can be found on a Synkronos' compilation tape "Facets"). He later turned to CD, releasing albums by Team Metlay (Internet EM group). Mike was also a member of Ozma which is now disbanded. After a long time away from solo work during the Team Metlay decade, Mike returned to solo recording with his 2002 live album After Silence. Since then he has recorded solo ambient and experimental music for release on Atomic City, Earth Mantra, and Just Not Normal, but is mainly focused on the MindSpiral collaborations and on the Different Skies festival. Mike hosts an internet radio show on that often features live electronic concerts (text used with permission). With his own production company "Atomic City" he released many electronic musicians' works, including Metlay, Team Metlay, Joe McMahon, Ozma, Cassiel, Adam Schabtach and Steve Verity. A sampler CD for the first "Different Skies" EM festival was also released on "Atomic City". Different Skies  is is an annual collaborative Electronic Music festival founded in 2003 by Mike Metlay. The original Sampler CD is not music from the festival itself, but a collection of donated tracks from artists that planned to participate in the first festival. This sampler features at least two tracks by artists who did not come to Different Skies until years later. Note: Exiles was released in just one copy, owned by the artist (very much like Jarre's Musique Pour Supermarche).

See also: Team Metlay, Ozma, MindSpiral, Infinity Sideways.


metra.vestlud (Russia)

Hydrogen Lifeforms (2019)
Structure of Water (2019)
∞ (2021)

Somewhat Cluster-like music.


metroGradient (USA)

Phantom Colony (2017)
Vast (2018)
Transmissions From Charred Pages (2018)
Undercity Nights (2020)

Varied ambient electronics, mostly spacey and somewhat "futuristic" / utopian / urban.


Metroland (Belgium)

Mind the Gap (2013)
Thalys (2014)
Triadic Ballet (2015)
Things Will Never Sound the Same Again (2016)
Men In A Frame (2018)
Framed (2019)
The Key To Metroland (2019)

Kraftwerk-like music from this Belgian project (Andy de Decker and Sven Lauwers). Sharp rhythms, nice melodies, electronic voices...


Metronic Underground (Germany)

Illusion (1981)

Subtitled "Electronic Aus Bonn", Illusion is an incredibly rare private release of melodic krautrock and Electronic Music.


Metrophobia (???)

Manatee (2018) (S)

Absolutely indescribable sound based on glitches, short samples and noises. The closing track off Manatee, called "Business Trip", is quite notable. Different, but definitely progressive.


Metropolis (Germany)

Newtime 2 (1993)

Metropolis is Matthias Beine from Cologne, Germany (with Christoph Hausmann helping out). Melodic EM with sometimes a relaxed techno / chill-out vibe.

See also: Hausmann


Metropolis (UK)

The European Suite (1985)

Guy Fletcher's project (a three-piece band plus guests) that describes the atmosphere of several European cities. Supposedly, ambient stuff.


Metta World Peace (France)

Zanclean (2019)

Unique style - heavy on the samples, but often bursting into ecstatic analog synth melange. A project of Pierre Edouard Dumora.


Mettey, Benjamin (USA)

Sea of Clouds (2021)

Synthesist. Sea of Clouds is an audiovisual work with music by Mettey and visuals by Chris LeBlanc. It was released on a VHS tape. The music is very classic-sounding, with multiple sequences.


Metzengerstein (Italy)

Suoni di Confine (2021)

Improv / psych rock ensemble led by Devid Ciampalini. Suoni di Confine has some kosmische influences, with analog synths (including some vintage Italian machines) playing an important role. Mostly abstract and formless.


Meunier, Alain (France)

Voyage aux Fonds de la Mer (1979)

Obscure electronic album. Apparently, Alain Meunier is a diver and released this LP inspired by his underwater experiences.


Mews In A Crash (France??)

Mews In A Crash (2020)
Over Bliss (2020)

Improvisational experimental project, mixing bass guitar, drums and electronics.


Mexx, Kamilla (Italy)

Verrückte Liebe (2016) (recorded in 2009)
Kein Trost (2016)
Moebius Forever (2018)

Verrückte Liebe was released as a tribute to Dieter Moebius. The style is not known at the moment.


Meyer, Guido (Germany)

Episodes 1 (1994)
Episodes 2 (1994)
Towards the Blue Horizon (2004)
Lightyears (2005)
Installations (2006) (recorded in 1996)
Cyscoop (2006) (maxi)
Connected To the Dead (2007)
Glassforest (2008)
Durathon (2010)
Fairytale (2020)

German musician (now living in Switzerland) with a rhythmic / melodic style. Guido Meyer was born in 1971 in Worms and started to play guitar at the age of seven. The first demo tape called simply "Guido Meyer" was released in 1987. By the early 90's, he had developed an interest in keyboards and MIDI technology. The first proper release (after three demo tapes and some unreleased works) was Episodes 1, in 1994. It features a set of melodic, rhythmic synthesizer tracks with heavy electronic drums (Simmonds-like) and nice programming. The first track, "Epedic", is very represetative of his style, featuring nice melodic lines, electronic rhythms and sequenced piano notes. I think this would sound great while driving. The music is in the EM style typical of the late 80's and early 90's. Anyone into late 80's Tangerine Dream (circa Tyger) should like this. "Emotion - E" continues in this direction - once again we hear sequenced piano notes, heavy laid-back electronic rhythms and great melodies. Pure 80's! Great for those who like it straight, rhythmic and melodic. Once again I have to remind that if you're into TD circa 1987 - this should be exactly to your liking. "Mosquito" is more chunky, upbeat and features a theme that could be a great soundtrack to a detective story, for instance. "Contact" features sustained tones, around which the track gradually builds, adding sounds on top of that base and settling into a groove, with nice symphonic solos appearing a bit later. "Cold-Romance" features an upfront bassline, that keeps repeating, serving as the base for this exciting upbeat track. The Simmonds-like electronic drums are very prominent here. "Mute" closes the album on a relaxed note. Nice resonating sequenced bass is a special extra that really makes the track work for me. This album will sure appeal to fans of melodic rhythmic EM compositions. You can also read my review of Guido's 2004 album, Towards the Blue Horizon in the reviews section as well as reviews of his other albums. 


Meyer Huthwelker (Germany)

Neuro / BP (2019)
Purdue Generator (2020)

Slowly moving, droning EM from the duo of Helge Meyer and René Huthwelker.

See also: Huthwelker, René


Meyer, Jonas (Germany)

Konfusion (2019)

Berlin-based electronic / electroacoustic artist. Varied, ambient, experimental...


Meyer, Lars (Netherlands)

Can't Remember the Day (1991)
A Private Scenery (1991)
An Awkward Silence (1992)
Into the Blue Depth (1992)
The Gods Underneath the Earth (1993)

These are all early cassette recordings by experimental musician and founder of Narrowminded label Lars "Meyer" (actually Meijer). They focus on short, melodic tracks and typical synth sounds of the epoch (lots of bell-like FM tones here). The author refers to his music as "lo-fi" and, indeed, that partly describes the sound, although I suspect that in this case, the "lo-fi" effect was not intentional and the music was just badly recorded. There are some allusions to (or direct quotations from) Kraftwerk, but that's it. After this early phase, Meijer continued to write music, focusing on acoustic experimentation under the "Larz" moniker and forming several projects / collaborations.


Meyer, Thierry (France)

Paradoxe / Trip (1981) (S)

French synthesist. Melodic music, close to Jean-Michel Jarre, perhaps.


Meyers, Justin (USA)

Libra (2012)
Albuterol Auteur (2013)
Aprés Garde (2014)
The White Page (2015) (with Jason Lescalleet)
Struggle Artist (2018)

Minneapolis-based experimental composer, mostly working in the domain of electro-acoustic composition and noise. However, he can be quite listenable, especially when in electronic mode, using modular synthesizers to craft melodic or ambient vignettes. These works are also the most Prog-related. Only relevant works will be listed.


Meza, Arturo (Mexico)

Suite Koradi (1985)
Suite Koradi -  El Infierno es la Matriz del Cielo (1986)
Requiem (1988)
Cronica Sonora (1990)
Venadito del Sol (1993)
Canciones Para Cantar En El Infierno Vol. 1 (1998)
Canciones Para Cantar En El Infierno Vol. 2 (2001)

Meza is mostly known as folky singer / songwriter (like Bob Dylan), but he has composed some interesting electronic works, like Suite Koradi and Requiem. The two volumes of Canciones... also feature some electronic tracks played with a special set of keyboards called the "Tecladero" and the "Mezafono".

See also: Voldarepet



Within 30 Miles (1980)
First Move (1980)
Masks (1980)
Ground Zero (1981)
Head (1983)

Part of the UK's thriving cassette culture, MFH were an Experimental duo of Andrew Cox and David Elliott. Not all of their output will be interesting for progressive EM fans.


MG Atmosphere (Italy)

Atlantis (1996)

One of the artists who were signed to Cybertracks label in the 1990's. Contrary to many of his label mates, he has since resurfaced and released on the net some download albums.


Miaux (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Miaux (2010) (EP)
Miaux (2011) (S)
Étude des Têtus (2012) (S)
Stare (2013) (S)
Aeronaut (2013) (S)
Dive (2014)
Above the High Rays (2015) (S)
Hideaway (2016)
Black Space, White Cloud (2019)

Sarajevo-born Mia Prce (now residing in Antwerp, Belgium) uses the simpliest means to achieve her flowing and melancholic compositions greatly influenced by minimalism. Another influence seems to be German krautrock and EM, especially that Schulzian cosmic melancholy typical of the man's 1970's output.


Micado (Belgium)

African Beat (1992) (soundtrack)
Traffic (1995)
Missing Border (1995)

Synth duo consisting of Frans Lemaire and Koenraad Vanderschaeve, active in the 1990's. Melodic EM, sometimes jazzy, sometimes with some sequences. Mostly rhythmic. They seem to have reformed in 2020, releasing a digital-only album. African Beat was released under musicians' real names.

See also: Kreutler


Micai, Nathan (Canada)

Industry OST (2021) (soundtrack)

Varied synth soundtrack from this Toronto-born, Berlin-based artist. Ranges from Carpenter-like pulses and Tangerine Dream-like sequencing to phased atmospheres and pads.


Miceli, Mark (USA)

Je Suis (1988)
The Secret Garden (1990)
Therapy 1 (1992)
Sacred Geometry (2008)

In the 1970's Mark Miceli was a member of symphonic prog band Easter Island. He then went on to release a few solo albums. Je Suis starts with a few shorter pieces that try to electronically emulate the sound of an orchestra (nothing progressive here). Then a longer electronic piece with a rhythm follows and the cassette closes with the long title track that's somewhat ambient, but new-agey. I guess "new-agey" is what could be told of the whole album in the end. While Je Suis and especially the closing track from subsequent album The Secret Garden are mildly interesting from an electronic perspective, some of his output is in my view too far removed from the EM aesthetics, although fans of new age and relaxation music may want to check it out and he is quite diverse to be explored and enjoyed by EM fans as well. I omitted irrelevant works from the discography.


Michaels, Kurt (USA)

Inner Worlds Part One (2003)
Outer Worlds (2007)

Ethereal ambient soundscapes.


Michalak, Dariusz (Poland)

Miasto Mezczyzn (1995)
Forgotten Rituals (2013) (with Sonologyst)


Michelle, Chantal (USA)

Night Blindness (2021)

Ambient, but complex and experimental.


Mickie D's Unicorn (Germany)

Mickie D's Unicorn (1979)
No Regrets (1989)
Aladdin - It's A Fantasy (1993)

Mickie Duwe was a short-time member of Ash Ra Tempel (he played on Seven Up) and Agitation Free. In 1979 Ashra played a benefit concert in Switzerland to raise funds needed to get Mickie out of jail in Greece. Not much known about this incident but apparently he tried to smuggle hashish into the country. The first album appeared around that time and was produced by Klaus Schulze. It is known as the first ever release of his (then newly founded) IC label. On this album Mickie plays nice spacey guitar accompanied by a few sequencer rhythms and guest musicians (synths and drums). There are also vocals. Manuel Goettsching appears on the first track. The style of the second release is unknown.

See also: Trance Vania


Micol, Francisco F. (Spain)

Ebohen (1990)
El Quinto Evangelio (??)
La Taberna Fantastica (1998)

Dramatic music influenced by Carl Orff (Francisco's mentor) by this Spanish musician who has also composed some purely orchestral works.


Micro Incubus (USA)

Micro Incubus (2020) (S)

Varied ambience with some tribal beats and cosmic moods.

See also: Exael


Microcorps (UK)

XMIT (2021)

Cold, mechanical music with semi-processed beats, strange textures and stuff. Sounds like Moebius for cyberworld dystopia. Interesting. Microcorps is Alex Tucker.


Microgram, The (UK)

Self-Medication (2020)
Weathered Structures (2020)
Fading Before You (2021)
Frequency Meditations (2021)
Give It Some Time (2021)
Hypoesthesia (2022)

Melodic ambient compositions.


Microgramma Medium Extended (Germany)

Patchwork / Flickwerk 2002 - 2013 (2013)

Varied krautrock-influenced collective with some EM material included.


Microhm (Mexico)

Eternal Night (2018)
Infinita Incertidumbre (2020) (S)

Microhm is a project of Leslie Garcia. She combines rhythmic / melodic EM with more experimental trends.


Microphase (Greece)

30072009 (2010) (with Kascheltisch)
Hope Is the Sister of Despair (2013)
Tales From the Silent City (2016)

Sort of a melodic / balearic-tinged mixture of deep house and EM from this Frankfurt-based artist (Niko Tzoukmantis).


Microspora (Russia)

Necrofuturism (2011)
BOM (2011)
Microspora (2011)
Wool (2011)
Ausrottung (2012)
The Moooooon (2016)
Darkk (2017)
NSDAP (2017)
Pluton (2018)
Operation Silkworm (2018)
Pouvoir de la Beauté (2020)
Chekasin Mochit Mochiko (2020)
Vexxzikki (2020)
Riff (2021)
Jambudvipa (2022)

Varied project of St. Petersburg-based Valeriy Rakscheev. Ranges from noisy to industrial, dark soundscapes and Space Music.


Mid-Cult Matrix (USA)

Berkelianism (1987)

A duo of David Prescott and Chris Phinney.

See also: Prescott, David


Midal E Garda (Russia)


Tribal Ambient project from Arkhangelsk.

See also: Closing On Flesh


Midcentury Modular (USA)

drones (2018)

North Carolina-based artist. The music is basically what the title promises: synth drones, both dark / noisy and bright / cosmic. Some tracks are nicely driven by slow sequencer pulses ("Friends").


Midday Veil (USA)

Subterranean Ritual II (2011)
Integration (2012)
Current (2013)

Psychedelic / space rockers fronted by a female vocalist. Timm Mason loads their sound with heavy modular synth mayhem and there are purely electronic moments and tracks too, like "Sun Stone" and large chunks of other tracks from Current, for example. The discography is incomplete. I will try to list their EM-related or partly EM releases here. Their 2015 effort, The Wilderness, sounds like a fine release as well, full of analog synths and even some purely EM sounds. However, in spite of its synthiness, it is more song-oriented (i.e., no instrumentals) and overall falls short of inclusion to EEM.

See also: Mason, Timm


Middleton, Ian (UK)

5 Pieces 1998 - 1999 (2000)
Raw Circuits (2001)
Broken Sounds (2001)
Embryonic - Early Recordings 1991 - 1996 (2001)
With And Without Late (2002)
Time Building (2009)
Aural Spaces (2009)
Well of Sorrows (2014)
Vatic Lamps (??) (with Neil Campbell and Late)

Experimental musician based in rural Scotland. He makes music mostly on analogue instruments (such as his trusty old Korg MS-10) and designs covers for his vinyl LP's (Ian is also a painter). The music will appeal to fans of Drone Ambient.

See also: Remora


Midi Duo (Italy)

Init-Voice (1989)

A rare Italian press, this LP is what the title promises. Very much a product of its era, it features two guys Federico Laterza and Francesco Consaga playing music using mostly what sounds like general MIDI sounds and thin digital presets of the time. This is dangerously close to being extremely un-progressive, but that's what "EM" was like in 1989... It does create a sort of nice background, though.


Midi Lidi (Czech Republic)

Thrash On Mars (2019) (soundtrack)

Czech band playing electro. Thrash On Mars is a varied soundtrack that ranges in style from country songs to atmospheric pads and pulsing synth parts to krautrock-like material.


MidiMinuit (France)

Hôtel Costes Presents ROUND THE CLOCK (2019)

Paris-based quartet consisting of a double bass player, acoustic piano player and two modular synthesists. As expected, this is a marriage of classical and EM (of the experimental / atmospheric kind).


Midlife (Australia)

Phase (2018)
Automatic (2020)

Melbourne-based jazz rock band with touches of Pink Floyd. Their music is loaded with synths and electronics and could be considered EM-related.


Midnat (Denmark)

Small Things In Life (2018)
Landskab (2019)
Ø (2020)

A project of Kenneth Werner, based in Bornholm. This is halfway between Ambient and dub techno. Most of the tracks are beatless or with only a slight pulse.


Midnight Odyssey (Australia)

Echoes of A Celestial Ruin (2022)

Hybrid black metal / ambient project of Tony Parker. Echoes of A Celestial Ruin gathers several previously released (digital only) EP's in ambient / electronic style.


Midnight Sequencer (Spain)

All the Same Dream (2020)

Dramatic, cinematic, sequencer-based music from CG Santos who had previously worked on non-EM-related projects and groups.


Midnight Tales (UK)

Eternalism (2015)

Ethereal ambient atmospheres with analog touches.

See also: Wolf Maps


Midnight Syndicate (USA)

Midnight Syndicate (1997)
Born of the Night (1998)
Realm of Shadows (2000)
Gates of Delirium (2001)
Vampyre (2002)
Dungeons & Dragons (2003)
The 13th Hour (2005)
Out of the Darkness (2006)
The Rage (2008) (soundtrack)
The Dead Matter (2008)
Carnival Arcane (2011)
A Time Forgotten (2012) (with Destini Beard)
Monsters of Legend (2013)
Axe Giant The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013) (soundtrack)
Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering (2015)
Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack (2016)
Music of Halloween Horror Nights (2020)
Live Shadows (2021)
Bloodlines (2021) (S)

A project by Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka in pure horror / Medieval Ambient mould. This means spooky, nightmarish ambiences, slow mysterious sounds and subtle neo-classical orchestrations.


Midwich Youth Club (UK)

From the City To the Country, From the Country To the Sea (2014)
Lapis Lazuli (2020)

Midwich Youth Club is multi-instrumentalist Allan R. Murphy who has been composing since the 1980's. On From the City... he pays homage to progrock and electronic epics of the 1970's. As you can guess, the music is a nice synth / guitar pastiche in the style of the classics, completely instrumental and with real drums.

See also: Kehrschliefe


Miehlich, Luis (Germany)

Silences (2018)
Timecuts (2019)
Currents (2020)

Soft, beautiful, emotional ambient sounds.


Miereanu, Costin (Romania)

Le Royaume de la Reine Pellapouf (1982)
Fata Morgana (1982)
Carrousel (1984)
Derives (1984)
Jardins Oublies (1984) (recorded in 1981)

Repetitive, experimental Electronic Music. Carrousel was recorded in Paris. Costin Miereanu is a Romanian experimental composer who has at least one more album, the collage-based Luna Cinese from 1975.


Miersch, Manfred (Germany)

Subharmonische Mixturen mit dem Subharchord (2004) (S)
Das Subharchord (2015)
Subharchord Favourites (2021)

Experimental electronics performed on the Subharchord - a fascinating obscure instrument developed in East Germany during the 1960's.

See also: atelierTheremin


Miggs (Australia)

Entropy (2017)
Inertia (2018)

Long tracks with dark synths, slow, sharp rhythms, collages and melodies.

See also: Vi Res


migloJE (Lithuania)

Perception (2017)

Dark soundscapes from Aurimas Bražiūmas.


Mignault, Jacques (Canada)

Canadian keyboardist and member of short-lived jazz rock band Agartha. He had a nice electronic track as one of the winners of the Roland synthesizer contest in 1982.


Mignard, Jean-Michel (France)

Mildness / Burning In the Sky (1981) (S)

Rare single by this musician who plays guitar, synthesizer and electronic percussion.


Mi-Go (Norway)

...And the Darkness He Called Light (2020)

Ambient duo with a pretty dark, mysterious and esoteric sound.


Mihailovic, Peter (Austria)

Elemente (1985)
Elemente 2 (??)

Privately pressed album from this synth composer. Melodic, accessible EM sound.


Mihály, Tamás (Hungary)

Szintetizátor-varázs (1983)

Electronic Music by former member of Omega (1947 - 2020). This album contains synthesizer versions of music by Liszt and Wagner. The title translates to "Synthesizer Transcriptions".


Mikado 85 (Germany)

Air Paintings (2001)
Buildings In the Sky (2002)
Collection 1998 - 2003 (2003)
Dusseldorf In Space (2004)

Since 2001, Tilo Voigthaus uses this name for his music.

See also: Voigthaus, Tilo, Coral Cave.


Mike Koldin (Netherlands)

Becloud (2011)
Room (2012) (S)
OT301 (2012)
Homeland (2012) (S)

Actually a duo of Keimpe Koldijk and Michiel Klein. Droning ambience from Rotterdam. Cinematic, but sort of lo-fi.


Mike & Sunhair (Germany)

In Search of Spacekraut (2021)

Guitar / synth duo composed of members of German jam rock / kraut / space rock band Space Invaders. As expected, it's long tracks full of spacey guitars and shimmering synths (no sequencing on In Search of Spacekraut). Mixed and mastered by Eroc.


Mikhail, Heir of Blue Tomorrows (Netherlands)

Ode To the Volatile Foliage of the Ocean (2017)

Somewhat grating and a bit noisy, but still quite listenable ambient / experimental synth compositions.


Mikhailuk, Mikhail (Russia)

Beyond the Brain (2000)
Coincidences (??)
Frames (??)
Tin (??)
X (??)
Voocon (??)
The Circus (??)
Mermaids (2000) (with Anatoly Pereslegin)
The Flow (??)
Titles (??)
Troitsk-DK (??)
Spots (??)

During the Seventies, Mikhail Mikhailuk made a living from re-selling electronic instruments in Moscow and playing in various projects, including several well-known pop bands of the time. By the late 70's, he had the idea of giving one-man live shows of Electronic Music. His music at the time was fairly cosmic and sometimes a tad dark. Upon meeting with Alexander Sinitsin in the early 80's, they formed an experimental electronic duo Otryad Imeni Valeriya Chkalova, with Sinitsin providing the poetry / concept and Mikhailuk playing synthesizers. They recorded one album in 1983 - 1984 ("BBC"), whose title track was later used (in a heavily reworked version) in the movie "Assa". The album was never released officially. Around 1985, the duo called it a day. I guess none of the early solo works by Mikhailuk were officially released, although he did a fair amount of recording and playing live in the late 70's and 80's. Beyond the Brain from 2000 features music composed on the legendary ANS synthesizer.

See also: Otryad Imeni Valeriya Chkalova


Mikolajczak, Andrzej (Poland)

Fly Me To the Sun (1983) (with Andrzej Marko)
Kosmos (1998)

Since the 1960's, Andrzej Mikolajczak has been playing in various rock and pop groups, mostly taking care of keyboards. Nowadays he is also a solo electronic musician with an individual style. Andrzej lives and works in Poznan.


Mikosterion (Russia)

Slipout (2002) (S)

Nice, featherlight ambience that sounds like moonlight falling on endless fields.

See also: Hum, Maw, Off the Cuff.


MIKROBI.T (Poland)

Binary Beats (2014)
Organic Drones (2016)
Afronauts (2018)

Sort of future jazz / electronics mixture, with baritone sax, moog, guitar and drums. Their best one, EM-wise, is arguably Organic Drones.


miKroNaught (USA)

Nights (2013)

Double CD-R with collaborative works by John Strate-Hootman and Matt McDonough.

See also: Vir Unis, MjDawn.


Mikrovolt (Germany)

I (2017)

Incessant motorik overlaid by floating synths, mellotrons, guitars and organs. Nice krauty EM for the Dusseldorf heads from Cologne-based Veit König.


Milačic, Vladimir (Serbia)

Zid na Kraju Veka (1999)

Supposedly, ambient album from this rock singer.


Milam Wisp (???)

Butterfly Tokens (2020)

Varied ambient compositions from David Newnes.


Milan W. (Belgium)

Vol. 1 '09 Tape Records (2009)
Slo Mo (2015)
Intact (2016)
Envelope (2018)
In Bloom (2020)

Slo-mo melodic electronic compositions from Milan Warmoeskerken. For fans of Cluster.

See also: Mittland och Leo


Milanesio, Marco (Italy)

L'ultimo Viaggio del Conte Rosso (2017) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack with a reflective, melancholic and at times mysterious sound. Sometime rhythmic and upbeat.

See also: Blind Cave Salamander, Space Aliens From Outer Space.


Milano, Vanessa (Spain)

Drumk (2016)

Cold, detached ambient sound and gently rhythmic compositions. Rather minimal overall. Actually a project of one Cristian Subirà from Barcelona.

See also: Kolàr, Jason, Quanta.


Mild Peril (UK)

Alpha & Gamma Zone (2013) (S)
Unknown Zones, Vol. I (2014)
Unknown Zones Vol. II (2014)
Unknown Zones Vol. III (2014) (S)
Unknown Zones Vol. IV (2014) (S)
Matter (2014)
Arp of Pan (2014)

A mixture of rhythmic and floating electronic tracks, sometimes with that "Laserdance jamming with Tangerine Dream" feeling. Good stuff. Mild Peril is Christopher J. Gilbert from London.

See also: Paladin, Chris


Mileece (UK)

Formations (2002)

Lulling, minimal, tinkling ambient compositions using data received from plants. Melodic and relaxing stuff from this London-based artist (Mileece Petre).


Miles, Barry (USA)

Barry Miles & Silverlight (1974)
Magic Theater (1975)
Together (1976)
Sky Train (1977)
Fusion Is... (1978)
Zoot Suit Stomp (1986)

Mostly instrumental music but difficult to pin down. Sort of proggy electronic fusion. Some albums are full-band efforts (Sky Train) and some feature mostly Barry's keyboards with light accompaniment. Barry Miles began playing drums at the age of three (!) and piano at the age of five (!). During the 1960's, he was a member of several groups. At that time his music was very much influenced by current Bop scene. However, by the end of the decade he switched to electric piano and a bit later embraced the first commercially available synthesizers. His music retained its jazzy edge, but was much more electronic now and leaned more towards progressive and funky forms of fusion. His Silverlight ensemble from the early 1970's got some recognition from the press and listeners. People like John Ambercombie, Woody Shaw and Al DiMeola have all played with Barry Miles at different points in their career. Starting from the 1980's, Barry Miles worked mostly as a producer, rarely turning up on records.   


Milesi, Piero (Italy)

The Nuclear Observatory of Mr. Nanof (1984)
La Camera Astratta (1987) (soundtrack) (with Daniel Bacalov)
Within Himself (2000)

Minimalist composer whose range of influences includes Klaus Schulze, Philip Glass and Vangelis. A large chunk of his work doesn't have anything to do with electronics.


Milieu (USA)

Thriambus (2014)
Statuettes, Part One (2015)
The Sleeping Earth (2015)
Metraliminaloxone (2016)
Phosphene Weather (2019)
MOA061 (2020) (S)
Morceau Patterns (2021)

Brian Grainger aka Milieu is a prolific artist who released tons of releases under tons of monikers. He is one of those musicians whose output is pretty hard to pin down but most of it is informed by such styles as IDM, glitch, dub, techno and Ambient. As the borders between styles get blurred, the number of such artists is growing and it gets harder to decide on whether an artist should be in EEM or not (as you may know, only prog EM and related genres are covered here). As many of these artists have huge discographies, the task gets more difficult still. With his debut on ...txt label, he went all-ambient, i.e. no beats, no glitches, no IDM, no dub bass... Just Ambient. Therefore, he sort of warranted an inclusion.

