Q2 (Germany)

Asteroid (2013)
Tiere (2014)

Berlin School music by Frank Husemann and Sunny Vollherbst from Hamburg.


Qi Hammer (USA)

Jhana (2018)

Three-piece band from Portland, Maine. They have a meditative electronic sound, between the calmer end of the krautrock spectrum (Popol Vuh, Between...) and the pastoral Berlin School moods of Ashra / Manuel Goettsching.


Qluster (Germany)

Fragen (2011)
Rufen (2011)
Antworten (2011)
Lauschen (2013)
Tasten (2015)
Echtzeit (2016)
Elemente (2018)

A duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Onnen Bock (of Aquarello fame).

See also: Roedelius, Hans-Joachim, Kluster, Cluster.


Qnete (Germany)

If Everything Suddenly Changed (2016) (EP)

Qnete is Bremen-based deep house producer Marvin Uhde. On the above vinyl EP, there are two versions of a track named "The Tanning" which is a pure sequencer fest. The first version includes some rhythm, while the second one (the EP's closer) is pure spacey sequencing. File under EM-related.


Qoniak (Switzerland)

Sentient Beings (2013)
Mutatio (2020)

Swiss drums / synths duo. Driving, improvisation-based sound. Mostly rather energetic and raw, with a few atmospheric moments.


Q-Port (Austria)

Omnia Aurealis (2012)

Varied melodic / cinematic EM from Danilo Wimmer.

See also: Wimmer, Danilo


Qrion (Japan)

Waves (2019) (EP)

A project of deejay and musician Momiji Tsukada, known for her house music. Waves is a sequencer-centered EP with both dancey and beatless tracks. There is a Prog influence that gives some hope for a whole release of EM-oriented music in the future.


QST (Netherlands)

Questionmark? (1994)
Recovered Files (1999)
The Silent Cookbook (2017)
2023 (2018)
Collecting Space (2019)
Op. 72, A Synphonic Poem (For Pete Namlook) (2022)

Frans de Waard's project in rhythmic / analog vein, influenced by Pete Namlook and the output of the FAX label on The Silent Cookbook.

See also: Quest


Quadra (UK)

First Contact (2006)

Quadra started with four friends jamming together at the Rogue Element studio. These people were Brendan Pollard (Rogue Element), Jez Creek (Modulator ESP), John Sherwood (4m33s, Yorky, etc) and Steve Humphries (Create). Their music is strongly influenced by the Berlin School of EM.

See also: Pollard, Brendan, Modulator ESP, Sherwood, John, 4m33s, Yorky, Noise Kommandoh, Create, Astrogator.


Quadraphase (UK)

Disturbances (1989)
Alien Landscapes (1989)
Ethnotronik (1989)
X-Zotica (1989)

Electronic / experimental project of Mitch Rushton in which he usually participates with three other artists, resulting in a quartet (hence the name). Some collaborators include Penga, Maz Mitrenke, Sidebrain, Brett Valiant, Mark Lyden and Andy Elfin.

See also: Rushton, Mitch, Penga, Mitrenke, Maz.


Quadraphonic (Italy)

Tecnicolor2100 (1999) (S)
Third Ear Band Demixed (2000)
Sei Paesaggi Nella Pioggia (2001) (S)
Il Giorno Sottile (2001)
Le Fabbriche Felici (2003) (S)
Gennaio Senza Luce (2005)
Ir (2008)

Quadraphonic is Fabio Zuffanti who is also known for his projects Finisterre, Hostsonaten, La Maschera di Cera and a few others. Electronic / Ambient.


QuadratoX (Italy)

Bioniric (2022)

Aka ☒. Vaporwave artist from Florence. Bioniric is a work inspired by plants, nature, videogames and (initially) by 1970's progressive EM, ending up sounding more like 1990's and 2000's, though, with styles like drum 'n' bass gaining some prominence. The bulk of the album is pretty ambient, though.


Quadri (Chile)

Ambient Project Volume 1 (2023)

Pretty varied EM here - from Structures From Silence-era Steve Roach style to classic teutonic / Berlin School. Quadri is a project of Chilean musician and synthesist Nacho Santamaria.