See also: Coppice Halifax, AQV, Occur.


Milkways (France)

Milkways (1978)

Analogue rhythmic / melodic music in Space or Droids vein from Regis Dupre and Didier Guinochet. This album was also released on Movieplay label as Galactic Reaction.


Millard, Stephen (USA)

Black Window (2003)

Dark soundscapes.

See also: Landrow


Millenium (Germany)

Dreams of Amadeus (1991)

A "Switched-On"-type concept from Jürgen Fritz (keyboardist of Triumvirat) and Ralf Hildebeutel. All tracks are based on Mozart's themes. Lots of nice synth sounds here.

See also: Hildenbeutel, Ralf


Miller, Adam (USA)

Headlands Wall (2015)
Sit Until the Morning (2015)
Silver (2015) (EP)
Mistakes (2015) (S)

If you are familiar with Adam Miller's output as Isle of Sodor, this is more of the same kind of analog goodness, both ambient and pulsing / sequencer based.

See also: Isle of Sodor, Sharon.


Miller, Bryce (USA)

W A S P (2016)
City Depths (2016)
Operator (2017)
Monochrome Daydream (2019)

Oregon-based synthesist whose style is quite cinematic and ranges from rich sequences to anthemic, a bit Vangelis-like pieces and moody ambient pads & drones.


Miller, Daniel Isaac (USA)

I (2019)

Reflective Ambient, sometimes dominated by piano and classical instrumentation, sometimes opting for a soft synth sound, like on "VII" for example, that sounds like a mixture of Steve Roach's Structures From Silence and Cluster & Eno.


Miller, Dann K (USA)

Repetition Works Vol. 1 (2017)

Shorter, soundtracky pieces for synths and piano. Varied moods here, but mostly mysterious and reflective. Sometimes wacky. Dann K Miller is an artist based in Austin, Texas.


Miller, Graeme & Shill, Steve (UK)

The Moomins Theme (2015) (recorded in 1983) (S) (soundtrack)
The Moomins: Silent Night (2016) (recorded in 1983) (S) (soundtrack)
The Moomins (2016) (recorded in 1983) (soundtrack)

Music from the British TV show about the Moomins. Strangely, it's electronic and rather nice. The theme music is a wacky, Cluster-like concoction, while the flip is an amazing foray into dark electronics


Miller, Peter (Australia)

Love vs Gravity (1990)
The Violet Flame (1993)

Varied, classically-influenced music based on sampling and synthesizers. A bit quirky, a bit easy-listening...

See also: Perpetual Ocean


Miller, Rick (Canada)

Starsong (1983)
Windhaven (1987)
Interstellar Passage (2000) (recorded in 1983 - 1988)
Paradox (2003) (EP) (recorded in 1983 - 2002)
Angel of My Soul (2008)
Falling Through Rainbows (2009)

Canadian synthesist from Lakefield, Ontario. Starsong was re-released in Canada on CD as Limberlost. It is now available under its original title together with Miller's new work, Interstellar Passage. Starsong is an album of pure drifting and relaxing Space Music. There are short and normal length pieces, plus one 24+ minute epic "The Ascension". The first track "Limberlost" is a good starter with slowly pulsating and repeating patterns that sound a bit like a sedate Software. The tracks that follow are all very uplifting and floating, there are no aggressive sounds, no minor chords. The best track in my opinion is "Skyrise", a short but nevertheless enoyable piece with a characteristic warm analogue sound (slightly phased pads really remind on the atmospheric moments of the glorious Oxygene). The last 24+ minute track mentioned above is a pure floater with again a very uplifting atmosphere, although, with not enough variation throughout its length it does drag on, could've been shorter. Overall, it's mostly pure analogue-based Space Music, in a way predating the warm spacey sound of artists like Telomere or Saul Stokes (Abstraction). Interstellar Passage is similar in style. It starts with an extremely short track "Valley of the Kings" and then segues into "Morningside" which I can't get into, because it's essentially very saccharine Celtic music stuff, with playful flutes, synthesized harp and all. Thankfully, the rest of the tracks are all in the Space Music vein, but again very uplifting, using major chords, as a result - you won't find dark moods here. If you are looking for super-dramatic or unstable, dark music, look elsewhere. But if you crave for the pure uplifting drift - this is it! The EP-length Paradox CD is completely another business. It features light, upbeat and melodic EM, done mainly on analog synths. The tracks were recorded in 1983 - 1985 plus one track from 2002. Very bright and toe-tapping stuff with symphonic synths all over. 


Miller, Roger (USA)

Xylyl And A Woman In Half (1990)

Roger Miller is a Boston-based (originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan) singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is mostly known for his guitar and keyboard (piano and synthesizers) playing. Roger Miller was a member of Birdsongs of the Mezozoic (from 1980 to 1987), The Space Negros, Mission of Burma, No Man and other bands / projects. The above album is a work of two parts: the experimental first side and the electronic / ambient second side which is a soundtrack. I've seen it compared to the soundtrack work of Tangerine Dream and Eno's Ambient.


Miller, Steven M. (USA)

Subterranea (1997)

Gamelan inspired soundscapes from this composer who is mainly known to fans of electroacoustic music.


Millions (USA)

Goldmouth (2010) (S)
Be Excellent To Each Other (2011)
The Message (2014) (S)
Discreet Music (2014) (S)
Line In the Sky (2015)

Millions is Brooklyn-based drone artist David Suss. Line In the Sky is definitely EM-related. Starting with a noisy aural assault of "Trespassers", it proceeds with cosmic analog synth and mellotron choir bliss of "Bilocation" (pure Prog EM here), where a noisy background fades in and accompanies the synths before everything dissolves in the blackness of the cosmos. Klaus Schulze backed by Merzbow, anyone? The rest of the album repeats the formula with some variations like prominent organ drones and less noise. Great EM and quite unusual in a way. Discreet Music applies a bit similar approach but adds some distorted electric guitars. I will try to list all of his EM-related works here. What was omitted is either noise music or very guitar drone-dominated or both.


Mills, Blake (USA)

Look (2018) (EP)

Guitarist. Look sees him experimenting with vintage Roland guitar synthesizers. The results are quite ambient.


Mills, Gordon (Canada)

Moon Babies Rendez-Vous (1981)

Privately pressed electronic LP from the early 1980's.


Mills, Jeff (USA)

Emerging Crystal Universe (2014)
Chronicles of Possible Worlds (2014)
The Healing Channel (2014)
Woman In the Moon (2015)
When Time Splits (2015) (with Mikhaïl Rudy)
The Domino Effect (2016) (S)
Free Fall Galaxy (2016)
A Trip To the Moon (2017)
Planets (2017)
Lost In Space (2017) (S)
And Then There Was Light (2018)
Tomorrow Comes the Harvest (2018) (S) (with Tony Allen)
Moon - The Area of Influence (2019)
Sight Sound And Space (2019)
Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 5 (2020)
The Override Switch (2021) (with Rafael Leafar)
Mind Power Mind Control (2022)

Jeff Mills is one of the Detroit Techno grands. I really don't know what he was thinking releasing Chronicles of Possible Worlds. I mean, it's certainly not something that Detroit Techno fans, or techno fans in general, for that matter, would normally dig; and it's hard to guess the audience he was aiming at. What we get here is a concept album about extrasolar planets, hundreds of which have been discovered by astronomers since 1995. The CD comes packaged with a DVD but I'll focus on the musical content here. We're talking a mixture of recorded astronomy lectures (with people talking about exoplanets) and spacey, repetitive and atmospheric electronic tracks. And nary a beat in sight! I mean, zero, nada! The music has that slight techno edge (some would say a "plastic" sound), possibly due to the instruments used and a bit different approach to that of prog EM artists but this is certainly not techno. At least, not as we know it. There are almost no melodies per se, as it's mostly about atmosphere and repetition. And coldness. There is also a violinist who makes a guest appearance along Jeff's electronics on a few tracks. The Healing Channel is music for massage that might insterest some fans of Ambient. Track "The Hunted" from The Domino Effect continues Jeff's experiments in Prog EM-related sounds. Free Fall Galaxy is another excellent, partly Prog EM, release.


Mills, Russell (UK)

Ember Glance: the Permanence of Memory (1991) (with David Sylvian)
Measured In Shadows (1996) (with Ian Walton)
Cleave / Soft Bullets (2002) (with Mike Fearon)
Still Moves | One (2015) (with Mike Fearon)
Still Moves | Two (2016) (with Mike Fearon)
Still Moves | Three (2018) (with Mike Fearon)

Mysterious soundworlds from this ambient  / experimental multi-disciplinary artist.


Mills, Steve (Australia)

MOODA (1995)
Galaxymachine (1999)
Green (2007)

Galaxymachine is the only album by Tasmania-based Steve Mills, which is EM fom start to finish. The music is quite bombastic. On Green, only the opening track is relevant, the rest is rhythmic chillout / world electronica. MOODA is varied and partly EM, although too new-agey in places.


Mills-Cockell, John (Canada)

Heartbeat (1973)
A Third Testament (1974)
In Concert (1975)
Gateway (1976)
Do You Hear the Rushing River? (1995)
Pangalactic Performer (2020) (recorded in ??)

Former leader of Intersystems and Syrinx who has released several solo electronic works. Today, John Mills-Cockell is a respected composer who is known for his soundtracks to numerous art installations and museums. Apart from that, he also composed for TV, documentaries and independent films. Note: Gateway was re-released in 1979 as Neon Accelerando. The music is identical.

See also: Intersystems, Syrinx.


Milord (Italy)

Delta Waves Dimension (2018)

A project of Naples-based Enrico Fierro. Ranges from rhythmic, synthwave / minimal synth-influenced stuff to completely abstract electronic soundscapes.


Milyakov, Pavel (Russia)

La Maison de la Mort (2019)

Pavel Milyakov is a Moscow-based techno artist also known as Buttechno. La Maison de la Mort has some ambient and EM tendencies.


MimiCof (Japan)

RundSkipper (2011)
KotoLyra (2012)
Moon Synch (2017)
Distant Symphony (2021)

A project of ambient composer Midori Hirano with her exploring edgier, noisier, more rhythmic and more experimental realms. Moon Synch features quite inventive music based on recordings made on a Buchla synthesizer in the legendary EMS studio in Stockholm. Nice.

See also: Hirano, Midori


Mimikoto (Germany)

Unexistent (2018)

A duo that mixes acoustic instruments such as sax and upright bass with (mostly) analog synths. A mixture of jazz, house and Prog EM.


Mimir (UK)

Mimir (1990)
Mimiryad (1993)
Mimir 3 (2000)
Untitled (2005) (S)

"Textural Ambient" from this "supergroup" featuring Christoph Heemann, Andreas Martin, Edward Ka-Spel, Jim O'Rourke and Phil Knight.

See also: Silverman, The


Mimran, Patrick (France)

Back To Earth (1987)
Stairs (1994)
Roma, the City of Dreams And Nightmares (1996)
Honni Soit Qui Mal a Pense (??)

Patrick Mimran is a French painter and electronic musician. Roma contains haunting, melancholic symphonic soundscapes made on the Le Bart synthesizer designed by the author himself.

See also: Axxess


Mimsy (Germany)

Ormeology (2021)

This is marketed as "folktronica". Some of it is singer-songwriter material, with much more guitar plucking and much less singing than the usual fare, though. The rest is wacky, Cluster-like EM.


MinaeMinae (USA??)

Variante (2019)

Completely indescribable Cluster / solo Moebius pastiche with elements of dub, reggae, tropical music (whatever that is) and more.


Minais B (Denmark)

Minais B (2014)
Tråde (2017) (S)
As the River At Its Source (2017) (S)
Quiet Bloom (2020)

Absolutely unique style here - hyperactive, experimental sequencer with choirs, voices and stuff. Some classically-inspired, ambient or abstract material as well. Very nice.


Minced Oath (Ireland)

Supersede (2017)

Varied ambient compositions from Dublin-based Dunk Murphy. From neutral and bright to darker shades of synth sound.


Mind Brains (USA)

Mind Brains (2015)

A mixture of Brian Eno (in his art pop mode), Chrome, Cluster and more.


Mind Doctors (UK)

On the Threshold of Reality (2002)

According to the legend, Mind Doctors were an instrumental duo of Martin Weaver (guitars) and Dave Wadley (keyboards). They play a sort of a mixture of prog / blues rock and electronic / guitar jams a bit in the style of Heldon / Goettsching. A lot of sources refer to the above recording as being from 1976. Maybe some parts were indeed recorded in the 1970's, but the synth work on some of the tracks sounds nothing like the 1970's (especially the digital pads which were non-existent then), so I am sure it is either another hoax, or the music was heavily reworked / remixed before its official release in 2002. The mock 1970's hair made in Paint software (not even the Photoshop) from an alleged 1970's photo of the duo on their website makes it all even more suspicious.


Mind Groove (Spain)

The Sailor And the Mountain (2017)
Interludes (2018) (with Garcia Smith)
Dream Sequence (2022)

Mind Groove is a melodic EM / ambient project of Pablo Bolivar, which combines gentle strumming acoustic guitar sounds with atmospheric synths, relaxed rhythms and occasional sequences. Lovers of cinematic forms of EM released by the likes of Spotted Peccary and AD Music labels should check this out.


Mind Lotion (France??)

Altitude Attitudes (2016)

1980's style Electronic Music with touches of downtempo, balearic beat and lounge. A mixture of analog and digital sounds.


Mind Machine (USA)

Snake Into Star Birth (2016)

Brooklyn-based duo of Joshua Slusher and Adam Kriney. Aggressive synth / guitar / drums combinations between Heldon and noise rock.

See also: Night Travelers, Spiritual Switchboard, The.


Mind Over Matter (Germany)

Music For Paradise (1986)
Colours of Life (1988)
Trance'n'Dance (1990)
In Search of Eternity (1992)
Live In Concert (1993)
Palace of the Winds (1995)
Shambala (1997)
Avatar (1998)
Under the Stars (2000)
On the Wings of the Wind (2004)
Indian Meditation (2005) (recorded in 1988 - 2004)
Indian Meditation II (2006)

New instrumental music by Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock aka Cosmic Hoffmann (1951 - 2017). Some ideas are borrowed from classic period Tangerine Dream, but the overall feel is completely different here. It's less electronic and more acoustic sounding than TD, and makes use of digital instruments as well as lots of guitar. Note that the first Indian Meditation album consists mostly of prevously available tracks, but two of the tracks are unreleased.

See also: Cosmic Hoffmann


Mind Over Midi (Norway)

Elektrical Aktivity (1996)
Ice Acoustik (1998)
Ice Live (1998)
Statement (2000)
Project 3 (2001)
Monopoly (2006)
Habitat (2009)
Components (2011)
Monolog (2012)
Polychrome (2013) (EP)
Polyphony (2014)
Demo (2014)
Steps (2014)
Lift You Out (2014) (S)
Subsolar (2015)
Deep Map (2015)
Fieldwork (2016)
Geophony (2016)
Explore (2016)
Landforms (2017) (S)
Soft Science (2017)
Tussmørke (2018) (S)
Lende (2018) (S)
Falling (2018)
Elektrical Aktivity 5 (Expanded) (2019)
Habitat Debris (2019)
Outpost (2019)
Transit (2019)
Gimsøy, Lofoten (2020)
Offline (2021)
Melankoli (2021)
Offgrid (2022)

Ambient and chill-out music by Helge Tømmervåg from Kristiansund. He started playing synthesizer already in the early 80's. His current output can be characterized as a cross between Namlook and Biosphere.


Mind Over Mirrors (USA)

High & Upon (2011)
The Voice Rolling (2011)
Near Your Dwelling (2012) (S)
Small Portion (2012) (S)
Check Your Swing (2012)
When the Rest Are Up At Four (2013)
The Voice Calling (2015)
Undying Color (2017)
Bellowing Sun (2018)

Mind Over Mirrors is Jamie Fennely who uses harmonium (!) and electronics. In fact, he processes the old Indian instrument to sound like Terry Riley jamming with Cluster in Forst.


Mind Projects (Netherlands)

States of Mind (1997)

Dutch group of Paul Bliekendaal, Marcel Guyt and Roland Guyt. The style is New Berlin School with an atmosphere just like Mind-Flux.


Mind Transport Tools (USA)

Tone-Cone (1999)
Astral Bridge (2016)
Fractal Labyrinth (2016)

Deep, reverberating Ambient from Cameron Akhunaton (Magic Sound Fabric).

See also: Magic Sound Fabric


Mind Waves (USA)

Ancient Cults (2016) (S)

Music that hints at Ambient, vaporwave, minimal synth and classic EM (on "Night In Atacama"). I don't know if lack of focus was a deliberate choice, but lets see how the project develops.


Mindfall (Czech Republic)

Blackromance (2012)

Dark Ambient from the Czech Republic. Mostly drones and slow melodies, with some voices ala Black / funeral ambience.


Mind-Flux (Germany)

Trancefloor (1994)
Source & Destination (1995)
Body-Beat-Box (1995)
Collision (1996)
Konception of Space (1997)
Kontinuum (1999)
Collector's Edition #1 (2000)

Cool modern synthetics from Thomas Fanger and Michael Kersten with sometimes a slight techno feel. Energetic and overall very modern sounding. The techno elements may at times get on the nerves, though.

See also: Fanger, Thomas, Fanger & Kersten, Fanger & Siebert, Fanger & Schönwälder.


Mindquake (Russia)

Fall (2009) (S)
Origin (2015) (S)
Existence (2017) (S)
90s (2018) (S)
Emerald Sky (2018) (recorded in 2008 - 2015)

Russian male / female duo. Nice stuff ranging from spacey and ambient to soft, sequencer-based and rhythmic with ethereal vocals, always retaining an analog edge. Fall is more interesting from EM standpoint, as Origin moves too far into the synthwave territory.


Minds In Motion (Germany)

Horizonte (1996)
Horizonte II (1997)
Horizonte Reflektion (1998)
Lost In Dream (1998)
Lebenszeiten (1999)
Evolutionen I Und II (2001)

Very good sequencer-based music by Erich Schauder (Motionmania) and Gerda Picker. Sometimes reminds a bit on Tangerine Dream, but generally quite unique. Rhythmic and spacey at the same time. Recommended.

See also: Motionmania


Mindsearch / Mindsearch's Revenge (Netherlands)

Challenger's Last Flight (1986)
Labyrinth Dreams (1987)
Cosmos (1988)
The Story of Storm (1990)
The Universe (1993)
Scenes From A Revolutionary Earth (2000)
Terrania (2000)
Versailles (2000)
Versailles Vol.2 (2001)
Silent Moments (??)
Noisy Parts (??)
Made In Heaven (2000)
Eppure Si Muove 2 (2001)
Anatidae (2006)

This project is actually Jos Lieffering, usually playing together with other musicians. Terrania, Silent Moments and Noisy Parts are released under the name "Verzamelaar".

See also: Phochos, Work of Honour, Haags Timmerbedrijf.


Mindspace (USA)

Distant Shores (1985)
Moons of Jupiter (1987)

Cinematic EM from Kellan K. Fluckiger. Sometimes dramatic, approaching the Tomita territory.


Mindspawn (USA)

Conversing With Zardoz (1999)
Darkness Weaves (2000)
Null Infinite (2001)
Erotomechaniks (2005) (with Coph Nia)
Erotomechaniks II (2016) (with Coph Nia)

Dark Ambient, for fans of Endura, Inade and Lustmord.


MindSpiral (USA)

The 1 Is Silent (2005)
It's Come 2 This (2006)
3 To Get Ready (2007)
Bluejunemoon (2007)
Silverseptembersun (2008)
The Redundancy of Suicide (2008)
Curiosa Positronica (2009)
Triangulum (2010)

MindSpiral was begun in 2005 by Mike Metlay and is a series of collaborations between Mike himself and other electronic artists. Each unique grouping gets a number and is named mindXSpiral where X is the number. The first three groups were organized for concerts at the Fiske Planetarium in Colorado. The first group consisted of Mike, Darwin Grosse, John DuVal (member of Dweller At The Threshold), and Giles Reaves, and released the album The 1 Is Silent. The second group consisted of Mike, Nick Rothwell (of CASSIEL), Greg Waltzer, and Paul Vnuk Jr. (of Ma Ja Le), and released the album It's Come 2 This. The third group was Mike, Bill Fox, and John Rossi III, and released the album 3 To Get Ready. At least 11 MindSpiral groups have done live performances, but after the first 3 releases on Mike's Atomic City imprint, only a few have released anything on CD. Mind5Spiral is a duet between Mike and Darwin Grosse; after their albums Bluejunemoon and Silverseptembersun they spun off a band called WonderVu that has not yet released anything as of 2011. Mind6Spiral was a duet between Mike and Tim Walters and released the album The Redundancy Of Suicide on Just Not Normal. Mind8Spiral was a trio of Mike, Darrell Burgan (Palancar), and David "DK" Herpich (of Emerald Adrift). The trio has released Curiosa Positronica and Triangulum, and has another release pending in 2011 under the trio's new name Infinity Sideways. Tony Gerber's work with MindSpiral has never been released, nor have several duet shows with Mike and Giles Reaves (text used with permission).

See also: Metlay, Team Metlay, Duval, John, Reaves, Giles, Cassiel, Ma Ja Le, Palancar, Infinity Sideways.


Mindwarden (Russia)

Timeless (2022)

Moody, Blade Runner-esque ambience from Velislav Zuev. Cascading piano notes, obscure noises, mournful pads and an atmosphere or material decay in a futuristic, cybernetic world.


Mine, Arthur (Ukraine)

Homespun Nocturnes (2017)
Nostalgia por Mezozóica (2020) (S) (with Nikolaienko)
Urania (2022)

Moody EM with something of a slight vaporwave touch.


Mingo (USA)

The Floating Planet (2004)
The Once And Future World (2005)
This Side of the Night (2006)
Astrofield Grave (2007)
The Blue Star (2015)
Above A Fractured Sky (2019)

Ambient inspired by Steve Roach and Numina.


Minguss (Japan)

The Farthest Desert (2018)

Minguss is a singer who started as a J-pop artist but on The Farthest Desert tried her hand in the instrumental genre. Manuel Goettsching plays guitar on one track and in fact his influence is strongly felt throughout this work, which mixes ambient synth / piano with floating sax and rhythmic, repetitive, minimal electronics. Fine stuff and we need more of this type of music from her for sure.


Mingyue Liang, David (China)

Dialogue With the Ocean (1986)
Dream of the Butterfly (1988)

David Minguye Liang was born in Beijing but is currently based in the USA. David is a son of Chinese composer Liang Tsai-Ping and, just like his father, he is a master of Chinese traditional music. His carrer was marked by some notorious collaborations with Terry Riley. It is no surprising then, that his solo music is also somewhat influenced by minimalism. But not only that. By combining traditional Chinese music with synthesizers and electronics, he created a sort of an Ambient / World Music sound. It could be called new age, but the "vibe" on these records is a bit different.


Minifer (France)

Et on Leur a Donné à Chacun une Longue Robe Blanche (2016)
Folder 05 (2018)

Experimental electronics, part slightly noisy, part spacey and ambient and part melodic synth improvisations.


Mínim (Spain)

Quadern de Bitàcola (2019)
El Canvi Permanent (2021)
Acusmàtica (2022)

Solo Electronic Music from Juanvi Fortea. Analog, melodic, intense...

See also: Güiro Meets Russia, Mecánica Clásica.


Minimal Drone GRL (Canada)

Ancestral Origins (2020)

Serene ambience with field recordings from Canadian sound artist Joanne O'Keeffe.


Minimax Maximalminimum (Germany)

Ultrazennyxtrilat (1987)

Weird samplings, voices, sequences, melodies. Music on the line between minimal synth, electro-pop and progressive electronics. A project of Lustwig Van Biesthoven with Marco Dobra.

See also: Lustwig Van Biesthoven, Dobra, Marco, Overflow, Edition Holos.


Minimetro (Poland)

Entra In Comune (2010)
Jantar (2019)

Bleak ambient compositions with rhythmic elements and an industrial flair.


Mininni, Michele (Italy)

Hyper Martino (2016) (EP)

This artist seems to come from techno / club background. The first track of the above EP is hyperactive sequencer / steady drum rhythm kind of thing. The second is darker and more ambient. Then there are also two remixes at the end.


Ministry of Inside Things (USA)

Live March 20, 1998 (1998)
Live At the Philadelphia Museum of Art 16/9/98 (1998)
Live On Emusic July 12, 2001 (2001)
Live On Emusic Dec 7, 2001 (2001)
Everlasting Moment (2002)
Contact Point (2006)
Sellersville Theater (2008)
Ambient Elsewhere (2009)
Live At Garfield Artworks 07/06/2004 (2018)

Ministry of Inside Things are Peter Gulch, Chuck van Zyl and Art Cohen. Berlin School EM.

See also: Gulch, Peter, Zyl, Chuck van, Cohen, Art, Nightcrawlers, Xisle.


Minit (Australia)

Music (1999)
Bootleg (1999) (S)
cC / bB (2000) (EP)
Now Right Here (2004)

Experimental duo formed in Sydney by Jasmine Guffond and Torben Tilly (both members of Organ Eye). Will appeal to fans of both Robert Fripp and early German "kosmische musik".


Minneci, Timothy (USA)

Molokai (2017)
Harys (2018)
Sanur (2018)
Innerverse (2019)
Here's Where the Synths Come In (2019)
The Black Sky (2020)
Luna (2021)

Varied synth compositions from this Ohio-based artist, mostly stark and ambient, with brighter / melodic bits.


Minor Image (USA??)

Holding Patterns (2021)

Melodic compositions combining piano and classical instrumentation with synthesizers.


Minor Science (UK)

Second Language (2020)

A project of Angus Finlayson who is currently based in Berlin. Dynamic, diverse, ranging from club-related to explorative, experimental and ambient. Lots of samples, odd time signatures etc. Different, but definitely progressive. I like it.


Minos (Belgium)

S/T (2020)

Brussels-based project mixing krautrock, progressive rock, post-punk and EM.


mintsyrup (USA)

Bugdaughter (2016)
Medicine (2017)

Varied, mostly ambient electronics. Pretty melodic.


Minus Infinity (USA)

Minus Infinity (1998)

Side project from Mauve Sideshow (no pun intended) frontman. Pure mellotron bliss, just like Epsilon In Malaysian Pale (Froese), but with spacey female vocals added. This album makes use of mellotron, chamberlin and birotron!

See also: Mauve Sideshow, Blessed Oblivion, Mistress of Strands, Steeple of Fyre, Thistle, Angel Provocateur, Torn Curtain, Konkrete Kantikle, Kangaroo Kourt.


Min-Y-Llan (UK)

Involatile (2021)

Martin Boulton is Min-Y-Llan. Mostly "electronica"/downtempo music. However, Involatile contains also an excellent ambient EM piece - "Just A Word". The rest is original material with varied grades of EM-ness and remixes by other artists. File under EM-related.


Mir (Germany)

Welcome Spacebrothers (1995)

Mir is Markus Junker. A mixture of sample-based FSOL style and rhythmic / melodic EM.


Mir 8 (international)

Perihelion (2017)

International electronic jazz group composed of Werner Dafeldecker, Andrea Delfi, Tim Wright and Hilary Jeffery. A mixture of intense free jazz workouts and electronic bits & pieces.


Mira Drevo (Russia)

Ozyor Nebesa (2012)
Ostrova (2014)

Pagan Ambient with a touch of folk from Dmitriy Maslyakov who is inspired by nordic nature.

See also: Petrograd Drone Gathering


Miracle (USA)

Good Love (2011) (S)
Fluid Window (2011)
Mercury (2013)
The Strife of Love In A Dream (2018)

A duo of synth player Steve Moore (Zombi) and vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Daniel O'Sullivan (Æthenor). Mostly in synth-pop / electro-pop vein, but also with some inevitable and quite pleasant progginess in places. File under EM-related.

See also: Moore, Steve


Mirage 1996 (Germany)

Phoenix (1984)

Obscure Munich-based synthesizer trio of Peter Schattenkirchner, Leonhard Ott and Alexander Ott. Also known as Mirage '96. The above album was re-released in the digital format in 2012. The music has a fat, analog sound (lots of Multivox gear used here), is melody-heavy and rather accessible, like a Jarre / minimal synth hybrid perhaps.


Mirage, Frederic (Germany)

Atlantic (1978)
Timemachine (2014) (recorded in 1980)

Melodic synth music somewhat similar to Space and Jean-Michel Jarre circa 76-78. The back cover says that the music was recorded by Frank Martin-Solf in Hamburg, Germany.


Miraggioluce (Italy)

L. Va In Paradiso (2002)
Phoedra e il Simulatore della Mente (2003)
Il Cervello Elettrico del Professor Lbs (2004)
Anno 10 alla 137 (2005)

Rhythmic, sequenced, melodic music ala Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre.

See also: Destinazione


Miranda, Javier (Spain)

Mirror Games (2020)
Strange Imperfection (2021)
Doppelgänger (2022)

Multi-instrumentalist from Lugo, Spain. A mixture of electronics (some of ambient nature) and progressive rock.


Mirkom (Germany)

Audible Event Music (1993)
The Call Code Box (1993)

Studio session tapes by Frank Makowski, Olaf Hellenkamp and Peter Gallin.

See also: Makowski, Frank, Tranquillity.


Mirkwijaz (UK)

Þata Wilþeis Laíks (2015)

Scottish ambient project in a minimalist, ritual vein.


Mirland (Denmark)

Cerebral Reducing Valve (2010) (EP)
Sleep Disorder (2015)
Mechanic (2017)

John R. Mirland is a Danish artist working in the fields of industrial, techno, EBM, IDM and Ambient. The above releases are split between distorted, industrial-tinged techno and more ambient / Prog EM-influenced stuff. John R. Mirland is also part of the projects Holm/Mirland (IDM/techno) and Am Tierpark (synth-pop).


Mirror (UK / Germany)

Eye of the Storm (1999)
Ringstones (1999)
Front Row Centre (2000)
Nightwalkers (2000)
Pedestrian / Nocturne (2000) (S)
The View (2000)
Visiting Star (2000)
I Paint For Love of Color (2001)
Islands (2001)
Nights (2001)
Die Spiegelmanifaktur (2002)
In To the Wood (2002)
Solaris (2002)
A Pilgrim's Solace (2003)
Live In Bern (2003)
Figures In A Landscape (2004)
Places of Light (2004)
Shadows (2004)
Under the Sun (2004)
Still Valley (2005)
Viking Burial For A French Car (2005)
Some Days It Rains All Night (2020)

A collaborative project of Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann. Ambient, concrete, experimental.

See also: Chalk, Andrew


Mirror To Mirror (USA)

Safety And Comfort (2009) (S)
Rerest (2009) (S)
A Personal Reality (2010)
A Door With A Lock (2010) (S)
Heart (2010) (S)
Untitled Night (2011) (S)
Just Escaping (2011) (S)
Throw Away the Key (2011) (S)
Dull Change (2011) (S)
Here You Leave Today (2011)
Body Moving Slowly (2012)

Constantly moving drones, ambient synth, melancholic melodies and hazy dreamscapes with occasional rhythms or odd sequences from Alex Twomey. The project presumably has at least one synth-pop release (titled Yesterday).

See also: 1958-2009


Mirrored Meridian (UK)

A Sense of Wonder Vols 1 & 2 (2013)
Heliolatry (2013)

A Sense of Wonder is a double disc by this Stoke-On-Trent-based artist that mixes pure Space Music with more rhythmical excursions.


Mirrors (Russia)

Neutron Star (2002)

Mirrors is Russian female synthesist Alisa Coral. She plays a gamut of sounds here, but generally stays firmly in the early Tangerine Dream / Vangelis territory. Extremely cosmic affair.

See also: Space Mirrors


Mirt, Tomek (Poland)

Random Soundtrack (2016)
Bacchus Where Are You? (2017) (with TER)
Decaying Land (2018)
Greed (2019)
Burial Rituals of Ilé​-​Ifẹ̀ (2021)

Polish experimental composer who uses modular synthesis and field recordings extensively. It is a hard task to check his full discography on the question of EM-compatibility. However, the stuff I've heard sounded like musique concrete, glitch or IDM electronics. Random Soundtrack, though, has some material that hints at Prog EM, be it in the form of upbeat sequencer pieces or the ambient interludes. Greed is another EM-related work with a nice synth sound. Ditto for Burial Rituals of Ilé​-​Ifẹ̀.


Misanthropic Hallucinations (Turkey)

Blinded Reflections (2006)
Withered (2006)

Dark Ambient that will appeal to fans of Mortiis. This project was started in 2006 by a man who calls himself "Void".


Misantropen (Sweden)

Molltoner från Norrland 1 & 2 (2018)

Dark soundscapes, rich synths, sequencer rides... Varied nordic electronics. The hip-hop track at the end sounds terribly out of place.


Misera C (???)

Misera C (2010)

Mixture of ambient electronics and post-rock.


Misha Sultan (Russia)

The Red Fern Road (2020)

Varied compositions from this Novosibirsk-based multi-instrumentalist. Ethnic, pastoral, ambient, semi-acoustic...


Mishkin, Sasha (Russia)

Several Moments (2016)
Pastoral Breakfast (2017)

Varied independent musician from Karelia. He he is part of the low-fi folk / experimental duo Dva Zagorodnyh Doma. Several Moments features vocal songs backed by synths. I am not a fan of vocals, but here it does work most of the time and Sasha has a nice voice overall. The music is not exactly synth-pop but it's heading there. There are also some moments that hint at genuine Prog EM, as on the closing track for example. Pastoral Breakfast is electronic organ music.


Misleading Structures (Lithuania)

Outer (2021)
Plethora (2022)

Beautiful ambient compositions from Dovydas Vasiliauskas.


Misled Navigator (USA)

Rain Dreams (2013)
Sense, Déjà Vu (2013)
False Dreams (2014)
Cycles of Then (2015) (EP)

Ambient project covering a lot of ground. Mostly shorter pieces.


Missing Organs (UK)

Cervix Uteri (2013)
Undiscovered (2014)
Hard Walls (2016)
Weakness Is A Great Thing (2016)
Old Speakers (2017)
Overground Fantasy (2017)

A project of experimental musician Tristan Bath. Dark, noisy sound on earlier releases and moving towards Prog EM (not the accessible variety thereof) for Weakness Is A Great Thing.


Mission To Earth (Belgium)

Endless Space (2018)

Dramatic, rhythmic / sequence-full Electronic Music with elements of downtempo from this Antwerpen-based project.


Missionary Work (???)

Seven Sermons (2017)
The Ash Tree (2021)

Missionary Work is Renato Montenegro. Like Wendy Carlos with a weird occult vibe in places.


Mist (USA)

Certain Expansion (2009) (S)
Stole Colors (2009) (S)
Mist (2009)
Glowing Net (2010) (S)
House (2011)

Mist is a duo of Sam Goldberg and John Elliott (from Emeralds). The music is pure analogue floating drone with some variety. Not dark.

See also: Goldberg, Sam, Outer Space, Radio People, Imaginary Softwoods.


Mister Vapor (USA)

A Cloud of Ancient Stars (2009)
Light & Vapor (2009)
In the Velvet Ether (2009)
Beyond the Velvet Sky (2009)
Astral (2009) (S)
Esoteric Vapor (2010) (with The Ghost Between the Strings)
Songs of the Deep Woods (2010)
Spirit Stars (2010) (S)
At the Mountains of Madness (2012)
Risen Gods (2014) (EP)

As if all the countless releases that Thomas Park makes under his Mystified moniker were not enough, he also composes music as Mister Vapor. Is he like the most prolific ambient drone artist ever? Anyway, musicians in that genre tend to be prolific and this guy is certainly among the most prolific ones. Note that apart from the above listed CD / CDR releases, there are also many digital-only albums.

See also: Mystified


Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra (Ukraine)

Wolf's Eye (1996) (S)
Paganism (1996) (S)
When (1997) (S)
Midnight Fullmoon (1997)

Ambient music from the leader of Nokturnal Mortum. Most of the time it consists of just flowing, meditative organ chords and / or "menacing" choirs, with slight variations and additional sounds / effects. However, there are also some beautiful and effective tracks, such as the short "Stardust" for example. In 1999 The Key To the Gates of the Apocalypse was released with one monumental track that mixed black metal with ambient interludes. A year later, Insatiable Moon saw the light of day. This compilation gathered ambient pieces from the first album and early demos.


Mistress of Strands (USA)

Mistress of Strands (2000)

One of the countless projects from Dusty Lee (Mauve Sideshow). This guy really loves his mellotron. What a trip!

See also: Mauve Sideshow, Blessed Oblivion, Minus Infinity, Steeple of Fyre, Thistle, Angel Provocateur, Torn Curtain, Kangaroo Kourt.


Mists of Poveglia (UK)

Snowy Mountain Walks Under Northern Lights Sky (2010)
Collaboration (2010) (with Saturn Form Essence)
Vinterland (2010) (S)
Discorso (2010) (S)
Winter Art (2010)
Deep In the Alps (2011) (S)
Eternally Blazing (2011) (S)
Vinter Kunst (2011) (S)
The Frozen Kingdom of the Hwicce (2011) (S)
Winter Nights In Fields & Under Streetlights (2011)
Soundscapes of the Glorious North (2011)
Misted (2011)
Winter Forest Downloads (2011)
Suicide Amongst Mountains During Winter Storms (2011)
Disillusioned (2011) (S)
Winter Forest (2012)
Caress of the Cold (2012) (S)
Pv (2012)
Magnum Opus I-VI (2012)
Something Within the Olde Castle... On A Cold Night... (2012)
Through Dark Meadows & Winter Forests (2012)
Winter Ambient (2014)

Winter ambience.


Mitake, Akira (Japan)

Himawari (1987)
Prism (1988)

Former member of Ippo-Do. These particular albums feature relaxed electronic arrangements and might interest EM fans.


Mitchell, Chris (USA)

Shadow Wands (2019)

Ambient synth experiments from this techno-related artist.


Mitchell, J. B. (UK)

The Genesis of Man (1993)
Chamako (1993)

UK synthesist who released a few promo tapes. I am not aware of any official releases, though.


Mithra (France)

Alchimie 3 / Invocation (??) (S)

Obscure duo from the east of France (Marc Rebmann and Pascal Boehm). Both members play synthesizers. The date of release of this "7 record is unknown at the moment but I'd venture it's from 1980.


Mitochondrial Sun (Sweden)

Mitochondrial Sun (2020)
Bodies And Gold (2021) (EP)

Gothenburg-based project of cinematic, melodic ambient synth music.


Mitrecey, Vassily (France)

Belle Terre (2021)

Nantes-based Vassily Mitrecey is the latest entry to the roster of artists that tread the line between chiptune music and progressive / ambient forms of EM. Best track: "La Peau d'Orange", which is great stuff that reminded me a bit on Wolfgang Düren. A very strong effort overall.


Mitrenke, Maz (UK)

Psychonaut (1989)
Earthworks (1989)
Elements (1989)
Dreamscapes (1989)
Alien Landscapes (1989) (with Brett Valiant)

See also: Quadraphase


Mitsukou (Japan??)

San No Hikari (2019)

Short electronic tracks with varying moods and a "picture music" feel.


Mittelwinternacht (UK??)

Mittelwinternacht '71 (2004)

From the information on the sleeve: played and produced by Edward Fraser and Christopher French, 21-22 Dec 1971. Yeah, yeah. And now tell me, dear listener, do you recognize anything in the names of these "lost krautrockers"? Do you believe it's really a lost gem from 1971 and not a fake? Speaking of the music itself, it's very droning and very reminiscent of the earliest Tangerine Dream. Surprise, surprise. :-)


Mittland och Leo (Belgium)

PHH (2008) (S)
Live Recordings Pop Art Finissage 26 June 2010 At NICC (2010)
Myland And Lion (2011) (S)
Optimists (2014)

Chirpy drum machines and minimal melodic synths from the duo of Milan Warmoeskerken and Joke Leonare.

See also: Milan W.


Mixer (Italy)

Andros (??)

Italian library music composed by Luciano Simoncini (1939 - 2011) under a pseudonym. The year is unknown but must be from the 1970's. Mostly short tracks, some cheesy and chirpy, some mildly atmospheric. Well, you know. It's library music...


MiXile (Australia)

Bibbulmun (2006)
Nullarbor (2008)
Noosa Sunrise (2010)

Experimental ambient musician (Michael Shanahan) who grew up in Australia but currently resides in Ireland. These albums represent a sonic document of the author's travels across down under, consising of field recordings and synthesized atmospheres.


Miyashita, Fumio (Japan)

Wave (1978)
Arion (1983) (soundtrack)
Earth (1983)
Moon (1983)
Star (1983)
Harai (1983)
Journey Into Space (1984)
Silent Echo (1984)
Yamato - 21st Century New Sound (1985)
Asuka (1985)
Shion (1985)
Tenkawa Isuzu (1986)
Hino Tori Yamato-Hen (1987) (soundtrack)
Hino Tori Uchu-Hen (1987) (soundtrack)
Meisou (1989)
Tanjo (1989)
Tenkawa Densetsu (1991)
Live On The Boffomundo Show (2017) (recorded in 1979 and 1980)
Waterfalls Symphony (2021) (recorded in 1999)

The late ex-Far East Family Band musician who released some solo albums vaguely along the lines of Kitaro and then apparently plunged with both feet into the world of "healing music" (read: new age). Fumio Miyashita was born in 1949 in Nagano and died in 2003. This is not his full discography which is really huge. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Far East Family Band


Miyata, Ryosuke (Japan)

In A Drainage Outlet (2014) (S)
Sea of Nebukawa (2015)
Archipelago (2015)
Private Cottage (2016)

Ambient of the Japanese school (Hakobune, Chinei Hatakeyama, etc).


MJ Lallo (USA)

The Channeled Voice (1988)

Californian voice artist. The above is an album of atmospheric vocal improvisations, sometimes accompanied by drum machine rhythms. The last long track uses synths and will be interesting for EM fans.


MjDawn (USA)

Frequency Response (2009)
Astrological Magic (2013)

Ambient music by Matt McDonough, who is also a drummer of metal band Mudvayne.

See also: miKroNaught


Mju (UK)

Float Along the Dream (2019)

Nice, relaxing, melodic Ambient with sequences.

See also: Mosman, Samphire.


MKM (Spain)

Interkosmos (2014)
Ad Astra Per Aspera (2014)
En Directo Tagomago Fest Vol. 1 (2015)
White Album (2016)
Les Cròniques de Tissaia (2018)

Krautrock / Electronic Music band from Spain. There is an Heldon cover on their album Ad Astra Per Aspera.

See also: Courbes Bézier



Io (1994)

MLO is a very diverse project from Jon Tye and Peter James Smith, mostly focusing on dance / electronica styles. This work is ambient, though. MLO stands for Music of Life Orchestra.


Mnemonic45 (Macedonia)

Live At Radio Kanal 103 (2014)
Planetarium (2016)
Adis (2018)
Close To Heart (2018)

Gently droning Ambient from Goce Gligurovski.


MNNSK (Switzerland)

Mythochondrr (2012)
Synthetic Chants (2016)

Grainy, busy experimental music, described by the label (Databloem) as "Dynamic Environmental Ambient". MNNSK is Swiss artist Christophe Périat.


Moan (Japan)

Think About Forgotten Days (2013)
Shapeless Shapes (2017)

Although mainly a guitarist, Masuko Shinji expresses a strong EM influence on Shapeless Shapes.


Moan (Poland)

Thoughts Grower (1996)
Drift (1998)
Isolate (2000)
Clear Your Consciousness (2001)
Desolate (2001) (S)
Live In Wroclaw (2002)
Between / Associated (2003)
Endemia (2003)
For Ritual (2007) (S)
Works 2002 - 2006 (2007)

Dark Ambient from Rafal Sadej.


Mobilegirl (Germany)

Poise (2017)

A mixture of deconstructed club music and progressive influences.


Mochida, Ryosuke (Japan)

Kowloon Neon City / Episode One (2018)
Kowloon Neon City / Episode Two (2021)

Imagined soundtrack in a synthwave-like style.


Mockus, Mantas (Lithuania)

Vėl Ir Vėl (2020)

Ambient compositions. A bit lo-fi.


Modal Zork (USA)

ZONGX (2017)
Unconstrunderduction (2018)
Oba Gooba of Gort Nork (2018)

Hmmmm... I think if some green aliens from a cartoon could make EM, they would come up with something like this - all the beeps and bleeps, crazy melodies, cartoonish voices... However, it is the atmospheric tracks from Unconstrunderduction and Oba Gooba of Gort Nork that really manage to captivate. They are mostly short, but they do have a weird Prog EM quality to them. This artist (real name - Joe Nanez) is really one of those inventive folks that seem to be doing their own thing, without caring much for references. At the very least, it is entertaining.


Modality (USA)

Under the Shadow of This Red Rock (2016)

Psychedelic / space rock band. Their album Under the Shadow of This Red Rock has strong EM influence, especially on "Curtis' Music Hall", with its sequence and guitar / synth soundscapes. File under EM-related.


Mode of Teaspoon (China)

South (2010)

Chinese duo with a unique version of World Music sound - influenced by traditional music of their country, IDM and Ambient. Sometimes they end up sounding like a Chinese version of Cluster updated for the digital world.


Model Alpha (France)

Dimensions (2015)

Analogue, sequence-full music from the duo of Jonathan Fitoussi and Julie Freyri.

See also: Fitoussi, Jonathan


Modeling (USA)

Somewhere Before (2022)

Arkansas-based duo in synth-pop vein, but also with some ambient tracks.


Modell, Roderick Julian (USA)

Global Systems Silent Moving (1998)
Autonomous Music Project (1998)
Sonic Continuum (1998) (with Michael Mantra)
Deepchord (2001)
IMAX (2001)
Theorem (2002)
Niederflur (2002)
Radio Fore (2003) (with Michael Mantra)
Electromagnetic-Etheric System Approach (2005)
Vibrasound (2005)
Illuminati Audio Science (2005) (with Kevin Hanton)
Plays Michael Mantra (2007)
Mediterranea (2016)
A601-2 - Shibuya Hypnogogia (2016)
Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness (2017)
Cocoon (2020) (with Marit Wolters)

Aka Rod Modell. Dark Ambient. Quite good.

See also: Waveform Transmission, Shorelights, Our Lady of the Flowers.


Moderat (Germany)

MORE D4TA (2022)

German "electronica" trio. On MORE D4TA, there is a hint or influence of Progressive EM on many of the tracks.


Modern Crusader (Estonia)

Long Way Home I / Long Way Home II (2018) (recorded in 2015 - 2016)
Septem (2019)
Division (2019)

Cinematic electronic project of Tallinn-based Mikhail Pridonov. Varied upbeat synth-rock and atmospheric electronic compositions. If you like 2000-2017 Tangerine Dream, solo Jerome Froese  and especially the music of Bjorn Lynne, you may find Pridonov's sound familiar.


Modern Heads (Italy)

Elementi Compatibili (2017) (EP)

Two ambient and two techno tracks from this Italian duo.


Modify (USA)

Transformational Variances (2017)

Modify is a project of Minnesota-based artist Dean Berlinerblau. His music is mostly rather intense and at times a bit noisy ambient compositions.


Modonese Palumbo, Fabrizio (Italy)

Cat Walk (2012) (EP)
The Insincere Sympathy of Faraway Stars (2018)

Experimental musician. The above is long-form Ambient, with something of a Brian Eno feel.


MO-DU (Czech Republic)

MOD1 (2015)
MOD02 (2016)
MOD03 (2018)
MOD04 (2020)
MOD05 (2021)

Analog synth music from Jan Jiskra.

See also: Neden, Moduretik.


Modugno, Paolo (Italy)

Brise D'Automne (1988)
Le Bala et la Mouche (1994)

Unique World Music, with sampling, electronics, percussion, ethnic instruments and voices.

See also: BROtheRS


Modula (Italy)

Paranormal Phenomena - The Icelandic Expedition (2022)

Modula is a project of Italian nu-disco artist Filippo Colonna Romano. Paranormal Phenomena features a more ambient side of his work, with atmospheric tracks as well as hard, metallic rhythms a bit in the 1980's "EBM" tradition.


Modular (Italy)

Modular (2015)

Electronic duo from Verona. The style is not known.


Modular Sleep Patterns (UK / Belgium)

Modular Sleep Patterns (2022)

Modular Sleep Patterns is a duo of Ian Hawgood and Stijn Hüwels. The music is what the name promises.

See also: Hawgood, Ian


Modularo, Giacomo (Poland)

The Greatest Hits (2019)

A pseudonym of Polish musician Kuba Sojka. Rhythmic, synthwave-like EM pastische.


Modularsynthrombone (Italy)

Modularsynthrombone (2019)

As the name suggests, this is a modular synth / trombone and field recordings duo of Igor Londero and Marco di Benedetto. Abstract, but listenable stuff.


ModularWhite (Netherlands)

Cybercenter (2005)
The Machine (2006)
Canada (2007)
Alpa (2009)
Lemondream (2021)

Electronic Music group with a diverse set of influences: electropop, the Berlin School, Ambient and so on. ModularWhite consists of Rene Montfoort, Michel Bekkering, Norman van Krimpen and Marc van Olden.

See also: White, Olden, Marc van, Romerium, Bekkering, Michel.


Modulator ESP (UK)

Random Fluctuations (2001)
Reality Excursion Sequences (2004)
Time Clouds Distant Memory (2004)
Time Zero (2006)
Zeta Reticuli (2007)
Heliosphere (2007)
Historic Edition Vol. 1 - Firestorm (2007)
Historic Edition Vol. 2 - Rose of England (2007) (recorded in 2004 - 2007)
Historic Edition Vol. 3 - Arboretum Dreaming (2007) (recorded in 2005 - 2007)
Historic Edition Vol. 4 - Rehearsals & Experiments 1 (2007) (recorded in 2006 - 2007)
Demon Star (2007)
Elektron Flux (2008)
Sonic Worlds (2008) (with Hashtronaut)
Historic Edition Vol. 5 - Live 2008 Part One (2008)
Historic Edition Vol. 6 - Live 2008 Part Two (2008)
Alien Forest Observations (2010)
The Unknowing (2010)
New Horizons (2010)
Silent Running (2010)
From Outer Spaces (2010)
Rotating Space Invaders (2010)
Live in the USA 2009 (2010)
Marakata (2010)
EMS VCS3 Experiment 1 (2010)
Event Horizon (2011)
Aurora (2012)
Into the Matrix (2012)
Beyond the Sunset (2012)
It's the Best Drug Ever... (2012)
The Sound of Walking Backwards Into Infinity (2012)
Inner Cosmos (2013)
The Sacred Doctrine of the Invisible Prong (2014)
Astral Bridges (2015) (with Onewayness)
Invisible Spectra (2015)
Assymetric Forms (2016)
Nova Sequentia (2016)
Hyperdrone (2017)
The Mind Caged: Live @ E-Scape 2017 (2017)
The Shadow Out of Time (2017)
Orbital Transits (2017) (with Onewayness)
Electronic Labyrinth (2017) (with Terje Winther)
Electro Positronic Systems: Live At Kozfest 2016 (2017)
A Sonic Mass (2017)
Astro Kinematic Sounds - Live At the Gatherings 2016 (2017)
Times Out of Joint (2017) (recorded in 2014)
Signals From The Earth Live At Kozfest 2017 (2017)
Entrancing Elemental Energy Live At Blind Cat 2017 (2017)
Cymatic Structures: Live At Awakenings 2017 (2017)
Drones In Eindhoven (2017)
The Lea Hall Winter Warmup (2017) (with Phil Booth and John Cristian)
Crowleyphonics In A Weird Garden (2017)
The Infinite Dance of the Darkest Stars (2018)
Ostara Drone (2018)
Invocation: From Beyond (2018) (recorded in 2015 and 2012)
Beltane Prayer (2019)
The Dome Drone - Live At X​-​24 2018 (2019)
The Eye of Heaven (2019)
Time Stands Still (2019)
Timeflights (2019)
Unfamiliar Star Patterns (2019)
Beyond the Event Horizon (2019)
Hypnotise Live At Awakenings 2016 (2019)
Drones In Norway (2019)
Drones In Eindhoven II (2019)
Spacial Harmonics (2019)
Box Yourself Into Some Strange Sonic Corner (2019)
A Maze of Possibilities (2019)
Litha Flow Live At SRS 2019 (2019)
Ostara Phase (2019)
Time Shock (2020)
Mabon Reflections (2020)
Polymorphic (Live At Awakenings 2019) (2020)
Inside Outside, Outside Inside (2020)
Astronauts 6 (2020)
The Drone Out of Space (2020)
The Institute of Waves (2020)
Ostara Transitions (2020)
Invsible Forces (2020)
The Shimmering Darkness (2020)
Into the Frozen Time (2020) (with Vince Cory)
Beyond the Silver Aether (2020) (with Vince Cory)
The Expiring Light (2020)
Isolation States (2020)
Perpetual Motion (2020)
Litha Explorations (2020)
Sub:Aether:Drone (2020)
The Stillness (2020)
Living In the Sky (2020)
Particle Waves (2020)
Vanishing Point (2020)
The Room With No Doors (2020)
Beyond the Wall of Sleep (2020)
Mabon Voyager (2020)
Samhain Sonics 2020 (2020)
Astral Drift (2020)
Music For Four Asynchronous Loops (2021)
Floating Metal (2021)
The Shadow of Poseidon (2021) (recorded in 2020)

Modulator ESP is Jez Creek who makes sequency, largely improvised music but recently has also plunged into the realms of cosmic Ambient. Both albums from 2004 are live minidisc recordings from concert performances. All tracks are improvised using pre-prepared sequences, vaguely in the Berlin School mould. The sound quality is nice but I'd prefer more reverb - the sound is a bit dry to my ears. Reality Excursion Sequences starts with "Dark Star Voyage", which is a lengthy suite with multiple parts. The structure is a bit loosy, so you kinda know this is a live recording when you listen to it. Some nice textures, but as I've said earlier I prefer a more spacey, reverbed sound. Nice sequencing and solos, though. "Silent Planet" is a nice mysterious track (that also includes rather cheerful sequences towards the end) with repeating bass motif and good sequences / rhythm combination. "Chaos Theory" is a chaotic (pun intended) and busy sequencer track (which initially makes use of sequence similar to that on the previous number). The second live album starts with "Time Clouds" that has an atmospheric introduction with pads and soundscapes, but after a while melodic motifs and, subsequently, rhythmic sequences are introduced that drive the rest of the track along in a relaxed, unhurried mode. You will encounter some pretty tasty solos along the way. The second track is called "Astral Dreams". There's an abstract beginning with noises, soundscapess and stuff, but the sequences ought to appear sooner or later, and viola! - they do as we are nearing the 3 minute mark. Low threatening chords are heard as we are propelled forward at a pace faster than usual with Modulator's recordings. I think it's the best of his live tracks (despite some use of preset choir sounds)- the sequencing is very competent here - pure New Berlin School, a bit Trancey and yet more like prog EM. The title of the last track is "Dark Star Voyage" - the same as the first track on Reality Excursion Sequences, but it's a totally different version. It starts with a reflective piano part that gives way to rhythmic notes and in the end it's another mid-paced sequencer track, in typical Modulator ESP style. Also read my review of Jez' excellent 2001 album, Random Fluctiations, in the reviews section.

See also: Astrogator, Quadra, Booth & Creek, Infinity Curve, Modulight.


Modulfix (Germany)

Dämmerung (2007) (with Sula Bassana)
Half Past Six (2007) (with Sula Bassana)
Modulfix (2007)
Pingpong (2009) (with Sula Bassana)
Brainwash (2010) (with Sula Bassana)

Electronic musician from Germany (real name - Martin Schorn) and frequent Sula Bassana collaborator.


Modulight (UK)

Ritual Alchemy (2021)

A duo of Jez Creek and Chris Conway. Darkish synths, obscure atmospheres, cosmic abstractions, sonic sci-fi images... Pretty nice stuff.