Quadrivium (Finland)

Melting Part I - II (2019) (S)

Moody EM from Kalle Vainio. Sequences, slow rhythms, mysterious melodies... Pretty nice stuff.


Quadro (Russia)

Night Dreams (1989)

This group (ãðóïïà "Êâàäðî") was formed in the early 1980's by multi-instrumentalist Vyacheslav Gorsky (1953 - 2021). They first won a reputation in jazz circles, playing their own brand of fusion. However, for their second album (listed) they adopted a more electronic sound, resulting in what is perhaps comparable to Tangerine Dream from around the same time, albeit more cheesy perhaps but at the same time more punchy, vigorous and with stronger melodies sometimes. They also retained that special jazzy touch. This album is for those who like shorter, rhythmic and melodic tracks with synth and guitar solos.


Quadros (UK)

Quadros (2022)

Synth quartet of musicians (Dean Honer, Jarrod Gosling, Neil Ridley and Richard Bradley). The style is not known at the moment.


Quadrupède (France)

Quadrupède (2013) (EP)
Togoban (2014)
Interiors (2019)

A drums / guitar / electronics trio from Le Mans. Complex compositions informed by math rock, kraut and EM. There is something of a "2010's Heldon" feel to some of their material, mainly in the instrumentation they use and a certain punky attitude.


Quaeschning, Thorsten (Germany)

Among Mannatees / Off-Theater Final (2017) (S) (with Ulrich Schnauss)
Synthwaves (2017) (with Ulrich Schnauss)
Cargo (2018) (soundtrack)
The Munich Session (2019)
The Seaside Stage Session (2019) (with Paul Frick)
The Capitol Session (2020)
AutoKino Session (2020)
AMA (2021)

Synthesist of Picture Palace Music and Tangerine Dream fame.

See also: Picture Palace Music, Tangerine Dream.


Quagliotti, Fabrice Pascal (Italy)

Parallel Worlds (2020)

Melodic, propulsive, rhythmic, hymnal music from this synthesist. Sort of easy-listening but pleasant enough.


Quak, Nils (Germany)

This Once Silver Sky (2010)
Elegy For Seaweed (2011)
On Sinking (2011) (EP)
Aether (2012)
Long Forgotten Days Under A Dust Covered Sky (2012)
Und Unsere Häuser Sind Särge (2013)
Infinite Folds (2013)
Tage Später Sind Es Jahre (2014)
Fragmente der Verschwinders (2015)
Titoli di Coda (2015)
Moire / Braille (2015)
Ad Interim (2016)
Einge Sehr Populäre Songs (2016)
Ein Abend am Modularen Synthesizer (2016) (with Kai Niggemann)
Sur l'Eau (2017) (S)
Warmer Asphalt (2017) (S)
Form Phallus Function (2018)
Rolltreppen im Ausgust (2019)
Charon Transfer 1977 (2020)
Kamingespräche (2020)
Palais Onthologie (2021)
Scenes From Memory Screen (2021)
Ichi-Go Ichi-E (2022)
Und Noch Eine Kassette (2022)
Die Karrierebibel (2022)
Opus Magnum II (2022)

Varied ambient artist whose early releases are not included in the above discography, as apparently they are much more glitch / IDM-oriented. He has been increasingly relying on modular synths to sculpt his soundscapes that range from dark to brighter and slightly noisy / glitchy.


Qualchan. (USA)

Zazen. (2016) (S)
Ninety Nine Flowers. (2016)
The Spectacle. (2017)
Vera's Dream (2017) (S)
A Hymn For K Lemke. (2017) (S)
Here, Tyrant Death. (2017)
Lizard Kings of North Vietnam. (2017) (S) (with Effed)
One Hundred Years. (2018) (S)
Goodbye To All That (2019)
Talol. (2019) (S)
The End of All Seasons. (2019)
Micrographia (2020) (with Dogs Versus Shadows)
Bumper Music For the End Times. (2020) (S)
The Book of Sleep. (2020)
The End Is Always Too Soon (2020) (with Phirnis)

Seattle-based plunderphonics / screw artist. Zazen. is completely beatless and ambient, though.


Quanta (Spain)

Long Kelp Dream (2012)
Wind Statues (2015)

Catalan artist Cristian Subirà creates music under different pseudonyms. This one is melodic and relaxing, sort of new-agey, but with a nice progressive touch.