See also: Modulator ESP, Conway, Chris


Moduretik (Czech Republic)

Struktury (2009-2013) (2014)

Analog synth music from Jan Jiskra. Between minimal synth, electro and Prog EM. Other releases are pure minimal synth with vocals.

See also: MO-DU, Neden.


Modus (Italy)

Rancore Perduto (2022)
O Mira Novitas (2022) (S)

A project of Italian musician Massimo Pegoraro. A mixture of vaudeville, cabaret music, circus music, 1940's, 1950's popular music and electronics. Pretty unique style.


Moebius (Germany)

After the Heat (1978) (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Brian Eno)
Rastakraut Pasta (1979) (with Conny Plank)
Material (1981) (with Conny Plank)
Strange Music (1982) (with Max Beerbohm)
Zero Set (1982) (with Conny Plank and Mani Neumeier)
Tonspuren (1983)
Double Cut (1983) (with Max Beerbohm)
Ludwig's Law (1983) (with Plank and Thompson)
Blue Moon (1986) (soundtrack)
Apropos Cluster (1990) (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius)
Ersatz 1 (1990) (with Karl Renziehausen)
Ersatz 2 (1992) (with Karl Renziehausen)
En Route (1995) (with Conny Plank) (recorded in 1986)
Other Places (1996) (with Neumeier and Engler)
Blotch (1999)
Live In Japan (2003) (with Mani Neumeier)
Nurton (2006)
Zero Set 2 (2007) (with Mani Neumeier)
Kram (2009)
Ding (2011)
Moebius + Tietchens (2012) (with Asmus Tietchens)
Radium Girls 2011 (2012) (with Phew and Erika Kobayashi)
Another Other Places (2014) (with Neumeier and Engler)
Nidemonex (2014) (EP)
Snowghost Pieces (2014) (with Tim Story and Jon Leidecker)
Squib, Last Image / Sometimes Less (2015) (S) (with Tim Story, Jon Leidecker, Gudrun Gut and Hans-Joachim Irmler)
Musik für Metropolis (2017) (recorded in 2012)
Familiar (2017) (recorded in ??) (with Tim Story and Jon Leidecker)
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (2017) (S) (with Stefan Schneider)
Objective Objects (2019) (with Dwight Ashley)

Dieter Moebius (1944 - 2015) was a Swiss-born German electronic composer and one half of Cluster. In the late 1960's, Moebius, a non-musician, worked as a cook in a restaurant before being recruited by Conrad Schnitzler to join his recently formed Kluster (with Roedelius). Dieter brought in his wacky sense of humour and a knack for weird experimentation. After Kluster called it a day, Moebius continued his collaboration with Roedelius and the two released several albums as Cluster. These were more playful and ambient compared to the stark soundscapes of Kluster. Notable are also collaborations with Brian Eno which happened in 1975 - 1976 (as Harmonia) and in 1977-1978 (as Cluster). Cluster never disbanded officially, although since the early 1980's, the two musicians concentrated mostly on their respective solo careers. Moebius released a lot of solo and collaborative efforts, some of which feature the late engineer and producer Conny Plank, who also worked with Cluster and whose importance for the German experimental (and even pop) scene cannot be overestimated. Most of Moebius' solo and collaborative works involve lots of experimentation and are heavy on the repetitive rhythms (the "motorik") and weird textures. If you are interested in German Electronic Music, you should definitely try some of Moebius' works.

See also: Kluster, Cluster, Harmonia, Liliental.


Moebius (USA)

Moebius (1979)

A synthesizer band (trio format) founded by Steve Roach in the 70's.

See also: Roach, Steve


Moeller, Brendon (South Africa)

Materialize (2019)

Varied, mostly ambient compositions. Brendon Moeller resides in the USA.


Moffa, Phil (USA)

52nd Street Beat Tape (2019)
Pieces For Painting (2020)
Meditations For Peace (2020)

Solo Electronic Music of this NYC-based artist. Mostly ambient and spacey.

See also: Lost Souls of Saturn


Mogador (USA)

Overflow Pool (2016)

Will Long's Minimal Ambient project. Music in the spirit of Eno's Thursday Afternoon.

See also: Celer, Rangefinder.


Mogambo (Thailand)

Cobra EP (2020) (EP)

A duo of Jerome Doudet and Sunju Hargun, incfluenced by acid techno and ambient electronics. File under EM-related (actually, only the opener of their Cobra EP could be classed as "EM").


Mogard, Abul (???)

Abul Mogard (2012)
Drifted Heaven (2013)
Lulled Glaciers (2014) (with Justin Wiggan and Siegmar Fricke)
The Sky Had Vanished (2015)
Circular Forms (2015)
Above All Dreams (2018)
Kimberlin - Music From The Film By Duncan Whitley (2019)
In Immoibile Air (2021)

Deep, mysterious ambient sounds. The label states that Abul Mogard is a Belgrade-born ex-steel factory worker. According to the legend, after his retirement, Abul Mogard started with music, using Farfisa organs, a Moog synthesizer and digital processing / samples. However, it seems to be another one of those unfortunate, sad and despisable fake stories.


Moge, Wilfried (Germany)

Tranceformation (1987)

Solo Electronic Music from a guy who would later become a member of Vasudeva (only for their debut).

See also: Vasudeva


Mogi, Yutaka (Japan)

Digital Mystery Tour (1978)
Flight Information (1980)

The first release by this keyboard player contains electronic renditions of popular and classical tunes. The other is a fusion album, but apparently, some tracks are electronic, in a floating style influenced by Vangelis. Masahide Sakuma plays guitar and bass on Flight Information.


Mogwaa (South Korea)

07307 (2018)
Pilgrim (2019) (S)
Open Mind (2020)

Varied rhythmic / melodic tracks. Nice mixture of digital and analog (especially the solos) sounds.


Mohamed, Pops (South Africa)

Healing Sounds From Mother Africa (2007)

Unique World Music with an ambient flair from this South African musician who's been around since the 1970's. His real name is Ismail Mohamed-Jan (born in 1949 in Benoni, Gauteng) and he is known as a traditionalist and African folk musician. On this album he combines traditional African instrumentation with samples and ambient electronics. This is emotional, relaxing and spaced-out. I wonder what if he went further in ambient direction, he could even invent a new trend in Ambient. Best track: "African Meditation" (a fantastic piece).


Mohanna, Nickolas (USA)

Transmission Hue (2010)
Optics (2010)
Reflectors (2011)
Control Group (2013) (S)
Parallax View (2013)
Phase Line (2015)
Mantis (2016)
Chroma (2017)
Smoke (2019)
Nerve Plexus (2021)

Between ambient drone, experimental (sometimes using electric guitar) and classic analog EM. Nickolas Mohanna is a Nebraska-born musician currently residing in New York.

See also: Vakhchav


Moholy-Nagy (USA)

Like Mirage (2011)

One of those "krautrock revival" bands, San-Francisco-based Moholy-Nagy consists of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Danny Grody and Trevor Montgomery. They excel at sun-tinged analog synths, steady rhythms (real drums are used) and subtle guitar flourishes. Cluster / Harmonia fans take note.


Mohon, Rory (UK)

Darkly Dreaming (2020)

Cinematic / dark synth music.


Moist Paula (USA)

Actually Electric Experiments And Adventures On EWI (2018)

Varied compositions made on an Electronic Wind Instrument.


Moisture (Sweden)

A Freak Is Born (2018)

Slow rhythms and synths with touches of dub and minimal synth. Apparently, there is also a Dark Ambient formation with the same name.


Mojo (Australia)

Psionic Voyager (1979)
Synthony (1994)
Digital Dreaming (??)

Mojo is Raibow Generator main man. His real name is David N'Tondwe. He was born in Zambia but moved to Australia in the 1960's. Mojo had been raised with classical music, jazz and African music as main influences, but during the early 1970's all those psychedelic bands came in (Pink Floyd, Gong etc) as well as the Electronic Music of artists like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, which proved to be a much more direct influence. Rainbow Generator was formed in 1976 by Mojo and Rob Greaves.

See also: Rainbow Generator, Generator, The, Charlz-010, Krozier And the Generator, Voodoo Chile, Digital Dreaming.


Mokroïé (France)

Machines & Soul (2019)

Dark electro-pop from France (Francesco Virgilio). Two tracks from Machines & Soul are instrumental and are rather nice hymnal / melodic EM.


Moksha (UK)

Moksha (1989)
Moksha 2 (1991)

A project of Seaweed (Ozric Tentacles synth man). Floating Space electronics. Very analog. Both cassettes were re-released on a double CD in 2002.

See also: Seaweed, Ozric Tentacles, Nodens Ictus.


Molder (Japan)

South Extinct Island (2020)

Sharp, crisp metallic sequences and distorted melodies.


Molecule (France)

Interstellar (2007)

Molecule is French artist Gerard Verran. On Interstellar you will find music influenced by classic 1970's electronic works.


Molero (Venezuela)

Ficciones del Trópico (2020)

Alexander Molero is a synthesist born in Maracaibo and currently residing in Barcelona. Using a Yamaha CS-60 synth and processing, Molero created nice and varied EM with a unique Venezuelan touch, inspired by the discovery of the South America and the Amazon region by the Europeans and the impact it had on their vision and imagination.


Molesome (Sweden)

Songs For Vowels And Mammals (2015) (recorded in 1998 - 2001)
Dial (2016)
Be My Baby Tonight (2019)
Tom & Tiger (2020)
Are You There? (2021)

A project of Mattias Olsson where he combines his arsenal of analog keyboards with some toy instruments and samples. The result is playful and repetitive, sometimes reminding on Cluster but mostly rather unique.

See also: Ånglagård, Necromonkey.


Moljebka Pulse (Sweden)

99.06.10 (1999)
Koan (1999)
00.09.24 (2000)
Sadalmelik (2002)
Duhka (2003)
Madeira (2003) (with Negru Voda)
Tamon (2004)
The Leaves of Their Songs (2004)
Irdlirvirisissong (2005)
Kvmea (2006)
Dvnkl (2006)
Driftsond (2007)
Sadalsuud (2007)
Ciemna (2008)
Fall In Woodland Cemetery (2008) (S)
Ghost Fire (2008)
Lodelvx (2008) (S)
Penfield Mood Organ (2008) (with Horologium)
Aningan (2008)
Zielona Gora (2009) (with Beyond Sensory Experience)
Zojo (2010)
Kaikv (2011)
Vid Vags Ande (2011) (recorded in 2007) (with Cria Cuervos)
Samudaya (2012)
Tunkal (2012)
A Transformation (2015)
In Love And Death. You Are Alone (2015) (S)
Discourse On Lightness (2016)
Komoku (2019)
Heaven's Great Dome / Discourse On Deconstruction (2020)
Borrowed Scenery: Appearance (2021)
Borrowed Scenery (2022)

Drone Ambient from Mathias Josefson, for fans of Maeror Tri and maybe also some Lustmord. Some of the non-electronic (i.e. musique concrete) and harsh noise releases were omitted from the above discography.

See also: Skare


Moll+ (Czech Republic)

Between Phases (2018) (EP)
Signal Chain (2018) (EP)

Moody or disturbing soundscapes.


Mollusk (USA)

Accretions (2001)

Mollusk is Malcolm Bly (aka Michael Bentley), who creates music using various digital techniques, but mainly experiments with MP3 musical file format. Using the low resolution MP3 sound and various other digital artifacts, Bly reaches very interesting results. And when I say interesting, I mean it. The sound is totally unique and is unlike anything I've heard. Here's the proof that there are still true innovators and experimentators out there trying out something new, just like in the beginning (you know what I'm talking about, don't you?) Unfortunately, there are so many mediocre 'electronic' musicians out there nowadays that true innovators like this one here are pretty hard to find, because the view on them is blocked by thousands of copycats and tons of boring musical junk. Well, what can I say about Mollusk? It's absolutely unique, gentle, ambient music, very interesting, sonically. This is not the thing I could say about most of today's music. Very highly recommended!

See also: Bentley, Michael, eM, Apiary, The, Rhomb.


Molnija Aura (Italy)

Utopian Suns (2010)

Explorative soundscapes with a touch of glitch from Andrea Marutti and Davide De Col.

See also: Marutti, Andrea, Amon, Ornament, Antikatechon.


Moloch (Ukraine)

Meine Alte Melancholie (2007)
In Einer Umarmung Von Tiefen Kalten Wäldern (2011) (S)
Abstrakter Wald (2012)
Universum (2014) (S)
Somewhere On the Forgotten Paths (2015)
Chelovechye Slishkom Ovechye (2015)

Hybrid depressive black metal / Dark Ambient project. Some of the albums are metal-based, others supposedly ambient. Very characteristic of the scene (black metal artists doing "ambient"). I think if he would change the patches on his synth more often, the music would sound far more exciting.


Moloch Conspiracy (France)

The Cave of Metaphysical Darkness & Lights (2018)
KUR (2019)
Baclou (2019)

Dark Ambient.

See also: Lacroix, Julien A.


Molto (Germany)

Versatile International Service (2015)
Centre de rencontre (2021)

Molto is an alias of Lorenz Lindner, who is known as experimental techno / house producer (mostly as Mix Mup but also under his own name). Versatile International Service is as far removed from any techno aesthetic as it probably could be, featuring mainly short tracks of exerimental, DIY electronics. Nothing easy-listening here, the music is nice and unique. Centre de rencontre continues in that direction.


Molven (Italy)

Haze (2022)

Melodic compositions. Sometimes ambient, sometimes with slow rhythms and / or voices. Pretty climatic stuff. Molven is a project of Mario Marino.


Mombi Yuleman (USA)

Tasty Humans (2019)
Witch-Works (2019)
Mesozoia Oceana (2019)
Wraiths of the Appalachian (2019)
Point Pleasant (2019)
Wendigo (2020)
A Shaman's Warning: Further Tales of Wi'tiko (2020)
Beneath Bridgewater (2022)

Raleign, North Carolina-based artist. Point Pleasant is a Dark Ambient exploration (with some Carpenter-like pulsing goodness) of 1960's events involving alleged UFO, Men in Black and Mothman sightings in the eponymous town in West Virginia.


Momo, Le (Canada??)

Withdrawing From the Species (1988)

Dark Ambient.


Momohaus (USA)

Tippy Toe (2015)
Sonic Sunshine (2016)
Love Sparkles (2016)

Varied, melodic music. Sometimes highly energetic, with distorted guitars giving it a rock / metal edge, sometimes relaxed and / or melancholic, with piano melodies and sampled percussion.


Mon, The (Poland)

Music (2008)

The Mon is a young talented artist Piotr Przelazly (born in 1992). He makes emotional EM with great melodic sensibility.


Mona Servo (France)

Les réalités alternatives (2020)

Obscure synth soundscapes from this Marseille-based musician. A bit lo-fi, a bit noisy...


Monadh (USA)

Muara (2016)

Moody Ambient with a slight ethnic vibe from Jake Muir out of Seattle.

See also: Muir, Jake


Monaldini, Venanzio (Italy)

Heavenly Bodies (2000)


Monastery (USA)

Peculiar Storms (2014)
The Garden of Abandon (2019)
Dream Weapons Vol. 1 (2020) (S)

Varied Ambient, ranging from melodic and gently rhythmic excursions to foggy, vaporous soundworlds. Monastery is Robb Kavjian from Massachusetts.


Mondkopf (France)

They Fall, But You Don't (2017)
How Deep Is Our Love? (2019)
Time We Left This World Today (2019) (EP)
The Day He Lost It (2020)
Spring Stories (2022)

A project of techno / IDM / electro musician Paul Régimbeau. For They Fall, But You Don't, he settled for an intense droning / ambient electronic sound.

See also: Foudre!, Good Luck In Death.


Mondo Obscuro (USA)

Floral EP (2021) (EP)

Varied broken beat / illbient / techno project of Evan Brown and Ryan Peru from Texas. Floral EP has come nice ambient / EM sounds.


Mondshine, Clara (Austria)

Luna Africana (1981)
Memorymetropolis (1982)
Visions of Audio (1987)

Clara Mondshine is a pseudonym. The musician is male (real name - Walter Bachauer). Berlin School electronics in Schulze style with experimental trends on later works. Because these albums were released on the legendary IC label, many people believe that Bachauer was German, but according to Klaus Schulze, he was an Austrian living in Graz. He committed suicide in 1989.


Moneeo (Sweden)

Moneeotronic (2011)

Swedish duo with something of a Kraftwerkian flair, but with some very abstract / experimental bits.

See also: Samuelsson, Per


Monet, Elektra (USA)

Transience (2021) (EP)

Dallas-based musician with a unique, complex style based on multiple shifting, changing, overlapping sequences and great melodies (with also a touch of "deconstructed club"). Really, this has to be some of the most complex sequencing I have heard. I am really impressed with this one. Highly recommended.


Monfleur, François (France)

Le Disque (1986)

French musician and teacher who released this LP privately, with music played on a DX7, an Elka Rhapsody, an Electone organ, a drum machine and processing / effects. The music is easy-on-the-ear, and like other French EM artists of the classic era (such as Didier Marouani), Monfleur focuses very much on the melodies. However, there seem to be some weirder bits here as well. Besides, Monfleur's work is much jazzier, sounding like synthesized fusion almost, or maybe exotica / library music, in contrast to Marouani's or Jarre's pop / cosmic sensibilities.


Mong Tong (Taiwan)

Music From Taiwan Mystery (2019) (S)
Mystery 秘神 (2020)
Corps of Light (2020) (S)
Music From Taiwan Mystery II (2021) (S)
Orientations (2022)

Described as "sample-based psychedelic trio". Music From Taiwan Mystery has some EM potential by way of oriental synths galore.


Mønic (UK)

Trawler Tapes (2022) (recorded in 2020)

Bleak soundscapes from this diverse project.


Monjure (???)

Message From Arcturus (1984)

Early release on Narada. Supposedly electronic, although could be too sweet or new-agey. Not sure about this one.


MonkeyTrail (UK)

Viking (2020)

Instrumental (with some short spoken passages) mixture of Electronic Music and Progressive Rock. The band consists of Shaun Bailey, Clive Mollart and Nick Raybould. Something for fans of rocky, melodic, energetic guitar / EM stuff like Maxxess and F.D. Project perhaps, with flashy solos and stuff.


Monkman, Francis (UK)

Tempus Fugit (1978)
Energism (1978)
Pictures In the Mind (1978)
Futurama (1979)
Classical Concussion (1979)
Predictions Part One (1979)
Predictions Part Two (1979)
Darkside (1980)
Dynamism (1980) (with Paul Hart)
Classical Odyssey (1980) (with D. Runswick)
Dweller On the Threshold (1981)
The Long Good Friday (1981) (soundtrack)
Forcefield (1984)

Ex-Curved Air keyboardist. The style here is like faster pieces from Vangelis' Albedo 0,39 and Spiral. Not a rip-off, but still very similar. Supposedly, not bad, though. Most of these are library albums. Adrian Wagner participates on Forcefield.

See also: Curved Air


Monn, Anthony (Germany)

Johnny und Mary (1980) (S)

Anton "Anthony" Monn is a German disco producer who worked with Amanda Lear, among other artists. The above single has as B side the instrumental composition by Monn called "Zen". It is made in melodic electronic style ala Didier Marouani, Cerrone's "In the Smoke" etc. It was re-released one year later on an ORM single. File under EM-related.


Monnier, Sylvia (France)

Colours / A Real Freak (2012)
Never More Camellias (2012)
Lucinda's River (2014)
Second Thought (2014)
Betta Splendens (2015)
é Excentrique (2015)
Stock Shot & Addictive Sling (2017)
Hard Edge (2018)
Dialogues Egoïstes (2019)

Actually a pseudonym of Mika Perez. Hard Edge definitely qualifies as Prog EM (the ambient side of the EM spectrum).

See also: Sunny Dunes, Suaves Figures, Deep Catalogue, Shrine Fuchsia.


Monnik (Belgium)

Horizon (2015) (S)
Vondeling (2015)
Minnestreel (2017)
Bedevaart (2017)
Bitteroogst (2019)

Monnik ("Monk") is an alias of Belgian artist Thibaud Meiresone-Keppens. He has a singular style, combining guitar, folk and ethnic instruments with dark soundscapes, theremin wails, analog synthesizers and sometimes crooning / mumbling minimal synth "vocals". Pretty dramatic material.


Mono Caníbal (Spain)

Mono Caníbal (2018)
Chronophagus (2021) (with Zoltan Coxis)

Darkish electronics, a bit industrial-like, but also very Prog.


Mono No Aware (Italy)

Implosion (2020)

Moody, a bit gloomy ambience from Michele Poloniato, who currently resides in Uganda.


Mono/Poly (USA)

Paramatma (2010)
Golden Skies (2014)

A project of Los Angeles-based Charles Dickerson. He is known as an experimental hip-hop musician. Golden Skies is an instrumental record that pairs hip-hop beats with cosmic synths and cyclical melodies. Pretty interesting, as it may be one of the very few examples of EM / hip-hop hybrids. I love the synth sound on it. Best track: probably "Night Garden". Paramatma is a bit more varied and removed from the EM aesthetic, but has its moments as well.


MonoB vs NoroE (France)

Exorganics (2020)

Hypnotic and dramatic ambient soundworlds. Music by Marc Caro and Gal Loison.


Monochrome Echo (UK)

Moonkeeper (2020)
Moonkeeper Exodus (2022)

Monochrome Echo is Simon Little - an English bassist who also has this electronic solo side-project. Rich, symphonic, cinematic EM with influences of Vangelis, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and more.


Monocube (Ukraine)

Substratum (2019)
The Hunters In The Snow - A Contemplation On Pieter Bruegels Series Of The Seasons (2019) (with Anemone Tube and Jarl)
Contemplator Caeli (2019) (with Troum)

Dark soundworlds. Other albums from this project are supposedly closer to noise / industrial. Might need to investigate more, though.


Monodogue (Norway)

No Inherent Meaning (2021) (EP) (with Torstein Nipe)

Nice, mysterious, floating, sequencer-based EM with Fripp-oid guitars.


Monolab (UK)

22.19 (1995)
Dolly (2000) (S)
The Monophonic Workshop (2002)
Home World (2002)
44:02 (2003)
Signals From Space (2003)
Cdr 1 (2003)
Plinky Plonky (2004) (S)
Circuit No.4 (2004)
Zero As A Limit (2004) (S)
C-20 Series #3 (2005) (S)
Sonic Extractions 1 (2006)
Sonic Extractions 2 (2006)
The Girl Who Found the Baby Balloon (2007)
Robots of Saturn (2008)
Spaceman Stomp (2009) (S)
The Wastelands of Axon 14 (2012) (S)

Monolab is a project of Martin Powell, born in 1975 in the UK and currently residing in Norway. He has been a knob twiddler since at least 1992. Abstract electronics, a bit similar to Space Machine, the most abstract Schnitzler et al, obviously inspired by 1950's and 1960's EM (including sci-fi soundtracks). Vintage synths, theremins and tons of effect processors.


Monolake (Germany)

Archaeopteryx (2020)

Robert Henke's laptop techno project, active since the early 1990's. Archaeopteryx offers mostly glitchy IDM. There are some odd ambient tracks, though, then there is the Kraftwerk-like "Espace Fourier" and the sequencer-based "Delta Overload". So, quite a diverse work, reaching out to styles beyond the usual club-related sound.

See also: Henke, Robert


Monolithe Noir (France)

Holy the Visions (2014)
Le Son Grave (2017)
Moira (2020)

A project of Antoine Pasqualini who is also member of indie rock band Arch Woodmann. He seems to be inspired by IDM, vintage library music and analog EM. Quirky, experimental, sometimes with sequences, but always with a strange touch (like weird, glitch-like rhythms, distorted soloing, etc.)


Monolog X (Sweden)

Sing To Find Your Way Home (2015)

Stockholm-based techno / acid artist. The above album contains some interesting ambient tracks among the usual techno material, including the reflective title track.


Monologue (Italy)

Orlando (2014) A Natural Discordance (with Con_Cetta)
The Sea From the Trees (2014)
Blu Deux (2016) (with Philippe Lamy)
SPAZIO (2017)
Moviemento (2021) (S)
ALICE - Through the Looking Glass (2022)

Ambient electronic project in experimental vein by Marie Rose.


Mono-Poly (Netherlands)

Testlab (2019)

A project of Dennis Verschoor. On Testlab, he explores the possibilities of testing equipment installed at the Waveform Research Centre in Rotterdam. This means that no synthesizers were used, and the process of creating this music was akin to that used by 1950's and 1960's electronic musicians (a lot of early electronic studios of the pre-synth era were equipped with these devices, like oscillators, frequency generators, etc). The only difference is that the recording and multi-tracking was made on a computer and not on reel-to-reel tape recorder. Very interesting and very accessible (given the context) compositions here. For fans of early Cluster maybe (pre-Zuckerzeit). But overall pretty unique.


Monos (UK)

A Natural Discordance (2000)
Promotion (2000)
360 (2001)
Everyday Soundtracks (2001)
Sunny Day In Saginomiya (2001)
Nightfall Sunshine (2002)
Places (2002)
Collage (2003)
Window (2003)
Landscapes (2004)
Generators (2005)
Slowly Sinking (2009) (with Jonathan Coleclough)
Above the Sky (2010)
Age And Transformation + Aged And Transformed (2012)
Sunny Day In Saginomiya (2015)
A Natural Discordance (2017)

Minimal drone project of Colin Potter and Darren Tate.

See also: Potter, Colin, Tate, Darren, Dada Lives.


Monoteur (Germany)

Autofiktion (2020)

One-man band from Cologne, with sampled drums, bass guitar and synths. Lots of early 1970's motorik / kraut vibes here.


Monoton (Austria)

Monotonprodukt 02 (1980)
Neujahrskonferenz 8081 (1981)
Monotonprodukt 07 (1982)
Monotonprodukt MCMLXXXIX (1989)
Live At the Basement Bar Vienna '92 (1993) (S)
Eight Lost Tracks (2008) (recorded in 1981 - 1983)
Four Lost Tracks (2009) (S)
Ancient Futures (2009) (S)
Realtime (2011) (recorded in 1979 - 1987)

Sound artist Konrad Becker is a well known representative of Austrian experimental scene. His work can be likened to that of his namesake Conrad Schnitzler, which means minimal, repetitive, experimental electronic tracks.


Monotrail (Netherlands??)

Selected Jams (2017)

Although based in Berlin, I am pretty sure that Monotrail aka Rijnder Kamerbeek is a Dutch artist, or at least his name sounds 100% Dutch to me. Live jams with synthesizers and drum machines. Rhythmic, melodic, improvisational, a bit noisy, sometimes with a 1990's - 2000's Klaus Schulze feel.


Monroe, Wiley (USA)

Synthesis (1986) (S)
Moonbeams (1986)
Final Phase (2021)

Synthesist from Georgia whose music is flowing, melodic, symphonic and relaxing, with an extra spacey edge.


Monroeville Music Center (Canada)

Generic Product (2010)
Musique Concrète For Beginners (2010)
Les Défauts des Fabrication (2011) (S)
Le Progrès (2012)
Choose Your Adventure (2015)
Cave & Castle (2015)
Audio Periodical Episode 1: Future (2015) (S)

A project of Calgary-based Craig Storm. The 14-minute Audio Periodical Episode 1 represents a unique concept: alleged music school where children are asked to portray future as they see it using the electronic instruments available at the school. And it's all supposedly happening somewhere in the 1970's by the sound of it. The pupils are interviewed and their cheesy musical examples are played. The program ends with with a dramatic piece "selected from the archives", reflecting the future and bringing to mind Vangelis circa Blade Runner. Although "Monroeville Music Center" never existed, it's a nice concept, and the musical results are curious, too. The rest of the albums are filled with cheesy, short tracks trying to recreate popular electronic music from the 1960's up to the 1980's. For example, Le Progrès features music, which reminds on Kraftwerk circa Radio-Activity (the cheesier stuff, like "Ohm Sweet Ohm" or "Antenna"). A lot of Craig's music is non-progressive (there are only brief moments where the whole takes on a slight progressive touch), but kudos for the effort.


Mons, Miguel (Spain)

Nunca Escuches a tus Ojos (1995)

Synthesist with a sound similar to that of Jean-Michel Jarre.


Monstrare (USA)

Isfet (2001)
.Sigma Delta Phi Iota Pi. (2001)
Blood Things (2001)
Novum Ott (2003)
Graveflowers (2004) (with Wilt)

Dark Ambient from Minnesota, USA (ex-Vedisni).


Monstromery (France)

怪物たちの音楽 (2016)

One-track inclusion so far for this noise rock / post-rock duo. The reason I include them is the opener "Exotica", a nice, slow, arpeggio-laden electronic melter with some vocalizations.


Mont Analogue (France)

Mont Analogue (2016)
Super Flumina Babylonis (2019)

Electronic duo from Lyon, with a rhythmic, sometimes club-influenced, but also Prog EM, sound.


Montaña Extendida (Chile)

Caché (2020)

Long experimental tracks from this trio, a bit Cluster-like in spirit, but less wacky and melodic, tending more towards the Industrial / free avant-rock side of things (ala Telectu perhaps) and focusing more on sampling.


Montanà, Lorenzo (Italy)

Black Ivy (2009)
Labyrinth (2010) (with Pete Namlook)
Labyrinth 2 (2011) (with Pete Namlook)
Labyrinth 3 (2011) (with Pete Namlook)
Labyrinth 4 (2011) (with Pete Namlook)
Serpe (2011)
Labyrinth 5 (2012) (with Pete Namlook)
Eilatix (2013)
Leema Hactus (2014)
Holographic Codex (2015) (with Alio Die)
Vari Chromo (2015)
Nihil (2015)
Deviazioni Cosmiche (2016) (with Mick Chillage)
Phase IX (2017)
Iso Le (2018)
The Threshold of Beauty (2019) (with Alio Die)
DUNUC (2020)
Aural (2022)

One of the FAX label "graduates", Lorenzo Montanà is an Italian electronic musician. Although a lot of his music is informed by such trends as IDM and glitch, there are also enough classic EM influences in his creative work to warrant an inclusion here.


Montaña Muerte (Spain)

The Space Hates Cowards (2015)
The Gems of the Human Soul (2016)

Solo electronic project of Galician musician Marcos Suárez. Driving rhythms (often with real drums), cosmic synths...


Montanari, Valdir (Portugal??)

Magical Glass (??)

Cassette release with music ranging from experimental to Vangelis-like melodic. Rather repetitive overall, with not much variety.


Montanhas Azuis (Portugal)

Ilha de Plástico (2019)

Mostly shorter tracks of varying moods: reflective, pastoral, cosmic, melodic. Sometimes like Floyd meets L'Apocalypse-era Vangelis.


Monte (Mexico)

Index (2012) (S)
Remote Clairvoyant Continuum (2015) (S)

Moisty, hazy, tropical soundscapes, mostly soft synthesizers and sounds of nature. Lo-fi sound.


Monteith, Keith (UK)

Audio​-​Cartographic Experiments Vol#1: Rise & Fall (2021)

A "musical travelogue" recorded by this drummer of the band Foals using mostly his iphone during the band's 2019 tour. Varied EM, mostly of ambient nature, with some nice sequencing.


Monteith, Scott (Canada)

Qawwali Quatsch (2016)

Ambient album from member of experimental electronics / dub techno project Deadbeat.


Montenegro, Hugo (USA)

The Farmer (1977) (soundtrack)

Hugo Montenegro (1925 - 1981) was an American orchestra leader and composer of soundtracks. He was one of those who catched the "moog fever" in the late 1960's, as the bulky synth monster entered the market. His ventures include an album of pop songs with moog leads (Moog Power) and a tribute to Elton John (Rocket Man), among other things. This, however, is a rare bird, as it's a soundtrack to a horror movie that was banned in the US. There are three tracks by Gene Clark (one instrumental and two songs) and the rest is creepy synth soundscaping by Montenegro.


Montgomery, Emil (Uruguay)

Fluidos (1994)
Concierto Por La Tolerancia (1996)
Esencia (1998)
Deja Vu (2004)
Nomada (2006)

Emil Montgomery can be considered sort of an Uruguayan Jean-Michel Jarre. Indeed, for a fan of the French master (which Emil Montgomery certainly is) it must have been great to meet the mentor in person in 1996. And the story begins in 1970. That's the year of birth for Emil. In 1987, he has his first contact with Electronic Music (via Jarre's Oxygene). The music immediately captures his imagination and he gets himself some synthesizers. In 1988, Emil joins a band that plays mostly cover songs, but already in 1991 he gives his first solo performance on synthesizers. The following several years were spent on contractual work (as the show was successful, Emil got offers to compose music for TV, theater and to give more concerts). Part of the money earned was given to organizations that were building observatories. In 1994 (after composing music for CD that was meant to be used in DJ sets) his first solo album appeared. In 1996 Emil met Jarre in France and the rest is history as they say.  


Montgomery, Gen Ken (USA)

Gen Ken & Equipment (1981)
ConGen: New Dramatic Electronic Music (1988) (with Conrad Schnitzler)
Gencon Dramatic (1988) (with Conrad Schnitzler)
GENCON Duets (2010) (with Conrad Schnitzler)
ExRotaprint (2015) (with Wolfgang Seidel)
Kosmiczny Pomiar 68-523 (2016)

Veteran hometaper who's been around for quite a while and, like most of his ilk, has been quite prolific over the years. It's a daunting task to try and go through his discography (that includes a lot of limited and private releases that are as rare as hen's teeth). A lot of his output seems to be influenced by such trends as musique concrete, industrial and hard-core experimental electronics. I will try to list his releases that contain at least some material that may interest prog EM fans.


Monti, Alessandro (Italy)

The Wind Collector (1991) (with Gigi Masin)
Spiritdzoe :: Unfolk Solo (2014)
The Wind Collectors / As Witness Our Hands (2016) (recorded in 1989 - 1990) (with Gigi Masin and Alessandro Pizzin)
Intuitive Maps (2017)

Diverse Italian musician and multi-instrumentalist, operating mostly within folk idiom with his "Unfolk Collective", whose members include, among others, Jim Tetlow, Chris Conway and Alessandro Pizzin. A part of his output (listed) is EM-related.


Montoya, Joaquin (Spain)

Troggs (2006)

Joaquin Montoya is ex-member of synth-pop dup Azul Y Negro. Without any doubt, the above solo album will be enjoyed by fans of Kraftwerk (and maybe also Yello).


Monumentals (UK)

Irregular Heads (2018)

Diverse krautrock / psychedelic rock / EM duo.


Monzen Nakacho (UK)

Monzen Nakacho (2017)
Necropolis Spaceway (2018)

Diverse project influenced by giallo scores, synthwave, horror synth, video game music, Prog EM and Kraftwerk.


Mooch (UK)

Kray Chronicles (1992)
Mock the Moocher (1992)
Fusions (1992)
Water Birth Music (1992)
3001 (1993)
Planetfall (1993)
Postvorta (1993)
Blissed Out (1993)
The Crypt of Artificial Intelligences (1994)
Being the Psychedelic Adventures of Mooch In the Country of the Yak (1994)
Starhenge (1995)
The Goddess And the Star Man (1995)
Untitled (1995)
Flight of the Dub Voyager (1996)
Dr. Silbury's Liquid Brain (1996)
Eight Symbols For Floating With (1996)
Falling Metal Grille (1996)
In Search of Homo Sapiens Psychedelicus (1997)
International Weightlessness (1997)
Acid Drenched Symphony (1997)
What Mellowness Is This (1997)
Me Human, You Alien (1998)
The Rebirth of Sankofa (1998)
4001 (1998)
In Search of the Acid Metal Grille (1999)
Music From Nootropic Oceans (1999)
The Oasis (2000)
Gaiaspace (2004)
Dr. Silbury's Liquid Brainstem Band (2007)
19671/2 (2008)
1968a (2009)
Bottom of the Barrel (2009) (recorded in 1982 - 2006)
The Pagan Year (2010)
Train Klang (2010)
Green Glow (2011)
Mrs Silbury's Delicious Mushroom Flavoured Biscuits (2014)

Tangerine Dream-like electronic journeys with a dash of electronic guitar soloing. The group was formed by Steve Palmer in 1992. There were several line-up changes in the band. In the early years, Mooch used tons of exotic / ethnic instruments, along with flute, percussion, guitars, keyboards etc. After 3001 (their first CD release) the music got more electronic and sci-fi-like. Most of their cassettes were distributed in tiny numbers among fans.

See also: Palmer, Stephen, Blue Lily Commission.


Mood of Departure (Germany)

Roadmap (2020)

Unclassifiable project, mostly going for instrumental hip-hop or downtempo sound. The atmospheric tracks are very ambient EM, though.


Mood Taeg (Germany / China)

Exophora (2020)
Anaphora (2021)
Anaphora Versions (2022)

A band split between Dusseldorf and Shanghai. Motorik overload here - nice find for those into the Dusseldorf School, like Neu! and Cluster.


Moody Bats (USA)

Yume Labs (2021)

Sort of vaporwave-ish, but with a strong melodic EM component.


Moody, Nathan (USA)

Etudes I: Blue Box (2017)
Etudes II: White Box (2017)
Etudes III: Red Box (2017)
Lithopetics (2018)
The Right Side of Mystery (2018)
Heliopause (2019)
Shades (2019)
Lazulum (2020)
de_Still (2020)

Californian synthesist and electroacoustic composer, whose output ranges from experimental to short melodic vignettes, to sequencer-based to spacey / cosmic and dark soundscapes.


Moolah (USA)

Woe Ye Demons Possessed (1974)

This could have come from Germany, but in fact Moolah were two guys from New York - Walter Burns and Maurice Roberson. If there is such a thing as American krautrock - this is it. It's experimental, trippy, meditative, electronic...

See also: Burns & Roberson


Moon 09 (Italy)

Transmission 1007 (2020) (S)

Melodic EM with influences of dungeon synth and chiptune.


Moon And Melody (Germany)

Overture (2012)
Voices of Ancestors (2021)

Music along the lines of Klaus Schulze's collaborations with Lisa Gerrard from the duo of Spyra and Roksana.

See also: Spyra, Planet of the Arps.


Moon Birds (France)

Cosmos No.1 (1977)
Energy MC1 (1978)

The second album is supposedly like a cross between Space and Nova. The first one has only a couple of mildly interesting tracks and the rest is horribly cheesy and very un-progressive disco. Music by Roger Davy.

See also: Davy, Roger, Roger Roger, Leuter, Cecil.


Moon Gangs (UK)

Sea / Sky (2012) (S)
Moon Gangs (2014) (S)
Earth Loop (2018)

Intense, vertigo-inducing arpeggios, fat synths and motorik. Not bad.


Moon In June (France)

Alma Univers (2015)

Varied music from Alain Moh'a, from ethnic-influenced to cosmic and sequencer-based.


Moon Microsystem (Denmark)

Moon Microsystem (2017) (EP)

A project by an artist who calls himself Yozaka. Soft rhythms and cold, cybernetic electronics.


Moon Mullins (USA)

Goes Swimming (2020) (S)

Whimsical electronic compositions by Sean Mullins, member (drummer) of indie rock band Wilder Maker. Rhythmic, melodic, cartooney...


Moon of Ostara (UK)

The Star Child (2012)

Solo music from Fred Laird - member of psychedelic  / space rockers Earthling Society. He states to be influenced by early krautrock such as Harmonia, Walter Wegmuller's Tarot and Ash Ra Tempel. This one has guitars and voice (including whispers), but also purely EM sections. Jon Blacow (another Earthling Society member) guests on drums.


Moon Pool & Dead Band (USA)

Moon Pool & Dead Band (2010)
Patsy (2011) (S)
Gossypol (2011)
Moon Pool & Dead Band (2011)
Human Fly (2012)
MEQ (2015)
Humanizer (2016)

Analog synth duo of Dave Shettler and Nate Young (Wolf Eyes). Sometimes they use real drums and their music sounds very Prog EM. At other times, they prefer rhythmic compositions that they describe as "old-school techno".

See also: Young, Nate


Moon Rainbow (Russia)

Chronos (1998)
Faith Symphony (1998)
Unexplored World (1999)
Meridium (2001)

Moon Rainbow is the project of Russian musician / synthesist Vyacheslav Kulikov who creates symphonic Electronic Music. The first couple of albums were created with software means only, but later a hardware synthesizer was added. Vyacheslav is helped by his friend Andrey Klimkovsky with mixing, production and editing.

See also: Kulikov, Vyacheslav


Moon Temple (Italy)

Moon Temple I (2016)
Moon Temple II (2016)
Moon Temple (2017)

Moon Temple is Gabriel Andruzzi from Italy who mixes minimal techno end EM / ambient tracks.


Moon Wheel (Sweden)

Moon Wheel (2013)
For S.M.J. (2013) (S)
Okänt Land (2015)
Firmament (2015) (S)

Another artist that mixes techno and related genres with prog EM. On the eponymous album from 2013 he is more EM than techno. In fact, there are only slight techno influences by way of dub / downtempo rhythms. Okänt Land is more technoid, but still fairly strongly influenced by EM. Moon Wheel is Olle Holmberg and he loves his analog synths.


Moon Zero (UK)

Tombs (2013) (S)
Loss (2014) (S)
Moon Zero (2015)
Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space (2017)

Ambient artist Tim Garratt from London who records his music in churches.


Moon2 (Poland)

Elementy Ruchu (2017)

Electronics / bass / drums improvising trio. Sort of abstract sound here, with moments of space rock goodness.


Moonbooter (Germany)

Teralogica (2005)
Devided (2006)
Orbit Number 2 (2006)
Under Control (2007)
Lunatic Voyage (2008)
Cosmoclimax (2009)
Fast Reflections (2009)
World of Apes 1 (2010)
Cosmologica (2010)
World of Apes 2 (2011)
Climb Up Set 1 (2011)
Climb Up Set 3 (2011)
Cosmophonica (2012)
Zeitenwende (2013)
Still Alive (2014)
Cosmoromantics (2014)
The Wave (2015)
Live Münster 2015 (2015) (with Wellenfeld)
Cosmoharmonics (2016)
Schwarzmond (2016)
Live Muenster 2016 (2016) (with Otarion)
EVIL 17NL (2017)
Live (2017)
EVIL 18DE (2018)
Live Muenster 2017 (2018) (with BatteryDead)
Groundcontrol And the Victory of Mankind (2018)
Both Sides of the Moon (2019)
Beyond the Neon Lights (2020)

The project of Bernd Scholl. Upbeat, melodic, sometimes danceable music. A lot of it is techno-influenced, so beware. There's no wonder, bacause Bernd has a techno / club background and he is still deejaying. Very often Berlin School sequences are used along with steady rhythms. I guess if New Berlin School is your thing and you don't mind some straight-ahead techno rhythms in your music, you will enjoy Moonbooter.


Moondog (USA)

Elpmas (1991)

Louis T. Hardin aka Moondog (1916 - 1999) was a blind visionary artist who built his own acoustic instruments and developed a style unlike that of any other musician. He did improvisation, experimental organ, ethnic music, modern classical, avant-garde and more. Most of his output is very interesting musically but out of scope for EEM. However, on this album he presents, among the mostly ethnic-spiced (lots of marimbas) short tracks, a 24-minute ambient piece called "Cosmic Meditation".


Moondream (Germany)

Dreamland (2004)
Area-51 (2005)
Fairyland (2006)

Diverse, mostly melodic music from Volker Schmidt.


Moondust (Switzerland / Spain)

Clavel Azul (1997)
Moondustrial (2005)

Martin Gnagi and Manuel Puga. Modern rhythmic EM. (no techno)


Moongoose (UK)

Organic Technology: Reaction Music 2 (2012)
Massives From the Memory Machine (2016)
Tokyo Glow (2019)
Live At Parr Street (??)

Solo project of Liverpool-based David Palmer - former bassist of platinum-selling indie rockers Space. Relaxed, melodic, rhythmic compositions mixing synths, some guitar and bass. Nice use of brass textures on Tokyo Glow.


Moonhead (USA)

Cypress Rosewood (2017)

Long tracks with playful sequences, arpeggios, pads and all the right stuff performed in an analog setting. Moonhead is a project of Nick Bowers.


Moonlight Real Girl (USA)

Mercurial Affair (2018) (S)

Moody, soundtrack-like pieces.


Moonlight Resort & Spa (Poland)

Aromatherapy (2022)

Music by Tomasz K. Zajac. Aromatherapy features one side of deep techno bangers and another side occupied by a long-form ambient sonic trip.


Moonrace (USA)

Lunar Dunes (2017) (S)

A synth / drums duo. Sort of chiptune-ish, but also krauty EM.


Moonrite (France)

Let Me Be Your God (2019)

I guess this keyboards / drums duo from France started out in a more psych rock vein (I have yet to check out their debut). However, Let Me Be Your God is a diverse release to say the least, with music ranging from speeding motorik with vocals on the opener to spacey synth-sequencer of "The Soul Transfer" and "The Initiation Ceremony", occult electronics on both parts of "The Black Mass" and psych rock flashbacks on the title track, "The Witch Is Back" and "House of Glass". A rather schizophrenic release. I think they should decide what they want to do. My opinion is that they should make Electronic Music, as the EM tracks on their release are very good.


MoonSatellite (France)

Sequenzer - Volume 1 (2009)
Earth Gravity (2011)
Sequenzer 2 - Unendlich Sequenzer (2011)
Missing Time (2011)
M-S 2.0 Soundlab (2012)
Low Life (2013)
Live In Nancy 2013 (2014) (with Alpha Lyra)
Whispers of the Moon (2015)
Live 05/11/16, Theatre de la Foucotte, Nancy (2016)
Dark Summer (2017)
Strange Music
Analog Way (2022)

Berlin School artist out of Nancy, blending Klaus Schulze-style cosmic drift with good effects and some unexpected sonic twists.


Moonshine Blues (Ukraine)

Through / Out (2020)

Melancholic ambience from Oleksiy Sakevych.

See also: Endless Melancholy


Moonwagon (Finland)

Night Dust (2011)
Foyers of the Future (2012)

Space rock with krautrock and EM influences from a band that includes Ami Hassinen (Nemesis) on synthesizers. Comparable to Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Ashra, Jarre and others.

See also: Nemesis, Ashen Simian, Blue Sky Machine.


Moore, Ken (USA)

Frame of Reference (1972)
Sense of Recreation (1974)
Our Own Universe (1976) (with Stuart Rosenzweig)
Tempus Fugit (1980) (recorded in 1976 - 1979)
Friday the 13th (1980)
Elixir (1981)
Loubi Stem (1981)
To Come Into Being (1981)
Eccentric Projections (1981) (with Stuart Rosenzweig)
Venus (1981) (with Stuart Rosenzweig)
In A Pound of Logic (1983)
To No Avail (1983)
The First Transfinite Infinity (1983)
The Jupiter Effect (1984)

Prism Eye Glass (1985)
The Chess Kingdom (1986)
Reaching Beyond the Sphere (1987) (with David Wayne Myers)
Nine Days Wonder (2008) (recorded in 1988) (with David Wayne Myers)
Dancing With... (2014) (recorded in ??)
Electronic Mutations (2018)
Rain On Terrain Rings Mainly In The Train (2019) (with Dave Vosh)
Vast Din (2020)
SmOke (2021)
Night Sky (2021)

One of the pioneers of EM, Ken Moore has been crafting his own long, floating and experimental compositions since the 1970's. The Moore / Myers albums are more in instrumental progrock vein, though.

See also: Pentatope


Moore, Kevin Christopher (USA)

Luna (2019) (EP)

Kevin Christopher Moore works as an aerospace engineer at NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. He also writes books and composes music. The above EP is diverse, with some cheesy bits and some classically inspired bits.


Moore, Stephan (USA)

Dreamwalk With Solo Voice (2020)

Ambient electronics interspersed with field recodings and elements of sound installation. Stephan Moore is a multidisciplinary artist from Chicago, Illinois.


Moore, Steve (UK)

The Return of the Poet (1983)
Vespers (1985)
A Quiet Gathering (1988)
The Threshold of Liberty (1990) (recorded in 1982 - 1984)
The Way In (1990)

Composer from Scotland. Steve Moore studied psychology but dropped out of school to make a career of an electroacoustic / electronic composer. His music is often rather ambient and minimal in nature with lots of concrete textures, field recordings and samples.


Moore, Steve (USA)

The Henge (2007)
Demo 2003 (2008)
Vaalbara (2008) (S)
Fever Dream (2009) (S)
Into the Uttermost Fields of Ether (2010) (with Theologian)
Primitive Neural Pathways (2010)
Demo 2004 (2011)
Brainstorm (2012) (S) (with Majeure)
Light Echoes (2012)
Horror Business (2012) (soundtrack)
Positronic Neural Pathways (2013)
Pangaea Ultima (2013)
Cub (2015) (soundtrack)
Irresistible Force vs Immovable Object (2015) (S)
Other Voices 04 (2015) (S)
The Guest (2015) (soundtrack)
The Mind's Eye (2016) (soundtrack)
Mayhem (2017) (soundtrack)
Beloved Exile (2019)
Bliss (2019) (soundtrack)
VFW (2020) (soundtrack)
Analog Sensitivity (2021)
Liminal Migration (2021) (with Bluetech)
Gone World (2021)
Positronic Neural Pathways (2022)

The first album is an ominous, droning analogue synth work from member of Zombi.

See also: Zombi, Titan, Rossi, Gianni, Miracle.


Moore, R. Stevie (USA)

Instrumentality / Aviation (1976)
Stance (1978) (S)
R (1979)
Drumdrops Volume Two (1980)
Curiously Enough (1983)
Organ Donor (1984)
Makebelieve Land (1998)

New Jersey-based hometaper and art-rock weirdo who released a quantity of albums that could only be rivalled by the likes of Frank Zappa. The b-side of the small 7-inch record released in 1978 (Stance) is occupied by a Fripp & Eno-like guitar / electronics piece. Drumdrops reportedly features a three-part synth instrumental "Cognoscenti", Curiously Enough was recorded with synthesizer exclusively. Organ Donor is electronic organ improvisations. Further investigation is needed.


Moot Booxle (USA)

Pandemic (2005)

Varied electronic compositions from this Florida-based artist, from melodic to experimental.


Mora, Valentino (France)

Underwater (2021)

Varied pulsing or droning electronics with a slight techno edge.


Moral Extrication (USA)

When Salvation Came (2019)

Nathaniel Young's project focusing of longs tracks full of dark synths and ambient atmospheres.

See also: Young, Nathaniel


Morales, Diego (Chile)

Calmao (2017)

Known as a house / techno deejay and member of several bands, Diego Morales released this fine ambient album in 2017, combining electro-acoustic techniques and a nice, lush synth sound.


Morange & Fertier (France)

Love Spirale (1978)

Andre Fertier is mostly known for his ethnic prog / psych project Clivage. However, on this album he presents a mixture of said ethnic sound and electronics. Fairly trippy and cosmic stuff.


Moravec, Ondřei (Czech Republic)

Modrá Křídla Andělů (2007) (S)
Retro Inštrumento 2003 - 2004 (2012)

Czech keyboardist with rock / electronic instrumentals.


Moraz, Patrick (Switzerland)

Patrick Moraz (1978)
Future Memories (1979)
Coexistence (1980) (with Syrinx)
Timecode (1984)
Future Memories II (1984)
Future Memories Live On TV (1984)
Flags (1985) (with Bill Bruford)
Les Musiques De La Premiere (??) (S)
Human Interface (1987)
Windows of Time (1994)
Patrick Moraz In Princeton (1995)
Change of Space (2009)
In Tokyo (2009) (recorded in 1985) (with Bill Druford)

Patrick Moraz was Yes' keyboard player during Relayer-era. He was also playing with the Moody Blues from 1981 till 1991. He has composed some purely electronic works during the Eighties. His first album from 1976, called Story of I (not included in the above discography) contained progressive rock mixed with fusion / Brazilian music. Human Interface is an album of bombastic symphonic / orchestral music similar to Vangelis or Kitaro and completely forgettable digital replicas of classical-styled music. Thankfully, there's also a bit of diversity with one TD-like track called "Gin-A-Maah" (that sounds like it could be a lost track from Tyger), one abstract track laden with effects called "Stormtroops On Loops" (sadly it's way too short), one ethnic track "Kyushu" (unfortunately, this totally boring composition just goes on and on, driving me nuts!) and one great melodic number (the closing track "Hyperwaves" which is also the best cut on the album).


Morbid Florist (Canada)

Emergence (2021)

A project from Alberta, Canada. Slow, steady rhythms and moody synth lines. Sometimes more upbeat, motorik-like.


Morbius (???)

Electric Horizons (1998)
Electric Dreams (2001)

New Berlin School music with chill-out touches. Comparable to Asana and Spyra.


Mordijk, Kwinten (Belgium)

Soundtrack To A Temporary Community - INVITED (2021) (with Stef Heeren and Elias Devoldere)

Synth and saxophone player. Soundtrack... features varied electroacoustic pieces, mixing lots of drums, some guitars and lots of synths. Varied, improvised, jazzy, krautrocky...


Mordançage (Sweden / USA)

Moredançage (2018)

Ambient duo with a pretty hypnotic sound.

See also: Hellkvist, Tobias, Tasselmyer, Andrew.


More Eaze (USA)

Towards A Plane (2020)
Yearn (2021)
Futurangelics (2021) (with Brin and Dntel)
Oneiric (2022)

Long-running project of transsex multi-instrumentalist Mari Maurice. She is rather diverse musically, but some of the stuff gravitates towards ambient electronics. I will try to list these releases here.


Morehouse, Dan (USA)

Curves of Life (1978)


Morelli, Ron (USA)

Man Walks the Earth (2019)
Fallen Man (2021) (with Krikor)

Experimental and minimal ambient electronics from this Brooklyn, NY-based artist who is mostly known in the techno circles.


Moreno, Eduardo (Spain)

Musica Para Cine Imaginario (1990)
El Ultimo Hombre (1995)

This Granada-based artist describes his music as "progressive minimalism", reminding on Philip Glass, Klaus Schulze and Robert Fripp. Other sources refer to it as a mixture of Electronic Music and symphonic rock.


Moretti, Juan (Italy)

Cats Do Not Care About Glasses (2019)

Synth-centered jazz fusion with a balearic feel in places. The electronics are pretty nice, although I felt that the music was perhaps a tad repetitive on some tracks, but maybe that was the intention (to create a "groove"). Still a nice release if you like to hear multiple analog synths in a jazzy context.


Morgen Wurde (Germany)

Brach Auf (2016)
Assassinous Act (2017)
Als Je Zuvor (2018)
Für Immer (2020)
Innig (2021)
Wacht (2022)

Stark, monolithic, lethargic ambient soundscapes from Wolfgang Röttger out of Kiel.


Mori, Toshihiko (Japan)

Jinen (2020) (EP)
Sei (2021)

Ambient compositions from this guy who worked as keyboard player with Ryuichi Sakamoto.


Morimoto, Kohsei (Japan)

Chaos Zone (1990)
Smile of the Sun (1993)


Morishita, Tokihiko (Japan)

The Maze of Glass (1978) (soundtrack)
Yokai Genso (1979)
Survival (1979) (soundtrack)
Golgo 13 (??)

Japanese musician and soundtrack composer. He did a few works inspired by or composed for manga (comics) such as Yokai Genso, done in collaboration with and illustrated by Mizuki Shigeru who depicts the world of Yokai (strange beasts and spirits supposedly haunting Japanese homes and surroundings). The music is based on synthesizers. It is quite abstract most of the time but fairly listenable and whimsical. I am going to investigate further and include more of his EM-related works here.


Morita, Takuya (Japan)

MENSCH CD 004 (2016) (EP)

Deep house artist. The above release, though, is loaded with ambient material.


Moriyama, Futoshi (Japan)

Yūtai​-​ridatsu (Plus​-​minus) ゆうたいりだつ (プラスマイナス)(2015)

Quirky Electronic Music from this musician, composed entirely by software means. Shades of Tomita, classical, avant-garde and something quite indescribable but very Japanese in spirit.


Mork Sjel (Finland)

Mind of the Broken (2017) (S)
Haunted Soul (2017)
Minner Gjort Logner (2017)
Misophonia (2017) (S)
Fatal Epidemic Disease (2017) (S)
Prophecies (2017) (S)

Horror Ambient.


Mörka Skogens Vindar (Sweden)

Mörka Skogens Vindar (2019)
Trollens Återkomst (2021) (with Fåntratt)

Dungeon synth / winter ambience. Nice, sparse and melancholic sound.


Morley, David (Belgium)

Ghosts (2007) (recorded in 1990 - 2000)
Ascension (2011) (EP)
Sanctum (2014)
The Origin of Storms (2016)
Boundary Travels (2019) (EP)

David Morley is a producer, arranger and synthesist. On Ghosts he armed himself with an impressive array of classic analogue synthesizers for a collection of haunting, atmospheric tracks. "Stuntman" is introduced with deep, mysterious piano notes and strange soundscapes, before a rhythm comes, together with an odd sequence. The mood is dark and depressive, it's all minor key stuff. Spooky organ chords flow on top of analogue sonic waves. The next track is called "Link". It consists of a steady rhythm and long synth drones. Mysterious. On the other hand, "Trampling Gently", the next track, introduces Berlin School sequences with a nice, bright mood, which is in stark contrast to what has gone on before. "Tonewave" goes back to the mysterious mood of the first two tracks. This composition has a distinct techno flair to it, even having a straight 4/4 beat. Needless to say it's quite spectacular and beats most techno to dust. Here, the author works with the sound, trying to create an atmosphere, not just throwing a few samples together. "Equator" has distorted choirs at the beginning, after which a techno rhythm starts. This is pretty much removed from what I normally review in EEM and is for me the weakest track on this album. In fact, I must say it makes me reach for the skip button. Thankfully, it's not long. "Efex" is next. Strange noisy effects give way for a jazzy electric piano improvisation. Now, this is terrific stuff! After a while some heavily processed sax playing can be heard. The track conveys an otherworldly urban atmosphere. I can imagine listening to this stuff in deserted metro. "Wall" has ...ahem... wall-shattering basses and distorted rhythm. Not exactly my type of music, but very nicely done. The title track is a spooky soundcsape of noises, processed whispers, drones and other such sounds. A complex steady rhythm provides the backbone for a melancholic two-note synth pad theme. "Tab" is the last track. Heavy analogue effects get things underway. A tabla rhythm is introduced together with some typical TR-808 sounds. Mysterious motif is repeated again and again, really getting under your skin. "Ghost" is an effective album, sometimes becoming too techno for my taste. However, I did find some of the tracks spectacular and also enjoyed the overall mood of this work. Best tracks: "Efex" and "Ghosts".


Morlock (UK)

Ancient Paths (2019)
The Outcasts (2022)

Solo electronic project of progrock / doom metal drummer Andrew Prestidge. Analog synths and mellotrons galore.

See also: Zoltan


Morlock, Klaus (USA)

The Child Garden (2015)
The Mirror And the Lamp (2016)
Bethany's Cradle (2017) (soundtrack)
Storm (2022) (soundtrack) (with Katherine Peach and John Reppion)

Haunting Neo-Classical Ambient with a vintage feel. Mellotron, Optigan, ARP Odyssey, Minimoog, tapes, vibes and bass. Sometimes more in a melodic EM / Prog mould. Klaus Morlock is a self-proclaimed recluse who lives "alone with three cats and an assortment of electronic musical instruments". Apart from The Mirror And the Lamp, he has at least three more (download-only) albums.

See also: Unseen, The, Dechmond Woods.


Mornastra (Russia)

What Whispered the Stars (2013)

Melodic music from Oleg Pavlov.


Moro, J.L. (Spain)

Mi Viaje (1986) (S)

Private 12" vinyl record issued in Spain. Melodic Electronic Music. The full name of the musician is José Luis Fernández Moro.


Morog Far (Germany)

A Triade (2021)

Varied, mostly shorter tracks from this Leipzig-based artist. Made on modular synth and a drum machine.


Morogh (Romania)

Ritual Dark Ambient (2014)

Dark project from Transylvania.

See also: Shambala Networks, Csillagköd.


Moros, Grant (???)

Mysteries (??)

Occult electronics, you say? A dusty closet find, you say? Originally released in 1973, you say? Vinyl cracking on every track, you say? The name is an anagram of Mort Garson, you say?


Morozov, Yuri (Russia)

Strange Angels - Experimental & Electronic Music by Yuri Morozov (2017) (recorded in ??)

Yuri Morozov (1948 - 2006) was a Russian pioneer of rock music during the Soviet era. He started in the late 1960's and did everything, from Beatles-inspired "flower pop" to Hendrix-style psychedelic rock to more experimental stuff. His discography is huge, and during that early era his music was only available on reel-to-reel tapes (the so-called "Samizdat"), as more or less the only way to actually get your music released on LP was to go through the long and meticulous censorship process of state-owned Melodiya label. Ultimately, many of his recordings became available on CD. These two albums are electronic (or partly electronic in case of ) and will be of interest to EM fans. The titles can be roughly translated as Unclear and Ruin Humanity. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Olur


Morpheus (Spain)

Malkuth (1998)
Elohim (2000)
Ouroboros (2001)
Babylon (2002)
Rebis (2006)

Ritualistic Dark Ambient with neo-classical moves from Fernando Manchado.


MorPheusz (Netherlands / Germany)

Days of Delerium & Nocturnal Nightmares (2010)
Gnomes And Goblins (2011)
Tantalizing Thoughts At the Dawn of Dreams (2014)

MorPheusz are Ron Boots, Eric van der Heijden, Harold van der Heijden and Frank Dorittke. The music sounds like a combination of these musicians' individual styles, which means melodic tracks with sequences combined with liquid and spacey guitar.

See also: Boots, Ron, Heijden,Eric van der, F.D. Project.


Morphic Sun (UK)

Realm of Seers (2020)
Hoarfane I (2020)
Hoarfane II (2020)

Like dungeon synth but with the inclusion of typical EM sounds (analog synths, mellotron) and structures. A nice crossover project from England.


Morphoex (France)

Soviet System (2017)

Morphoex is Isthmaël Baudry who is mostly found doing techno or rhythmic noise / industrial music. Soviet System features mostly hard-hitting techno, but three tracks stand out - the ambient "Constante cosmologique" and the sequencer-based tracks "Atomes Composites" and "Nara Thème 1". File under EM-related.


Morphogenesis (UK)

Morphogenesis (1987)
Prochronisms (1989)
Stromatolites (1991)
Solarisation (1994)
Charivari Music (1996)
Formative Causation (1997) (recorded in 1986)
Improvisations (1999)
In Streams Volume 1 (2001) (recorded in 1996 - 1999)
In Streams Volume 2 (2001) (recorded in 1997 - 2000)

Mysterious and strange echoing ambient music from Adam Bohman, Andy Cordery, Clive Graham, Clive Hall, Michael Prime, Roger Sutherland and Ron Briefel. The group started recording in 1985, with the aim to explore the possibilities of live Electronic Music and collective improvisation.


Morphon (Germany)

Om Mars Venus (2008)

Cosmic ambient synthesizers from B. Ashra, Alexander Rues and Tom Wölke.

See also: Ashra, B.


Morresi, Lorenzo (Italy)

Internal External (2020) (EP)
Cosmica Italiana (2020) (S)
Objet Melodie (2020)
Music For Closed Airports (2021)

Pretty varied stuff from this artist. There is a definite "melodic / rhythmic EM" feel to a lot of the material, but in reality it has many influences apart from the progressive ones - synth-pop, disco, funk, deep house. So, it's only partly EM.


Morretti, Gavino (???)

Alien Terrors (2015)
The Satan Complex (2017)
Girl Zero (2020)

Imagined soundtracks to 1980's horror / sci-fi movies. It is not clear whether the artist's name is a pseudonym and who is actually behind the music (the label is UK-based).


Morricone, Ennio (Italy)

L'Umanoide (1979) (soundtrack)
The Thing (1984) (soundtrack)

Famous film / classical composer (1928 - 2020). He was mainly known for his orchestral or avant-garde scores but did some electronic and electroacoustic stuff as well. I'll try to list his EM-related releases here. L'Umanoide from 1979 is a mix of orchestral and electronic styles, while The Thing is a soundtrack to the 1980's sci-fi / horror classic. One of my favourite films of all times. Great atmosphere with very cool electronic themes. The influence of Carpenter's style is strongly felt on some tracks.


Morricone Youth (USA)

Night of the Living Dead (2016)
Mad Max (2017)

This band composes re-imagined soundtracks to vintage movies. Some of their material (listed) has clear Goblin or Carpenter vibes.


Morris, Ioan (UK)

The Magician's Nephew (2019)
Surroundings (2021) (with Goodparley)

Imagined fantasy soundtrack created on synthesizers by this Welsh musician. Cinematic, classically-inspired...


Morris, Jeremy (USA)

Celestial City (1997)
Salt the Planet (1999)
Kingdom Come (2002)
The Pearl of Great Price (2005) (with Progressor)
Glow In the Dark (2008)
The Road To Zion (2021)

This genius of progressive music and rock / pop has at least two works that are of interest to EM fans. Celestial City is a mixture of electronics and symphonic rock and Salt the Planet is even more interesting (i.e. more typical EM). Kingdom Come and The Pearl of Great Price are interesting, too.


Morris, T E (UK)

For the Benefit of All (2020) (with Jo Quail)

Varied EM with sequences, pads and a classical touch via cellist Jo Quail.


Morris, Will (USA)

Helios Rising (1984)
Helios Attunement (1987)

Flutist. Will Morris is an artist who collaborated on a few of Steve Roach's early releases and Steve himself lends a hand on the above releases, so you may already guess the style here. Indeed, the music sounds like a mixture of Steve's sequencer and ambient styles (leaning more towards the latter), plus Will's flute playing and a touch of new age.


Morrongiello, Michael (USA)

Airscapes 2 (??)

New England-based electronic musician.


Mors Certa (USA)

The Ever-Turning Wheel (2018)

Dungeon synth-like, but more complex.


Mortal Relic (USA)

Psalm of Swords (2021)
Enter the Dark Fortress (2022)
The Nightslasher (2022)

Erroneously classed as dungeon synth, Psalm of Swords is in fact a varied release, containing nice Progressive EM from this Portland, Oregon-based artist. Lots of melodic sequencing here and reflective theremin-like solos that make the sound pretty unique. Some of it really has some dungeon synth vibes, so fans of that genre could enjoy it as well of course. Funnily enough, there are also acoustic guitar tracks with crooning on top. All of the above applies to the follow-up Enter the Dark Fortress.


Mortar (Italy)

Mortar (1995)
From the Depth (1995) (with Alio Die)
The Evil Place (1995)
From the Grave (1996)
Sepulchres (1997)
Emperor's Return (1998)
Ancient Rites (1999)
Endless Fall (2002) (S)
M33 (2007)
Amon vs. Mortar (2008) (with Amon)
Babalon (??)

Death Ambient from Moreno Daldosso. Should be very good.


Mortar Devotions (Italy / Russia)

Operazione Piovra: The Lead Chronicles (2020)

Dark mixture of noisy industrial and prog electronics. Pretty moody stuff.


Mortaur (Sweden)

When Word Is Made of Flesh (2004)
Life Without Life (2018)

Horror ambience from this Gothenburg-based project.


Mortensen, Jørgen (Denmark)

Chaque Raison (1980)
Grounding (1981)
Taovisioner (1989)
Thing Wa (1996)

Jørgen Mortensen, a pianist and composer, has been involved in the creation of music for several decades, including Electronic Music. I will try to list his electronic works here. On these, he finds himself in the meditative, ambient mode. You can sort of consider him the Scandinavian counterpart to people like Robert Rich, but with that special Nordic touch. This musician, like so many other EM artists (except maybe the Germans, the French and the Anglo-American world), is little known outside his country.


Morthound (Sweden)

Death Time (1991)
This Crying Age (1991)
Spindrift (1992)
The Goddess Who Could Make the Ugly World Beautiful (1994)
Spastic Waves (1995)

Dark, ominous soundscapes from Benny Nilsen. The project was initially called "Morthond" but after a while it was renamed to "Morthound".

See also: Hazard


Mortiis (Norway)

The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost (1993)
Født Til å Herske (1994)
Aandem Som Gjorde Opproer (1994)
Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent (1995)
Crypt of the Wizard (1996)
The Stargate (1998)
The Unraveling Mind (2017)
Spirit of Rebellion (2020)
Transmissions From the Western Walls of Time (2021) (recorded in 1997)

Former Emperor member who, saying goodbye to his black metal past, started creating sort of a self-described "dungeon music" which essentially consists of darkish keyboard symphonies. Some of it is quite goofy and cheesy, some pretty atmospheric. Lately he's plunged into more dance-oriented dark synth-pop realms.

See also: Vond, Fata Morgana.


Mortiloqvist (UK)

After Realms (2019)
Overmorrow (2019)
Polar Lodge (2019)
Dark Elder (2020)
Gnollstice (2020)

Dungeon synth with some variation.


Morton, Matt (USA)

Apollo 11 (2019) (soundtrack)

Film composer from Ohio. Apollo 11 soundtrack mixes orchestral sound with electronics (mostly Moog), tending more towards the latter. Actually, the synths on this score are very nice and remind on vintage Tangerine Dream even.


Mortum Exabyss (Hungary)

The Wind of Ether (2008)
Drone of Gods (2011)
The Omnipotent Abyss (2013)
Solarvoid (2014)
To See the Light We Have To Die (Demo Recordings 1999 - 2001) (2014)
Mord (2018)
The Soil of Dead Sons (2021)

Hungarian Dark Ambient project discontinued in 2014.

See also: Odour Sonour, Voidmorf.


Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand (UK)

Strain / Galaxy (2015)
The Journal of A Disappointed Man (2016)
Cinjusti (2017)
KOSMOS (2018)
Lanterns And Turncoats (2019) (EP)
All That We Have Is Just An Echo of What Was (2019)
Look Under (2020)
Love: Is A Deformity (2021)
Valerie Shot Andy Again (2021)
Unnamed Vagabond (2022)

Experimental project of Pete Taylor from London. He is somewhat related to the pluderphonics scene, experimenting with tapes, vinyl records, samples, drum machines, processing and so on. On Strain / Galaxy he goes for a more direct approach with analogue synthesizers and piano. It is still rather experimental, in the way that some Prog EM is, like Cluster, for instance, but it's also rather listenable. The Journal of A Disappointed Man is a work standing on the border between electro-acoustic music and Ambient.

See also: Bodies of Light


Mortwight (USA)

Mortwight (2019) (S)
Stygian Steel (2020) (S)
This Body Is Not Mine (2022) (S)

Sort of dungeon synth-like but deeper, more atmospheric and melancholic.


Morus (Chile)

...Y el origen del universo? (2021)

Rich synthesizer atmospheres, darkish sections and sequencer flights from this Santiago-based artist. Nice, classic-style EM.


Morxakh (Poland)

Ambient (2014)
Adamantium (2016)

Morxakh is a Polish black metal project that also dabbles in ambient composition. The results, as expected, are a mixture of "dungeon synth" and Dark Ambient of the black variety. Long tracks.


Mosaik (Sweden)

Musique Mosaique (1990)

A duo of Gunilla Engström (digital piano) and Mikael Bojén (synth). The latter is known as one half of Anna Själv Tredje. The style here is unknown at the moment (the cassette is quite obscure).

See also: Anna Själv Tredje


Moscatelli, Valerio (Italy)

Infinite Guidelines (2018)
Teltacoli (2018)
Stress Test (2021)

Synthesist who prefers to work with modular systems (mostly Eurorack). Some of his stuff is rather harsh and can be unpleasant to the ear, but then some of it is nice and ambient.


Moser, Rudolph (Germany)

Metronia (2019)

Shorter tracks of ambient electronics from member of Einstürzende Neubauten. Mostly instrumental, with a few vocal songs.


Mosher, Scott (USA)

Monuments of Chaos (1995)
Ambient Earth (1996)
Virtuality (2001)
Inferno (2004)
Deep Horizon (2006)

Solo music from this graphic designer / composer out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Ambient Earth is instrumental Electronic Music; Virtuality sees him adding some vocals and expanding his instrument list a bit. Inferno continues in that direction, while Deep Horizon ventures even further into the territory of guitar-driven virtuoso metal with a fair bit of synthesized atmospheres.


Moshier, Steve (USA)

Breadwoman (1985) (with Anna Homler)
Limestone Gates (2011)

Experimental musician (1951 - 2016) who composed many works for theater performances. Breadwoman features weird vocal performances on top of Moshier's electronic score. Limestone Gates contains shorter experimental tracks and one long ambient piece ("Sudan").


Mosman (UK)

Sitting Sun (2019)

Long tracks of gentle and spacey synth drones. Good for lovers of Ambient and Space Music.

See also: Mju, Samphire.


Moss Covered Technology (UK)

Speicherbank (2016)
And His Many Seas (2018)
Southern Points (2019)
Slow Walking (2019)
Sodium Light (2021)

A project of Graig Baird. Starting more in electroacoustic / glitch vein with a strong ambient element, subsequently drifting into more ambient realms on And His Many Seas.


Moss Garden (UK / Macedonia)

Already There (2013) (EP)
Understanding Holy Ghosts (2013)
In the Silence of the Subconscious (2014)

Ambient duo of Anthony Lee Norris and Dimitar Dodovski.

See also: Nacht Plank, Dodovski, Dimitar, Niskogradba.


Most (Russia)

Most (1983)

Subtitled "Rock-Group Most" (- ""), this is actually a project put together by Sergey Banevich together with some fellow musicians. Stylistically, it's all over the place, from children songs and opera (!) to rock and nice instrumental EM on two tracks.


Most of the Taciturn (China)

Silent Accuser (2004)
History of Iron And Blood (2006)
Nanjing (2008)
Ruin (2008) (EP)
Archipelag Gulag (2009)

Martial / Dark Ambient.


Moth Electret (USA)

LiL (2007)
Tocasen (2009)
Dawngazer (2014)

A project of Stig Berg that started in dark soundscape vein. However, on Dawngazer, it has developed into a unique, moody sound, fusing elements of IDM, deepest dub techno and some Prog EM flavor by means of various processed vocoder textures.

See also: R|A|A|N


Moth Tower (Denmark)

Sharpen Thy Knife, Curse the Sky (2018)
Clavitasian Threshold (2019)

Dungeon synth-related project of Emil Brahe who also takes in other influences, like Ambient, Prog EM in general etc. The last track from Clavitasian Threshold is a nice, moody, pulsing synth number. The choirs even have something of a Klaus Schulze Dreams quality to them.


Mothell (Italy)

Enjoying Storms Since the '80s (2017)

A duo of Andrea Ragusa and Marco Monti in a flowing, ambient style.


Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. (USA)

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. (1973)
Like A Duck To Water (1976)
1970 - 1973 (1998)
Mother Malard's Portable Masterpiece Co. (2003) (recorded in 1975 - 1976)
Like A Naked Man To Water: The Mother Mallard Basement Tapes (2004) (recorded in 1969 - 1971)

A classic of Electronic Music. Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. (how's that for a name?) was formed in 1968 by David Borden, Steve Drews and Linda Fisher with the aim to explore the possibilities of live electronic composition. The lineup then changed several times throughout their recording career. They are notable for using first-generation Moog synthesizers onstage (Robert Moog himself supported them in their early stages) and are probably one of the first completely electronic live groups (Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet from 1970 being another). Mother Mallard made unique compositions with minimal structures ala Riley and Glass, Berlin School sequences and interesting electronic sounds.

See also: Borden, David


Mother Venus (Australia)

Eats Marmalade Jam (1993)
The UFO Experiment (??)
Valley of Steel (??)
Traveller (??)
Alpha Omega (??)
Music For Astronomers (2005)
Meanderings (2006)
Revelations (2008)

Martin Valys and Danniielle. Music of a cosmic character.

See also: Danniielle


Mothers, Dan (UK)

DMEP (2015) (EP)
DMEP2 (2016) (EP)
Slowies (2016)
Balance (2017) (S)
Demeanour (2018) (S)
External (2020)

Ambient artist with a melodic, reflective, emotional, sensitive sound.


Mothers of Mars (USA)

I Hear (2021)

New York-based duo of Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi. I Hear features vocals by Jaiko Suzuki (most of the tracks have them), but the music itself if nice and sequency, largely in New Berlin School style.


Motion Kapture (Italy)

Out of Focus (2019)
Alien Subspace (2019) (with Edward Ka-Spel)
Ermit (2020) (S)

Italian duo of Filippo Corradin and Stefano Rossello. They use lots of analog and digital synths for a nice, cosmic, rich, Berlin School-informed, but individual, sound. The combination of this sound with Edward Ka-Spel's vocals on Alien Subspace provides a unique experience.


Motion Sickness of Time Travel (USA)

A Forest Aching Gold (2009)
Communicating From Within A Wooden Box (2009)
Feathers And Furs (2009)
Middle Winter (2009) (EP)
Mistake Variations (2009) (S)
Seeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious (2010)
Awakening (2010)
Luminaries & Synastry (2010)
Red Tide (2010) (S)
The Sound of Reality Dissolving (2010) (S)
White Candle (2011)
Dream Catcher (2011)
A Disembodied Voice In the Darkness (2011)
Existential Sphinx (2011) (S)
Sistrum (2011) (S)
The Cirque (2012) (EP)
A Marbled Youth (2012) (EP)
Traces (2012)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel (2012)
Chinaberry (2012)
Eclipse Studies (2013)
Oust (2013)
The Perennials (2013)
Penchant Mode (2013)
Ballade For A Harvest Moon (2013)
Ballade For A Beaver Moon (2013)
Ballade For A Cold Moon (2013)
Ballade For A Wolf Mon (2014)
Ballade For A Snow Moon (2014)
Ballade For A Crow Moon (2014)
Ballade For A Seed Moon (2014)
Ballade For A Flower Moon (2014)
Alpha Piscium (2014)
Ballade For A Strawberry Moon (2014)
Ballade For A Buck Moon (2014)
Ballade For A Sturgeon Moon (2014)
Weeks (2016)
Affinity (2016)
Equilibrium Volume 1 (2016)
Equilibrium Volume 2 (2016)
Let-Down (2017)
Bifurcation & Bereavement (2017) (S)
Diaries & Documents: 2006 - 2010 (2017)
The Circuit (2018) (S)
Vignette For Taurus (2018)
Subterranean (2019)
Magick Box (2019)
Oddments (2019)
Dark Year (2020) (S)
Ballade For A Blue Moon (2020)
Swift 2125 (2020)
The True Book of Space (2021)
If We Were Landscapes (2022)

Georgia-based Rachel Evans (the wife of Grant Evans who is known as Nova Scotian Arms) creates droning ambient compositions.

See also: Quiet Evenings, Ornamental Hairpin.


Motionfield (Sweden)

Optical Flow (2008)
Luftrum (2015)
Always There (2019)
A Clear Horizon (2019)
Signals (2019)
The Sound of Snow (2020)
Under the Stars (2020) (recorded in 2009)
The Passage (2020) (recorded in 2017)
Capsula (2020)
Injection (2021)
Awake (2021)
Evolve (2022)

Motionfield is Petter Friberg. His style is characterized by ambient atmospheres and subtle downtempo / IDM beats. Can be compared to 1990's output of the FAX label.

See also: Arctic Surfers


Motionmania (Germany)

ESC-Rave (1992)
Borderline (1993)
Human (1994)
Perspective (1997)
Interstellar Transmissions (2006)
Stories From the Book of Ahrp (2019)

Motionmania are Ralph Veith and Erich Schauder who is also known as one half of the duo Minds In Motion. Very rhythmic sequential stuff.

See also: Minds In Motion


Motoko & Myers (USA)

Plover / Whimbrel (2019) (S)
Colocate (2021)

Bay Area duo of Daniel Letson and Wonja Fairbrother. Quirky rhythmic compositions. Their focus on weird and sometimes lo-fi sampling, broken digital rhythms and repetitive synth melodies brings early 1980's US art-popsy Ambient like Savant or even some 1990's Jeff Greinke (sirca Swimming) to mind.


Motor!k (Belgium)

Motor!k (2019)
Motor!k 2 (2020)
3 (2022)

As the name suggests, this is a krautrock-influenced trio. They mostly go for the Dusseldorf sound, but also explore more cosmic / pastoral realms (as on "Colder" and "Static (Reprise)").


Motorpig (Ukraine)

Gardens of Delirium (2015)
Teaching A Fish To Fly (2020)
Tesla Coil (2020)

Varied ambient project from Kharkiv.

See also: Akhluth, Fayerabend.


Møtrik (USA)

Møtrik (2014)
Safety Copy (2017)
33 (2017)
Artificial Head (2020)
MØØN: The Cosmic Electrics of MØTRIK (2021)

Krautrock-influenced band with lots of motorik rhythms, guitars and electronics.

See also: Fulton, Dave


Motschmann, Johannes (Germany)

Electric Fields (2016)
Facets of Infinity (2017) (with Spark)
Waves At Boundaries (2017) (EP)
Lifestream (2019)

Drawing inspiration from several generations of electronic artists from his native Germany, Johannes Motschmann creates music in the trio format which is a mixture of classical forms (mostly piano, but also cello, strings and other lush orchestral arrangements) and electronics ranging from the atmospheric to rhythmic / sequencer-based.


Motte, Nicolas (Italy)

Alterzombie (2013) (S) (soundtrack) (with Antoine Kogut)
Rheologia (2014) (S)
Life Goes On If You Are Lucky (2015)

This guy from Syracuse combines equal doses of italo beats and melodic, analog EM sound.


Moufang, David (Germany)

Solitaire (1995)
Koolfang (1995) (with Pete Namlook)
Koolfang II (1995) (with Pete Namlook)
Jambient (1995) (with Pete Namlook)
Koolfang III (2005) (with Pete Namlook)
The Silent Orbiter (2014)
Live In Seattle (2015) (with Jordan Czamanski)

Ambient / techno musician (born in 1966 in Heidelberg) and Pete Namlook collaborator. David Moufang is also known as Move D.


Moukeprabbeli (Luxembourg)

Bogs And Frogs And Nightly Fog (2021) (S)

Wacky and quirky "bog synth" from Luxembourg.


Moulin, Jean-Francois (Belgium)

40 (2006)

Melodic, cinematic music from this Belgian composer and member of rock band Scandale.


Moulinie, Michel (France)

Chrysalide (1978)

An obscure work that combines acoustic guitar with electronics (lots of mellotron here) for something of a TD (Phaedra, Stratosfear) feel by guitarist of French theatrical prog band Ange, produced by Francis Decamps (Ange's keyboard player).


Moullet, Patrice (France)

Rock Sous La Dalle (1993)
Nyctalope (1995)
En Attendant Noe (1996)

Rhythmic and melodic, although a bit experimental, compositions, at times comparable to Peter Frohmader. Patrice Moullet was the leader of Catherine Ribeiro's Alpes during the 1970's. He then went solo, often incorporating his self-invented "sound sculpture" instruments. For instance, his "Percuphone No. 5" is a device that allows Patrice to trigger multiple samples simultaneously. I guess the device was used in the recording of at least one of the above solo albums. I've seen pictures of Patrice's laboratory / studio and it does look fairly impressive. Apart from synths, he has lots of custom instrumnents that are very attractive and effective visually (a couple of them are pictured on the covers of Rock Sous La Dalle and En Attendant Noe). A wonderful artist, indeed.


Moulton, Alex (???)

Exodus (2008)

Varied music from this artist, mostly upbeat, sometimes danceable (with disco / techno rhythms), sometimes atmospheric and / or melodic.


Mount Alaska (Ireland)

Wave Atlas: Season One (2019)

Dublin-based duo that mixes neo-classical sound (mostly piano) and synthesizers. Melodic, with some nice sequencing on some tracks.


Mount Maxwell (Canada)

Blue Highways Vol. 1 (2016)
Blue Highways Vol. 2 (2018)
Only Children (2019)
The People's Forest (2022) (recorded in 2021)

Dramatic, emotionally charged EM, both ambient and sequencer-based. A bit cinematic, sometimes reminding on Vangelis even.


Mount Shrine (Brazil)

Winter Restlessness (2018)
Ghosts On Broken Pavement (2019)
Shortwave Ruins (2020)
Dream Chambers (2020) (with Alphaxone)
Homeless Rooms (2021)

Warm, melancholic ambient compositions with lots of field recordings from this Rio de Janeiro-based project.

See also: Yasu Ether


Mountain Singers (USA)

There Is Only Winter (2022)

A project of Minnesota-based Bill McGuire. Started as indie rock project in the 1980's, it is now a solo modular synth venture of McGuire. Rich, reverberating webs of sound inspired by winter.


Mountain Tune (Japan)

Bolero (1985)

Short-lived trio consisting of Masanori Sasaji, Takayoshi Umeno and Yasuhiro Abe. There are some melodic tracks here, and some experimental ones, but the overall feel is pretty weird. I guess if you like the sample-heavy approach of 1980's Haruomi Hosono or Ryuichi Sakamoto, you might find this appealing.

See also: Sasaji, Masanori


Mountains (USA)

Mountains (2005)
Tour CD (2005) (S)
Sewn (2006)
Mountains Mountains Mountains (2008)
Choral (2009)
Etching (2009)
Tour CD (2009)
Air Museum (2011)
Tour CD (2013)
Live At the Bottletree (2013)
Centralia (2013)
You Can't Hide Your Love Forever (2015) (S)

Often described as a "post-rock" duo, this Brooklyn-based project, consisting of Koen Holtkamp (originally from the Netherlands) and Brendon Anderegg, combines acoustic and electronic sounds with ambient, droney results. There is a certain "kosmische" feel to a lot of their work.

See also: Holtkamp, Koen, Anderegg, Brendon.


Mourjopoulos, John (Greece)

The Manager In Charge (1987) (with Floros Floridis)
Dramamusic - Μουσική Για Κινηματογράφο & Τηλεόραση 1985-1995 (1996)
Icarus_asylum (2020) (with Andreas Georgiou)

Greek electronic composer and improviser. Some of the soundscapes on Icarus_asylum for some reason remind me on Blade Runner's atmosphere ("Animoid Row" et al.)


Mourning Cloaks (USA)

Mourning Cloaks (2022)

Varied ambient electronics from Denver. Ranges from experimental to melodic ala L'Apocalypse des Animaux by Vangelis.


Moussa, Sary (Lebanon)

Imbalance (2020)

Beirut-based electronic composer active since 2008. On Imbalance, he offers dark, stark, neurotic, but strangely ambient compositions that take their influence from bass music, IDM, glitch, industrial / noise and Prog EM (you can somehow draw parallels to pioneering stuff like Kluster / Cluster here). Nice and different. Great for fans of the more cerebral end of the EM spectrum.


Mouving (Australia)

Hobbyist Prescriptions (2007)
Solo Wife (2007)
Untitled (2007)
Plantation (2008)
Vertical Sleep (2008)
Simultaneous Solitudes (2008) (S)
Flugelman's Reflection (2009)

Unclassifiable mixture of Ambient, new age and melodic EM from Joshua Petherick out of Melbourne.


Mowinckel, Erik (Norway)

2012 - 2015 (2020)
Terrace Dweller (2020) (S)
Nattøvelser (2022) (S)

Self-taught musician and photographer from Oslo. His music represents mostly shorter vignettes with a nice, warm analog synth sound.

See also: Dachs


Mowitz, Ira J. (USA)

A La Memoire d'Un Ami (1992)

Difficult to describe, but I suppose Ambient would be the most fitting term for these warm, shimmering and atmospheric pieces with a lot of feeling and emotion, made on sophisticated (for the time) computer equipment.


Moya, Hegira (Japan)

Sway (2015) (S)
閑静な住宅街・Quiet Residential Area (2017)
Slow Vein (2018) (S)

The first cassette is an unlikely mixture of guitar strumming, folk touches and some cheesy transistor organ ditties. On Quiet Residential Area, thouh, there is a shift towards moodier ambient realms, with music dominated by gently arpeggiated synths, field recordings and a few ethnic touches. Slow Vein continues towards moody melodic EM and Ambient.


Møzaika (Poland)

Silver Tide (2020)

Relaxing music with sort of a balearic / deep house feel. A project of Wojciech Grynko, currently residing in Brussels.


MPU101 (Germany??)

MPU101 (2021)

Varied electronic tracks, from sequencer-based opener to ambient synth to electro-ish. Nice synthetic webs of sound on the closer.


Mr. Ebu (Germany)

Influences From the Luna-Canoe (1992)
Cosmic Cool (1997)
Floating (1999)
And We're Flying To the Sun (1999)
And There Will Be Music On Mars (2000) (with De Fabriek)
Mirror of Triarchy - Pre-Mix (2004) (S)

Diverse project of Carsten Olbrich. Ranges from rhythmic stuff (sometimes techno-influenced) to sample-heavy collages and cosmic Ambient. Also known as Ebu, King Ebu, Mr. Welten and under numerous other pseudonyms.


Mr. Eff (???)

The Parralel (2017)
Eyes Down (2019)
Nostalgia Confessions (2021) (S)

Varied cinematic music. Has synthwave-influenced sections, but mostly ambient or symphonic EM ala Vangelis (Bladerunner) or pulsing ala TD / Carpenter.


Mr. Hubba & El Mono Inventor (Spain)

Stargarder (2006)
Vida y Muerte de Mr. Hubba & El Mono Inventor (2010)

Varied duo from Barcelona. Mostly melodic and ambient, with touches of krautrock and more.


Mr Il Fagocitato (Italy)

Insania (1982)
Divergenze Parallele (1983)

Sort of an Experimental EM hybrid that alternates between wild sax outbursts and calm ambient electronics. Mr Il Fagocitato is a pseudonym of multimedia artist and painter Renato Meneghetti (b. 1947).


Mr. IRL (Denmark)

Synthesized Emotion (2020)

Interesting Kraftwerk-like concept. Repetitive rhythmics, strange sounds, robotic or monotonous vocals - it's all there. If you are a fan of Computerwelt - give it a try. Mr. IRL is Natal Zaks.

See also: Maizena, Palta.


Mr. Matthews (USA)

High Pass Heart (2013)
Competitive Games of Realness (2013) (S)
10 Cuba Libres (2014)
Eyebrows And Collarbones (2015)
Too Much of One Thing, Not Enough of Another (2016)

Experimental electronic musician (real name: Matthew Regula) who designs and builds his own synths. He is often quite noisy or glitchy, but also melodic and relying on the sequencing. Overall, he seems to adopt a sketch-like approach, with numerous short snippets instead of long compositions.

See also: Hex Breaker Quartet


Mr. Natural (USA)

A Record (2000)

Ambient music by John Sharp (of Blazen Y Sharp fame) who started creating electronically-based music in 1990. This album represents a mix of ambient electronics and natural sounds (like Alio Die??). His other releases are reportedly more noisy and chaotic and are stylistically out of scope for EEM.


Mr Yo So (Poland)

Delicious (2017)

Balearic / downtempo (closer to the latter than the former) musician from Poland, with obvious nods to melodic EM, Ambient and classical music.


Mrako-Su (Russia)

Voices of Bashkir Mountains (2017)

Ritual Ambient / Tribal influenced by shamanism and nature.


Mreńca, Tomasz (Poland)

Land (2016)
Black Lake (2017) (with Bartosz Dziadosz)
Peak (2018)
Echo (2021)

Ambient / atmospheric EM performed on violin and synthesizers.


Mrok (Poland)

Eternal Madness (2002)
Res Divinae (2004)

Polish Dark Ambient project.


Mrs Jynx (UK)

Jynx's Garden (2017) (recorded in 2004 - 2013)

Manchester-based IDM artist (Hannah Davidson). She has been compared to Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin. Jynx's Garden is a sort of retrospective of unreleased tracks, some of which stray away from her IDM roots into melodic EM and / or Ambient.


MrSteJ (UK)

Victory Gin (2020)

This Liverpool-based project makes cinematic Electronic Music inspired by science fiction books. He started with Victory Gin, inpsired by George Orwell's "1984". I really like some of the sounds used on this one. Nice use of vocoder as well.


MS 2020 (Germany)

Futur N (2021)

A duo of synthesists Thomas Meier and Marcel Margis. Berlin School-influenced music.

See also: TM Solver, MTA Lab.


Mt. Accord (Slovakia)

In Reverie (2017) (EP)
A Day (2017) (S)
Shatter-Resistant (2017) (S)
Postcards From A Dream (2018) (S)

Ambient sonic postcards from this project.


Mt. Judge (UK)

Time's Machines (2014)

Drone Ambient.


Mt. Tjhris (UK)

Amethyst Cave (2012)

Varied analogue soundscapes.

See also: Komodo Haunts, Sandpiper.


MTA Lab (Germany)

Synthetica (2016)
In Luv (2017)
Autumnal (2019) (EP)
Autumn (2019)

Synth trio of Marcel Margis, Thomas Meier and Andre Danker with a classic style.

See also: TM Solver, MS 2020.



Edge (2017) (EP)

Sort of a punky guitar / synth / drums sound with a krautrock feel.


mu tate (Latvia)

Let Me Put Myself Together (2021)

A project of Artur Strekalov, who is currently based in London. Ambient music of the more psychedelic, transcendental kind, with some rhythmic elements, perhaps a bit similar to what is being put out by acts like Ishq and their ilk.


Mücha (UK)

The Colour of Longing (2016)
Misc. Works (2018)
Fall (2021)

Warm Ambient with elements of classic analog EM and minimalism from London-based Amanda Butterworth. The second release has more of her singing in comparison with the debut, which is largely instrumental, but the music is still warm and synthy, with maybe an extra rhythmic / minimal synth touch.


Mucht, Artin (Germany)

Endless (2005)
Aimless (2005)
Weightless (2009)
Sleepless (2010)
Effortless (2013)
Senseless (2015)

Ambient soundscape artist. Hypnotic, intense, a bit dark.

See also: Parikrama


Mud (USA)

Mud (1994)
Burning Bush (1996)
Men In Black (1996)

Ambient project of Steve Hall (Yen Pox) and Traig Foltz. Mysterious.

See also: V.O.S., Yen Pox, Gorehallreider.


Mudskippers, The (USA)

Out of the Ice (1983)

A band from San-Francisco whose self-produced LP is stylistically all over the place. The dominating aesthetic is that of minimal synth / post-punk, with the band doing bad vocals on top of minimal electronic rock mayhem. However, there are also more ambient instrumental tunes and interludes that will be of interest to EM fans.


Muehlnickel, Bjoern (Germany)

2 Minute Aurora (2020)

A mixture of downtempo rhythms and ambient atmospheres.


Muerte Solar (Spain)

Muerte Solar (2014) (S)
Enciclopedia Series 8 (2016)

Experimental analog music from the duo of Sentrionaut and P. Fidalgo.

See also: Sentrionaut


Müholos (Belgium)

Psychosomnia (2020)

A strange Kraftwerk-inspired concept with vocoder overload and lots of cheesy, sometimes disco-ish rhythms and chirping synths.


Muhs, Eric (USA)

Alligator Wrestling (1985)

Veteran hometaper whose work (well, the bulk of it) seems to deal with loop experiments. This cassette, however, apparently focuses more on keyboards and guitars (and even some drum machine rhythms) in a style comparable to early Colin Potter.


Muied Lumens (UK)

The Abstract (2017)

Varied synth soundscapes inspired by dystopian visions.


Muir, Jake (USA)

Lady's Mantle (2018)
The Hum of Your Veiled Voice (2020)
Safe (2021) (with Xela)
Mana (2021)

Sunny and warm, as well as hazy and shady ambience.

See also: Monadh


Mukai, Takahiro (Japan)

Criblé de Lacunes (2015)
Silver Dust Bells (2016)
Granular Jelly (2016)
Sllutter Causes (2016)
Empathic Coloring (2016)
Humble Photoflash (2016)
Aqueous Ammonia (2016)
Sponge Ingot (2016)
E.V.O. (2017)
The Nameless Ones (2017)
Yuganderu / Distortion (2017)
Sand Container (2017)
Percussion Tenderness (2017)
Superficial Vein (2017)
Slow And Steady (2018)
Cognitive Dystopia (2018)
The Passion of Vojtek (2018)
Paraponera Clavata (2019)
Super Annoying (2019)
Helplessness (2019)
Gently Close the Mouth (2019)
Vulnerable (2019) (S)
Fountain (2019)
Zaja (2019)
Ripples (2019)
(2020) (S)
Fusty Stuffy (2020)
Melancholic (2020)
懐古的 (2021)
Spell (2022)
Aspiration (2022)

Often cited as a dub techno artist, Takahiro Mukai seems to make forays into Prog EM and related sounds every now and then. At least the above seems to contain some Prog EM material. Further investigation is needed.


Mukka (Iceland)

Study Fun Nr. 1 (2019) (S)
Study You Nr. 2 (2020)

A duo of Guðmundur Óskar & Kristjón Hjaltested who make a mixture of trip-hop / downtempo rhythms and analog, often wacky and 1960's electronics.


Mukqs (USA)

どうか Please Can You Keep My Secret (2014)
Walkthrough (2016) (recorded in 2014)
石の上にも三日 (2016)
11,666,666,666,666,666,666 (2017)
ダメ人間 (2017)
Slug Net (2018)
起き上がり (2018)
Prune City (2019) (with Sharkula)
SD Biomix (2019)
Mem Aleph (2019)
Any% (2019)
Take Caution On the Beach (2021) (with Sharkula)
In Human Form (2021)

Chicago-based Maxwell Allison aka Mukqs is an interesting artist who makes experimental music preferring to work with a hardware setup. Rhythmic, repetitive, with changing themes, FM sounds and varying moods. Rather unclassifiable stuff but nice. Recommended works: Walkthrough, 起き上がり.


Mulcahy, Paddy (Ireland)

How To Disappear (2019)

Mixture of piano playing and nice, propulsive (or flowing) electronic compositions.


Müldeponie (France)

The Freezing Cold of the Mountains (2012)
Réminescence Spirituelle (2012) (S)
Müldeponie, Or The Other Side Of Darkness II (2013) (S)
La Complainte Des Âmes Perdues
Diary of the Dungeon - A Burzum Tribute (2013)
Xi Ursae Majoris (2013) (S)
Le Ciel Etoilé (2013) (S)
Les Ruines du Temps (2013)
La Complainte des Âmes Perdues (2013)
Space Ambient Songs (2013)
Memories of the Middle Earth - A Tribute To Summoning (2014)
Rhûn (2014) (S)
War of Dawn (2014) (S)
When Dreams Are Fire, And the World Is Dreams (2014) (S)
The Lord of Time (2016) (EP)

I hope the authors don't mind that I quote a description from their Bandcamp page: "Dark Ambient duo from France that mixes Drone, Epic Ambient, Medieval Ambient, Dungeon Synth, Black Ambient and lots of other styles in the music". The project had enormous number of split releases and a great part of their discography is available as download-only.

See also: Balrog, Weress.


Mulders, Michel (Netherlands)

Gotspe / She Said (1984)
So Long Johnny (1986)
De Wisselwachter (1986) (soundtrack)

Electronic pieces composed for dance theatre. Michel Mulders is a former member of synth-pop group Spectral Display.


Mullaert, Sebastian (Sweden)

Natthall (2020) (with Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich)

An experiment of combining classical orchestra sounds with electronics by this well-known techno artist. The electronics are mostly of ambient and progressive type, not the dancey type. I would say that the music is about 60% acoustic, though.


Mullaney, Nigel (UK)

Triptych (2011) (with Ian Boddy and Markus Reuter)
31 Days (2019)
The Navigator (2021)
The Turning (2021)

UK synthesist who is pretty diverse and makes beat driven electronics, as well as progressive / ambient electronics. 31 Days will be enjoyed by fans of flowing / rhythmic EM. Shades of Klaus Schulze circa 1999 - 2005, the British School, Ambient etc.

See also: Dub Atomica, Best Before, Mazmoneth.


Mullen, Geoff (USA)

Bongo Closet (2010)
A Dust Futures (2010)

Experimental musician from Providence, Rhode Island. Not everything he does is electronic or Prog EM for that matter. The ones of interest will be listed. A Dust Futures contains varied compositions performed on a Yamaha CS-50 synth. Ranges from gently arpeggiated to noisy. Further investigation is needed.


Müller, Dirk Jan (Germany)

The Columns of Herakles (1991)
Brainwaves (1991)
Time Signals (1992) 

Synthesist of Electric Orange fame with a sound that is strongly influenced by classic period-Tangerine Dream.

See also: Electric Orange, Octopus's Garden, Cosmic Ground, Hausfrauen of Death, The.


Müller, Fritz (Germany)

Elektro Pop (2002)

Fritz Müller is actually a pseudonym of Eberhard Kranemann. He first used this name for a wild and punky German rock release titled Fritz Müller Rock in 1977. After that, the name fell into disuse until being resuscitated circa 2002 for a bunch of limited releases available on CDR directly from Kranemann. I don't know anything about them at the moment, but Elektro Pop may (or may not) contain music influenced by Kraftwerk.

See also: Kranemann, Eberhard


Müller, Jürgen (USA)

Science of the Sea (2011)
The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol. 1: Egypt (2017) (with Jonas Reinhard)

Presented by the label as a 1980 obscure German find, the music on this release was in fact composed and recorded by Norm Chambers aka Panabrite. Warm, gentle, bubbling synth sounds and melodies.

See also: Panabrite, Chambers, Norm.


Muller, Michael A. (USA)

Lower River (2019)

Solo ambient compositions from the co-founder of post-rockers Balmorhea. Droning, sometimes classically-influenced sound.


Müller, Sascha (Germany)

Home (2013)

Studio musician with a wide range of influences, such as techno, acid, IDM, noise, minimal, glitch and so on. He has such a huge discography that it seems like he releases every single noise he produces in his studio. This album contains some material that might interest Prog EM fans, such as "Listen to Your Inner Voice" (deep soundscape) and "Blue Sky" (Space Music / Ambient with arpeggios, although rather sparse and rough overall).


Müller, Thierry (France)

Culture (1980) (S)
Rare & Unreleased 1974 - 1984 (2007)
Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow (2012) (with Aaron Moore)
On Your Body's Landscape (2015) (with Quentin Rollet)
On Your Body's Landscape (2018) (Nick Littlemore)
Days In Vermillion Sands (2018) (with Nick Littlemore)
Lécho Des Chiens Dans Le Sang de la Tactique (2020) (with Pepe Wismeer)
Testament (D'Après François Villon) (2020) (with Christophe Manon)

French experimental electronic musician and the mastermind behind Ilitch and a few other projects.

See also: Ilitch, Ruth.


Müller, Wolfgang (Germany)

German author and musician. He seems to be interested in field recordings and musique concrete, as well as experimental music. However, there is a very beautiful melodic electronic piece by him on a sampler released by the Krautopia label. The music was performed on a Mixtur-Trautonium and the piece is called "Data's Traum". I wonder, if there is more stuff in that style in Wolfgang's archives. Including an artist because of one piece might seem like a bad idea, but let me make an exception until I further investigate his oeuvre.


Mullie Mess And the Happy Birds (Germany??)

Crossing the Red Sea With Mullie Mess And the Happy Birds (2017)

This sounds like Dieter Moebius gone Ambient - a bit wacky analog soundscapes with a few uneven rhythms.


Mulm (Norway)

The End of Greatness (2012)

Dark Ambient.

See also: Therradaemon, Northaunt, Human Voice, The.


Multa Nox (USA)

Multa Nox (2016)
Living Pearl (2017)

Floating analog synths from New York-based Sally Decker. Also some darker tracks with field recordings, voices and stuff.

See also: Decker, Sally


Multicast Dynamics (Netherlands)

Scape (2014)
Aquatic System (2015)
Scandinavia (2015)
Outer Envelopes (2016)
Continental Ruins (2017)
Lost World (2019)
Ancient Circuits (2020)
Metamorphosis (2021) (with Sid Hille)

Floating ambient sounds and field recordings from Samuel van Dijk.

See also: VC-118A


Multi-Mission (USA)

Field of View (2017)

Ambient soundscapes of a tranquil nature, but often with a weird out-there feel. A project of Samuel Simpson.


Multipoint Injector (Poland)

Altered States (2002)
Geonosis (2002) (S)
Hi-Form (2002)
Solfatara (2002) (S)
Disseminator (2008)

Polish Dark Ambient project.


Mumia (Brazil)

Mumia (2020) (recorded in 1988)

Mumia was a duo of Celso Alves and Kodiak Bachine that briefly existed circa 1988. The above is archived material recorded in Alves' home studio in the interior of São Paulo state on different keyboards and synthesizers, as well as drum machines. Interesting, rough material with sampling overload (I guess that was the fad of the day).

See also: Kodiak Bachine


Munchies On Flowers (Italy)

Munchies On Flowers (2019)

The first track is an abstract synth piece reminding on 1960's and early 1970's EM. The rest is experimental, but has varying degrees of IDM, dubstep, etc.


Mundok, Jason (USA)

Plitvice Botany (2016) (S)

Ambient composer from Pennsylvania with a shimmering, melodic, hypnotic and sometimes pulsing sound.


Munetoshi, Nakayama (Japan)

Echolocation (2016)
Floating To Kill Time (2018)
Reboot A Repetition (2020)

Ambient synthesizer artist from Japan. Varied, from floating to abstract and sequencer. Pretty nice stuff.


Munk, Jonas (Denmark)

September (2007) (with Jakob Skøtt and Rasmus Rasmussen)
Epic (2010) (with Ulrich Schnauss)
Pan (2012)
Searching For Bill (2013)
Emotion Meets Expression (2013) (with Ulrich Schnauss)
Absorb / Fabric / Cascade (2015)
Passage (2017) (with Ulrich Schnauss)
Always Already Here (2019) (with Nicklas Sørensen)
Minimum Resistance (2020)
Eight Fragments of An Illusion (2021) (with Ulrich Schnauss)

Krautrock / 70's German EM-inspired music from this producer, guitar player and Ulrich Schnauss collaborator.

See also: Billow Observatory


Munruthel (Ukraine)

Yav', Nav' i Prav' (1997)
Oriyanskie Skazanya (1999)
The Dark Saga (2011)

Folky Ambient from member of Noktural Mortum. The first album contains two long keyboard tracks.

See also: Silentium, Sammohana.


Munson, Chad (Canada)

Albedo (2014)
Soft Metals (2015)
Particle (2016)
Surface Tension (2019)
Sources (2021)

Saskatoon-based electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist. Output ranges from floating ambient textures to experimental beeps and bleeps.


Munz, Johannes (Germany)

Gegenlicht (1994)

This album by the German synthesist Johannes Munz was produced by Ron Boots who also plays on one track. Kinda melodic / rhythmic thing. Johannes Munz was born in 1962. In the 1970's he discovered Electronic Music via Kraftwerk's chart-bursting Autobahn. Many more discoveries followed, inluding Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Schulze, but his main influences were always the Dusseldorf School and the solo music of Michael Rother. While still being at school, Johannes was provided with a few gadgets by a friend who was into electronics. These included a basic modular synth. A bit later, Johannes added to it some modules of his own and thus his musical journey began. Michael's school friend (I guess he should be named now, his name is Felix Kentgens) still supplies Johannes with custom-built devices from time to time. In the 1980's, Johannes bought a few commercial synths and met fellow musician Rene De Vreng. The two jammed together in Rene's studio for a while, while the job as a translator let Johannes buy himself more synths. Other collaborators during the 1980's included Johannes' ex-colleague and synthesist Anubodh Prem. In the early 1990's, Ron Boots offered a contract to Johannes. The album Gegenlicht was recorded in 1993 - 1994. It got positive reviews from specialized EM press. 


Munzard (Germany)

Blurred Artifacts (2020)
Devaluator (2021)

Modular synth artist who on Blurred Artifacts does not sound particularly Prog, opting for noisy, minimal approach. The whole sounds somewhat... well, blurred. Devaluator is more focused and, although presenting also a glitchy, noisy / industrial approach, manages to surprise with purely Progressive EM tracks like "Soft Generating" or the pastoral "Say". Now I'm hooked.


Muraglia, Raf (Italy)

Back To Winter (1998)

Flowing, melodic music with some downtempo rhythms. Sort of relaxing, new age-like.


Murakami, Tatsuro (Japan)

Between (2020)
The Sound of Living Things (2022)

Japanese artist, residing in Brazil since 2014. Minimal, relaxing ambience, recorded with processed guitars (both electric and acoustic) and electronics / synths.


Murcof (Mexico)

The Alias Sessions (2021)

Murcof is an alias of long-standing (since early 2000's) Spanish-based experimental / IDM artist Fernando Corona, who is known for his sample-based / glitch-infused compositions. The Alias Sessions has a definite Progressive Electronic / ambient EM vibe to it.


Murd, Janek (Estonia)

Triiviv (2014)
Kuihas Ehitada Kosmoselaeva? (2015) (soundtrack)
Eluring (2017)
Muusika Kuuldemängule Üks Päev Mati Alaveri Elus (2020) (S)
VIIV (2022)

Nice, cinematic EM from this synthesist and member of several bands.


Murderous Vision (USA)

Suffocate...the Final Breath (1999)
The Times Without Gods (2002)
Ghosts of the Soul Long Lost (2005)
The Waking-State Nightmare (2005)
Life's Blood Death's Embrace (2006)
Frozen In Morphia (2009)
Black Hellebore - A Quiver of Arrows (2012)
Engines & Disciples (2014)
Hidden Histories (2014)
To Know How It Will End (2015)
What We're Able To Recover (2017) (EP)
Voided Landscapes (2018)
Surface Bone (2019) (EP)
Abscission (2019)
Liminal Presence (2019) (with Envenomist)
Caustic Coagulation (2020)
Elemental Flame (2021)

Dark Ambient from Stephen Petrus. The project was started in 1994. The first albums Lost (1996) and ...Loathe (1997), as well as a cassette single that was released in-between all reflected a period of artistic search and had very little to do with any form of Ambient or EM.

See also: In Death's Throes, Umbra.


Murdöck (USA)

Output (2021)

Colorado-based duo. Their primary instruments are electric guitars. However, they use such copious amounts of electronic processing that the sound of the electric guitar is often completely unrecognizable. They manage to coax some really weird and strange textures out of their setup. Add a krautrock-ish attitude to that and you have something which is definitely worth a listen.


Murgrind (Germany)

Journey Through the Mountain (2013)
Inheritor of the Forest Throne (2015)
Stronghold In the Mountains (2016) (S)
The Fallen Kingdom (2019)

Dungeon synth with sporadic use of nice mellotron flute sounds.

See also: Throne of Knowledge


Murkok (Russia)

Elemental Labyrinth (2016)
Dizziness (2016)
Dialectic (2016)
Glimmers (2017) (with Joe Fujinoki)
So Little Music (2017)
My Sea (2017)
Pangea (2017)
Coast (2017)
Between (2017)
Statera (2018)
Presence (2018)
Krapilasa (2018)
The Cure For Lenau (2019)

Vyborg-based ambient project with a warm sound, seemingly influenced by label mates at ...txt and the Japanese school.


Murmurous Playground, The (Portugal)

Remote Control Socket (2020)

Ambient collective of musicians.

See also: Centeio, Alexandre


Muro, Don (USA)

It's Time (1977)
Anthology (1981)
Reflections (2004)
Souffrances et Extases du Jeune Amour (2014) (recorded in 1969 - 1974)
Synthesizer Pop For A New Age (2017) (recorded in 1974 - 1978)
Off We Go: More Synth Pop From 1970 - 1979 (2018)

With multiple analog synths on the cover (mostly ARP's), Don Muro's It's Time is a true eye-catcher. However, listening to the LP you can easily say where the guy's coming from. Loaded with electronic fusion / funk instrumentals, this album belongs more or less to the mainstream and the most easy-listening end of the EM spectrum, almost to the point of being "un-progressive". A couple of vocal tracks (one sappy ballad and one perplexing hard-rocking tune) don't help matters either. However, there are also some classically-inspired tracks (they were written for an orchestra) that might interest fans of Synergy. The album closer called "Russian Dream" is another interesting track thanks to its use of the sequencer. Tread carefully. Nothing is known about Anthology, while Reflections is much more consistent in style, although to call these calm and relaxing instrumental tracks EM would be a huge overstatement. There are pictures of Don's current studio on his website that should be seen.


Murphy, Damian (???)

The Forbidden Temple (1993)

Electronic Music made with MS-20, Poly 800, HP 100, drums & percussion, glass gong and voices.


Murphy, Patrick (USA)

The Confluence (1996)

Eno-like ambience with strong roots in classical music.


Murray, James (UK)

Where Edges Meet (2008)
Floods (2012)
The Land Bridge (2013)
Broken Homes (2013) (S)
Mount View (2014)
The Sea In the Sky (2015)
Loss (2015)
Eyes To the Height (2016)
Killing Ghosts (2017)
Floods Returned (2017)
Heavenly Waters (2017)
Falling Backwards (2018)
Landscapes of Lovers (2018)
Slowcraft Presents: The Muse 06.07.19 (2019) (S) (with Ian Hawgood and Stijn Hüwels)
Remote Redux (2019) (with Francis M. Gri)
Embrace Storms (2019)
Suññatā (2020) (with Mike Lazarev)
Day Falls (2021) (with Ian Hawgood and Stijn Hüwels)

This artist started with a downtempo release on Ultimae label. He has since plunged with both feet into the realms of electronic and semi-acoustic Ambient.

See also: Silent Vigils


Murray, James N (USA)

À Vancouver (2017)
City of the Night (2018)

A mixture of narrative pieces, soundscapes and pure analog synth music. James N Murray is a native of Chicago.


Murray, Mike (USA)

Streets of Thunder (1995)

Simple melodic music for fans of the Melrose years of Tangerine Dream, i.e. only marginally progressive at best. His subsequent albums contain lounge music.


Mursyid, Fahmi (Indonesia)

Alam (2019)

Varied experimental artist from Bandung. The above album is an ambient work.


Murtaugh, John (USA)

Blues Current (1970)

Jazzy and sometimes funky moog record by one of the pioneers of synthesizers (he used the fourth Moog synthesizer ever created by Bob). It's fairly easy-listening, of course, but still a piece of history. Besides, all tunes are originals and the album features solid rhythm section from Bernard Purdie as well as piano from Herbie Hancock and bass from Gerrie Germot. John Murtaugh was mostly known as composer of music for commercials & ads.


Muschraum (Estonia)

Naterijeka (2005)

A project of Sander Saarmets. Unique style, with lots of chromatic percussion, some violins, melodic synths... Minimal, ambient, hypnotic, melancholic... The closing track is ecstatic and beautiful.

See also: V4R1


Músculo! (Spain)

Selección Natural (2013) (EP)
Vivac (2014) (EP)
Músculo! (2018)

Galician band that mixes rhythmic, a bit synthwave-influenced sound with kraut and ambient EM styles.


Muse, David (USA)

Tonal Alchemy (1981)

Rare solo album by ex-keyboard player of West Coast rock / country rock band Firefall. Muse plays synthesizers, vocoder, soprano sax and flute. Jonathan Medrick guests on sitar and tamboura. David Muse is still touring with his band that he called Tonal Alchemy, just like his first solo work.


Museum of Natural History (USA??)

Firmament (2022)

Relaxing ambient synth compositions. A bit dungeon synth-like, but with enough variation to maintain interest throughout.


Museum of No Art (Germany)

Improvisations On Clarinet And Time-Stretched Space (2020)
Museum of No Art (2020)

A project of Mona Steinwidder from Hamburg (she is currently residing in Vienna). The eponymous album features experimental but extremely listenable electronic compositions with repetitive structure, lots of analog synths, sampling, voices, clarinet etc.


Museum of Transient Lights (Romania / Norway)

Dream A Little Dream (2004)

Dark soundworlds from Lucian Oltenau and Karsten Hamre.

See also: Hamre, Karsten, Dense Vision Shrine, Defraktor, Veiled Allusions.


Musgrave, Wayne (USA)

Jesus the Christ, Joseph the Prophet (1983)
Summer (1984)
Fall (1984)
Seaside Images (1985)
Magical Garden (1986)
Angel's Song (1986) (with Mary Richards)
Dreamscapes (??)

Jesus... is an obscure, religious-themed concept album with Wayne performing on Korg Polysix synthesizer and piano. From light and breezy to dark and intense, with a strong classical influence.


Musgrove, Joe (Australia)

Patterns of Abundance (2021)

Varied experimental artist based in Brisbane. Patterns of Abundance is his foray into electronic ambience influenced by 1990's long-form works in this style.


Mushroom Village (USA)

Strawberry Fields (2020) (S)
Mushroom Village (2020)
Good Old Fashioned Village Life (2020) (S)

Serene, utopian / cartoonish synth themes.


Mushy (Italy)

Analitica dell'Immaginazione (2003)
Fando y Lis (2008) (EP) (with Peter M.)
Superfetazione (2009)
Faded Heart (2011)
Breathless (2012)
1984 (2012) (S)

Solo female project from Rome. Mostly in Dark Ambient realms but also with strong experimental leanings.

See also: Phantom Love


Musial, David (USA)

Hymntronics (1983)

Dave Musial is an award-winning multimedia producer and educator. A pipe organ player in the past, he assembled an electronic studio in New York in the late 1970's / early 1980's, jumping on the MIDI bandwagon once the technology came around. He also released this obscure LP on a private label out of Orchard Park, NY that supposedly featured a mix of Electronic Music and straight-ahead (christian) songs.


Music For Installations (Belgium)

Live At the Museum of Fine Arts (2015)
Stamp & Deliver (2020)

Ambient soundscapes with a lot of field recordings from Pieter Gyselinck.


Music For Manuel (Italy)

Darkness (1989)

Obscure Electronic Music by Raniero Gaspari and Roberto Mazzanti.


Music For Sleep (Italy)

Stories of A Hermit (2017)
Background Music: Schorre (2018)
Infinite Tape Loops: Vol. 1 (2018)
Waterforms (2019)
Infinite Tape Loops: People (2019)
Infinite Tape Loops: The Edge (2019)
Reserve (2019)
Care And Gestures (2019)
Background Music: Shard of the Ancient (2019)
Infinite Tape Loops: Tampura And Organ Meditations (2020)
Opere Sole: Music For FM Synthesizer And Tape (2020)
Sound Installation For Empty Rooms (2020)
Infinite Tape Loops: From the Sea of Changes (2020)
The Garden of Treasure (2020)
Conference of Morning Birds At the Happiness Research Center (2020)
Anima Loop (2020)
Music From A Sinking World (2021)
Il mio sogno è di avere i poteri elettrici (2021) (with Macrogramma)
Mellotron Works (2021)
New Values (2021)
Heavenly Life (2021)
The Healing Power of the Moog (2021)
Trasparenze (2021)
Decades (2021)
La coesione tra i due mondi (2021)
New Values (2022)
Vuoto a perdere (2022)
Here Comes the Ocean / Here Come the Waves (2022)

Ambient project of Sardinian artist Andrea Porcu. Rather minimal, repetitive, hypnotic and lulling sound. Some of the choir patches on Stories of A Hermit remind nicely on Klaus Schulze's "Mediterranean" phase circa 1986 - 1990.

See also: Porcu, Andrea


Music From the Future (Netherlands)

Random Noise Generation (1998)
Explicit Electronica (2000)

Music From the Future is the project of Colorado based (originally from Holland) synthesist Marcel Peelen. He creates classic (and rather adventurous) Electronic Music influenced by Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk.

See also: Peelen, Marcel


Musica Elettronica Viva (Europe)

Spacecraft (1968)
MEV (1968)
Rome Concert (1968)
Friday (1969)
Leave the City (1970)
The Sound Pool (1970)
United Patchwork (1977)
Live '94 (1995) (S)
The Original (1996) (recorded in 1968)
Rome Cansrt (1999) (recorded in 1968)

Spacecraft 1967 - 1990 (2001)
Pieces (2004) (recorded in 1966 and 1967)
Apogee (2005) (with AMM)
7 2 Berlz (2008)
MEV 40 (2008) (recorded in 1967 - 2007)
Symphony No. 106 (2016)
Symphony No. 108. Live At Brno Philharmonic (2017)

The music of this experimental formation has been described as experimental electronic jazz. Well, I cannot say if that's really true, because I haven't got to hearing their works yet. Nevertheless, I have some reasons to associate them with AMM. At least, their work seems to occupy similar terrain. Founded in Rome in the 60's, the group's first lineup consisted of Richard Teitelbaum (moog), Fredrick Rzewski (springs, amplified glass plate), Allan Bryant (modified organs) and Alvin Curran (trumpet and other instruments). The group also included saxophonist Ivan Vandor at some early stages. Later the group split into many separate fractions and saw several lineup changes. United Patchwork consists mainly of solo pieces by MEV members.

See also: Teitelbaum, Richard, Fondation, Branchi, Walter, Curran, Alvin.


Musicaenchiriadis (Italy)

Music For Nikola Tesla (2005)

A musical project of Piergiorgio Ambrosi, who also plays keyboards in Montefeltro (a Genesis-styled progrock band). A rather unique Experimental sound here, with both old and new elements.


Musical Keyboard System (France)

New Synthetic World (1989)

Aka MKS. Melodic / rhythmic. A project of Nicolas Aubard.


Musiccargo (Germany)

Der Schmetterling (2005) (EP)
Hand In Hand (2009)
Harmonie (2013)

Neo-krautrock duo of Gerhard Michel and Gordon Pohl, influenced by Neu!, La Dusseldorf and Cluster.


Musicians With Guns (France)

Overstepping Artifacts (2014)
Mensch CD 003 (2016)

Transcendental Ambient from Alexandre Lehmann who is also a producer of dub techno under different aliases.


Musik Werks (USA)

Songs You've Never Heard Before (1979)
Anthology '77 - '81 (1981)
Intersketches (1981)
Explorations (1983)
1984 (1984)

Synth duo of Lew Corelis and Jack Schrage with many styles, both ambient and experimental.


Musikautomatika (Venezuela)

Musikautomatika (1983)
Boston Tape (1987)
Kuba (1989)
Frequencias En Peligro de Extincion (1993)

The first album is subtitled "Grupo Experimental Electroacustico" and features Electronic Music with prog moves from Luis Levin, Alvise Sacchi and Stefano Gramitto. Musikautomatika was formed in 1976. The group gave a lot of performances in various venues around Caracas. They have also worked for theatre, video and film productions.


Musique Chienne (France)

Unique Tape (2015) (S)
Être en vie (2016)
La Maison de Billy (2017)
Dogtape Vol.5 - Loto des senteurs (2018)

Unique project of Sarah-Louise Barbett from Marseille. The best way to describe her sound is by this story I have just invented: "look, there's a small dog in our yard. Arf! Arf! Looks like one of those dogs you would see in a cartoon. He wants to enter our house, daddy, let him in. Arf! Arf! Wow, he is heading to your studio. Oh no, he is reaching for your LP collection, daddy, he will sure make some mess. Wait a minute, he is pulling two albums out. What did he choose? - Jean-Jacques Perrey and Cluster. Now he is reaching for your synthesizer..."


Muska, Olev (Australia)

Tuljak! (1980) (S)
Tantsi! Tantsi! (1983)
Old Estonian Waltzes (1985)
Laulik-Elektroonik - Explorations in Estonian Electronic Folk Music - The First Years, 1979-1983 (2018)

Olev Muska is New South Wales, Australia-born artist of Estonian descent. He released at least one full-length LP with a mixture of traditional Estonian waltzes (with female vocals) and electronic arrangements. However, the album also includes original material by Muska in a totally unique, weird EM style.

See also: Elektrio


Musser, Michele (USA)

A Cast of Shadows (1984)
Dreams Without Dreamers (1985)
Eye Chant (1986)
Dreamtime (1988)
Beside Herself (2018) (recorded in 1983 - 1990)

Electronic musician with a quirky melodic style, sometimes classically-inspired ala Synergy, sometimes with weird voice samples, bringing to mind some art pop bands of the 1980's (such as The Art of Noise). Michele Musser is also known as Michele Mercure.


Musterion (Sweden)

The Black Lodge (2006)
The Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life (2009)

Dark soundscapes from Simon Kölle.


Musti Laiton (Finland)

Avaruusvuodet (2003)

Improvisational experimental rock trio from Helsinki. On this particular album they find themselves in a relaxed ambient / electronic mode. Musti Laiton consists of Ville Pitkänen, Reima Tuovinen and Roope Seppälä.


Mutagene (Canada)

Sleeping Possession (2002)

Unique rhythmic, but relaxed soundscapes with some ethnic / Asian influences creeping in. The artist was born in Canada but seems to have relocated to Japan.


Mutation Vector (USA)

Grimly Oblivious (2000)
Lava Stigmata (2000)
Placebo Merchant (2002)
Kill It Before It Multiplies (2004)

James Lacey and Greg Waltzer.

See also: Cranial Mythos, Fringe Element, Xeroid Entity.


Mutual Extermination Club (UK)

Retrocausality (2015)
Yellow Tape (2015)
Skeuomorphic I (2018) (S)
Skeuomorphic II (2018) (S)

London-based project of repetitive or ambient analog music.


Muuton Koto (Finland)

Satumainen Avaruus (2019)

A duo of Veli-Matti Ikävalko and Jani Hirvonen. Strange stuff with a definite folk feel in places, but predominantly electronic and with that quirky and cosmic Cluster vibe.

See also: Uton


Muvitium (Sweden)

Gammelbygdens Vemodsklangor (2017)
Likfärdens Begravningspsalm (2019)

Melancholic, lo-fi synth dirges.


Muzak For Cages (Germany)

Slow Glow (1998)

Ambient music from Andreas M. Lucas. Not so dark. Fans of Steve Roach or Vidna Obmana shall find it to their liking.


Muziekkamer (Netherlands)

Het Winnifred Komplex (1980)
I  - Kamermuziek (1983)
II - Popmuziek (1984)
III - Filmmuziek (??)
Op Zee (1984)

This was a duo of Martin Keuning and Cees van de Oever from Leiden who released a few tapes in the early 1980's. They mostly opted for a hybrid minimal synth / Ambient approach, so common among indie Dutch artists of the time. In their most ambient moments they can be compared to Brian Eno or the Palace of Lights (Savant / Kerry Leimer) crowd.


My Friend Peter (Austria)

Speak (2020)

I am not very familiar with the music of this indie rock project based in Graz. Anyway, it seems to be basically a one-man band of Benedikt Brands who plays all the instruments and sings. Most of his output seems to be influenced by the psychedelic and progressive movements within rock music, but when I heard Speak, I detected an EM influence, especially on instrumental tracks like the short "And". File under EM-related.


Mycologia (USA)

Assorted Mushrooms of New England (2019)

"Mushroom synth" project from New England.


Myers, Allen (USA)

12 Little Treasures (1998)
Origins (2006)
The Boy With the Mute Spirit (2020)

The 2006 effort is an electronic album (done with a Korg Polysix) from this prog rock musician. The exact style is unknown at the moment. 12 Little Treasures is another electronic-oriented release, although this one features a small supporting cast of musicians.


Myers, David Lee (USA)

Gravitation And Its Discontents (1984)
Flussdichte (2001) (with Asmus Tietchens)
Tracers (2003) (with Vidna Obmana)
60:00 (2004) (with Asmus Tietchens)
Arcs (2018) (with Asmus Tietchens)
Prototype of the Veil (2019)
Reduced To A Geometrical Point (2021)
Xenography (2022)

Experimental musician who is quite prolific, releasing music under his real name and as Arcane Device. I will try to list his EM-related material. Apart from some collaborations with artists who were already in EEM, I included his debut here - a very interesting, rhythmic electronic work featuring his self-built feedback devices, among other tools. Sometimes has a sort of a proto-techno sound even. Prototype of the Veil is completely unique ambient feedback music. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Arcane Device


Mykja (Italy)

B&S (2016) (S)
Climate Change (2017)
North Paths (2017)

Ambient duo with some elements of dub.


Mykoriza (Russia)

Laagskikt (2017)
Koagula (2018)
Hydnum Repandum (2018)
Agaricus (2019)
Personal Boxset For Arseny Litvin (2021)
Dumay Kak Les (2021)

Ambient compositions from Evgeny Savenko. Noisy, droney, mysterious, experimental...

See also: Petrograd Drone Gathering


Myle, Luc (USA)

Velveteen (2019) (EP)

Sparse, sequential or gently rhythmic electronics from this artist.

See also: / / / /


Myles, Randon (USA)

Electronic Horizons (1996)
The Fourth Door (2006)
Distant Roads (2007)

Michigan-based Ambient / soundscape artist. Moody, melancholic music. Note that Randon has also released some purely new age CD's (naturally not included here). The last two albums, however, will please fans of both light / dark Ambient and piano playing.


MYMK (Brazil)

Jeopardy (2015)
Early Bloom (2016)
Pastorales (2017)
The Memory Fog (2017)
Garlands (2019)
Forays Into Clamor (2019)
The Amputees (2021) (S)

A project of Brasilia-based experimental electronic musician Bruno Sres. Intense sound which could be called Noise Ambient but the music is more structured and has rhythms. Sounds like a more industrial, cold and detached Heldon playing in cyberspace or dystopian city. Rather nice.


Mynationshit (Spain)

The Little Tyrant (2008) (S)
Mynationshit (2012)
Struck Down By Faith (2013) (S)
We Are the Hunters & Mynationshit (2014) (with We Are the Hunters)
Cariño (2015) (with Juan Manuel Cidrón)
Malevolent Charmer (2016)
The Tycoon (2020)

Spanish producer of electro and related genres (real name - Carlos Martin). Struck Down By Faith features very EM-like intro and outtro and lots of fat analog synths throughout. Most of the time he finds himself in the Kraftwerk mode, with a unique touch.

See also: Red Blood Divine


Mynoda (Russia)

Music of Caves (2013)

Noise project. Music of Caves has a more ambient vibe to it.

See also: Maklakov, Vitaly, Kromeshna.


Myopic (USA)

We Were Here (2012) (S)

Tranquil Ambient with some repetition and acoustic instruments.


mypan (Germany)

Perpetuum Musica Momentum (2018)

Self-taught musician with a style that combines rich synth pads, some slow rhythms and sequences. Overall falls into the general rhythmic / melodic category.


Myrrdin (UK)

Glomung Ofer se Weald (2008)

This is dungeon synth / fantasy music in the vein of early Mortiis. After that, the project drifted to black metal realms.


Mysia (Italy)

Land Ho! (1991)
Bike (1993)
Spellbound (1994)
Solitudes (1995)

Synthesizer / space rock from the duo of Andrea Bassato and Franco Pivato.

See also: Bassato, Andrea


Mystal Tree (USA)

Mystal Tree (2017)
New Growth (2019)

Although generally classed as dungeon synth, this music is too active and inctricate for the term, owing much more to progressive rock's keyboard pioneers like Keith Emerson and maybe also the video game music.


Mysterians (Greece)

Joyride On Judgment Day (2017)

Melodic, rhythmic and cinematic compositions with a pretty fat and in-yer-face sound. The slow / atmospheric tracks are the best in my opinion.


Mysteries of Science (Germany)

Mysteries of Science (1994)
The Erotic Nature of Automated Universes (1995)

Dominic Woosey with the same brand of techno-tinged ambient chill that adorned his early solo album.

See also: Woosey, Dominic


Mystery Hearsay (USA)

Apoplexy (1984)
Tributary (??)
Dwarfed By Brightness (??)
Assets To Serv Five (??)
Swelling Tin / Embelling Sin (1984)
Rifles Aimed At the Heart (1987)
Tiny Clouds (1987)
Final Passage (??)
Mystical Hearsleigh (??)
Imminent Warning (1987)
Halos And Horns (1988)
Mystery Hearsay Radio Mix 88 (1988)
Ear Gear (1989)
Mystery Hearsay (1990)
Studio 94 (1994)
Time Schlep (1998)
Feed-X (2001)
Flesh Dwarf (2002)
Flesh Tomb (2011)

Mystery Hearsay is Mike Honeycutt. His music is quite diverse and ranges from the heavy-duty experimental stuff to floating kosmische excursions. Ear Gear features electronics recorded in 1988 - 1989 and released on Harsh Reality. Equipment: Emulator 2, Yamaha DX7, Roland D550, digital FX processor, Kawai & Soundcraft mixers.


MystesSystem (Switzerland)

Live (2017) (with Jean-Claude)

Long tracks of melodic, jazzy and cosmic analog synths, subtle rhythms and rhythmic sections with an "electro" or italo flair.


Mystic Frequences (USA)

Waveshaper (2019)

Texan artist with a rhythmic / melodic sound between synthwave and Prog EM.


Mystic Jungle Tribe, The (Italy)

Solaria (2015)
Qvisisana (2016) (S)
Plenilunio (2017)
Live In Napoli (2017)

Italian trio consisting of Dario di Pace, Raffaele Arcella and Enrico Fierro. They are pretty unlassifiable and mix in house, disco, balearic beat and experimental electronics. Their Prog EM influences are pretty few and in-between, but Live In Napoli is actually good Prog EM in a unique, improvised style, a bit jazzy and based on analog synths.


Mystic Shade (???)

The Spirit (1993)


Mystica Visio (Brazil)

Mystica Visio (2020)
II (2021)

Dungeon synth-influenced project of Gustavo Jobim. Given that Gustavo is no stranger to music making has a considerable experience with styles like Progressive Electronic, Rock music and experimental electronics, you can expect quite elaborated, expertly done material and in fact it is. Putting to shame most DS in terms of inventiveness, playing skills and sheer diversity, Mystica Visio is a nice choice for both dungeon synth fans who are looking for something a bit different and EM fans who prefer somber, more mysterious moods. Recommended.

See also: Jobim, Gustavo


Mystical Light (Germany)

Beyond the Horizon (2013)
Full Moon Rising (2015)

Rhythmic, sequence-full electronics.

See also: Yog Sothoth


Mystical Sun (USA)

Primordial Atmospheres (1994)
Ethereal Essence (??)
After Materia Cloudland (2000)
Deeperworlds (2006)
Energy Mind Consciousness (2008)
Cassiopeia (2011) (EP)
26000 (2012)

Relaxed Ambient / Space Music from one Richard Plom.


Mystified (USA)

Music For Transit (2003) (with Robin Storey)
Arctic Isolationism (2004) (with Seetyca)
Distance (2004)
Terran Time Slip (2004)
Transient (2005)
Vagabond, Pirate (2005)
Reduced (2006)
Instability (2007)
Iron (2007)
Lower (2007)
M (2007)
Mellow Utility (2007)
Planete Interdite - A Tribute To Forbidden Planet (2007)
Balam (2007) (S)
Blast Detail (2007)
Displaced Assemblage (2007)
Retrogress (2007)
The Synthetic Room (2007)
Cold Telemetry (2008)
Narcotic Basement (2008)
Uncanny (2008)
Major Fog (2008)
Phantoms (2008) (S)
Science Fiction (2008)
Skywatchers (2008)
CircleSlowChime (2009)
Fever Stars (2009) (with Wyrm)
Foiled Again (2009)
Frigid Radiance (2009)
Hypno-Strain (2009)
Morph From Orph (2009)
One Thousand Dreams (2009) (with Nunc Stans)
Primal Mystification (2009)
Pulse Ringer Pieces (2009)
Silent Thoughts From Afar (2009) (with Desohll)
Fertile Buzz (2010)
Passing Through the Outer Gates (2010)
Ghostbone (2011) (with The Ghost Between the Strings)
Pangaea Ultima (2011) (with Ars Sonor)
Epoch (2012) (with Shane Morris)
Suns (2012) (with Seetyca)
Still Dreaming (2012)
Life Is A Carnival (2012)
Music For Transit (2012)
Fantastic Journey (2013) (with The Circular Ruins)
Emergence (2013) (with Shane Morris)
A Pale But Lasting Hope (2013)
Eccentrica (2014)
Evolution (2014) (with Shane Morris)
Inuksuk (2015) (with Jack Hertz)
Concrete Expanse (2017)
Love Is A Machine (2017) (with Scott Lawlor)
Sullivan's City (2017)
Morning City (2017)
Under the City (2017)
Red Planet 2017 Remaster (2017)
Yenisei Crossing (2020)
Conditioning (2021)

Mystified is Thomas Park who is very much into sampling and has a background in techno scene. He is known for his collaboration with Robin Storey aka Rapoon. Lately, he's plunged into the world of Ambient music, combining his sampling techniques and concrete textures with varied synthesized atmospheres and tribal beats. Mystified's discography is huge but most of his works were released as MP3 files available for download.


Myth Gestalt Musik (UK)

Only 2 Colours In 1 Silence (2001)

Myth Gestalt Musik is Mike O'Neill from Liverpool, England. He is a very diverse artist (mostly a painter) and music is not his primary sphere of interest, rather it was conceived to accompany his exhibition and multimedia performances. It has been described as pretty dark overall.


Mythological Eoarchean Cosmonauts (France)

Astral Fluid (2011)

Experimental cosmic drones.

See also: Vampire Tower


Mythos (Germany)

Mythos (1971)
Dreamlab (1975)
Strange Guys (1977)
Concrete City (1979)
Quasar (1980)
Grand Prix (1981)
Live (1989) (S)
M.A.S.S. (1990)
Mythosphere (1990)
Meditation (1995)
Wintermezzo (1999)
Meditation - Le Printemps Mystique (1999)
Emerald Summer (2000)
The Dark Side of Mythos (2000)
Feuillage (2000)
Kamasutra (2001)
Edgar Allan Poe (2004)
Mysteria (2006)
Surround Sound Offensive (2008)
Gallery Concerts (2009)
Unabsteigbar! (2010)
Superkraut Live 1976 (2011)
Surround Sound Evolution (2012)
Jules Verne Forever (2015)
Jules Verne - Around the World In 80 Days (2016)
Berliner Schule Sequencing (2020)

Mythos was one of the original bands on the famous German Ohr label. Now reduced to a solo project of Stephan Kaske, Mythos continues to make music. The early albums are classics of German cosmic and psychedelic scene. Their first release is typical of cosmic music of that time, albeit with prominent flute sounds. It's definitely the product of the psychedelic era but it's not drippy-dippy hippie stuff. It's quite enjoyable 'krautrock' album with a good dose of experimental electronics thrown in. Some tracks feature vocals of Kaske, weirdly processed. In the last track Kaske tells a nice story with a strong German accent. Later albums are more commercial, but still nice. They are more delicate electronics, though, in comparison with the first, which was quite wild in places.


Myths And Monsters (UK)

East And West (2019) (S)
Project Echo (2021)

Occupying more or less the same terrain as USA's Disasterpeace, this project of Bury-based Ste Whiley combines chiptune with melodic progressive EM, although he has a sound of his own and a slight synthwave touch perhaps.


Mytrip (Bulgaria)

Low (2011)
Scattered I (2013)
Reviraje / Lifeless (2014) (with EUS)
Empty (2015) (S)
Filament (2016)
Controlled Perception (2016) (with Climaxim and Ian Shopov)
Circle of Loss  (2017) (S)
Keeper (2020)
Debris (2021) (recorded in 2014) (with Yhdarl)
Descent (2022) (S) (with Shrine)

Dark Ambient.

See also: Dayin


MZ.412 (Sweden)

Domine Rex Inferum (2001)

A black industrial project by Nordvargr. This is the most ambient and atmospheric release of MZ.412. It could be described as epic Black Ambient. When played at low volumes it's fairly soothing but can be a bit overwhelming when cranked up a few notches. Some Satanic bullshit on show here, but otherwise can be interesting to fans of ambient electronics.

See also: Nordvargr, Beyond Sensory Experience.


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