See also: Kolàr, Jason, Milano, Vanessa.


Quantum (USA)

New World (1976)

Obscure band with connections to the EML synthesizer manufacturer. Naturally, they use a lot of synths of said brand, helped by percussion, guitar and electric piano.


Quantum Echo (UK)

Blue Mirror (2022)

Rich, ambient EM sounds from this London-based artist.


Quantum Fantay (Belgium)

Agapanthusterra (2005)
Uqisiunsi (2007)
From Herzberg To Livingroom (2008)
Kaleidothrope (2009)
Bridges of Kukuriku (2010)
Bridges of the Old Fishingmine (2011)
Terragaia (2014)
Dancing In Limbo (2015)
Tessellation of Euclidean Space (2017)
Yemaya Orisha (2019)

Space rock band that is most often compared to Ozric Tentacles. And for a reason, as Quantum Fantay features a similar blend of spaced out synths, flutes, driving basslines and rhythms. But then, Quantum Fantay, if anything, is even more intense than the Ozrics. They also have their own individual sound, based on their obvious space rock influences of course. Some of their tracks are completely or almost completely electronic and have been compared to Jarre and Vangelis, among others. Quantum Fantay consists of Pieter Van den Broeck (synths), Wouter De Geest (bass), Gino Bartolini (drums) and Charles Sla (flutes, groovebox).


Quantum Mechanics (Russia)

Waves, Fields & Particles (2011)
Long Way To Nowhere (2013)

Alexey Markov's Berlin School project.

See also: Radio Silence, Vortex Mechanic.


Quaranta Maula (Spain)

Remors del Mar (1987)
El Ball dels Dofins (??)

Obscure group (Enric Murillo, Ángel Murillo, Nacho Mañó and José Soriano) from Valencia area playing folk-influenced and new-agey music with some nice moments that create a sort of an ambient feeling.


Quarion (Switzerland)

Shades (2019)

A project of Berlin-based Yanneck Salvo, mixing deep house and ambient tunes.


Quarks (Chile)

Elemental (2013)

Berlin School band from Chile. Quarks are Alamiro Arias, Claudio Momberg and Ricardo Riadi.

See also: Taurus


Quarkspace (USA)

Quarkspace (1996)
Spacefolds 1 (1996)
Spacefolds 2 (1997)
Spacefolds 3 (1997)
Spacefolds 4 (1998)
Live Orion (1998)
Spacefolds 5 (1999)
The Hidden Moon (1999)
Spacefolds 6 (2000)
The Drop (2001)
Spacefolds 7 (2001)
Node In Peril (2004)
Spacefolds 8 (2007)
Spacefolds 9 (2008)

Space rock band formed as "Quark!" in 1984 in Columbis, Ohio. Jay Swanson, Kevin Wherry and Darren Gough made up the initial lineup of the band. Later Chet Santia and Paul Williams joined and the band switched from cover tunes to more improvisational approach to music, doing lengthy jams mainly. Williams and Santia left in 1986 and the band adopted a new singer and drummer and became known as Quarkspace, releasing their first album a decade later. The music of Quarkspace is mostly improvised and flowing space rock, often with a strong Electronic Music influence and is at times similar to classic Tangerine Dream, Schulze, Tim Blake and such. Some of their works feature vocals. The 'Spacefolds' series consists of completely instrumental compositions.

See also: National Steam, Church of Hed.


Quartez, Crystal (USA)

Causal Loop (2020)
Sonic Blooming (2021)

Portland, Oregon-based Crystal Quartez serves us a plate of varied and rather enjoyable EM on Casual Loop. A bit new-agey, the music is flowing and sparkling with a multitude of synth textures and sounds. Rather ambient, but mostly with some kind of pulse and a few acoustic instruments alongside electronics. The mood gets darker towards the end.


Quartz (France)

Quartz (1978)
Camel In the City (1979)

Synth / disco music in the style of Space. The second album was produced by Saint-Preux who was also a member of the band.

See also: Saint-Preux


Quasar, Frank (Belgium)

Dusk (1988)
Force of Nature (1992)
Infinity (1994)
Atmos (1995)

Belgian synthesist from Oostende. After studying music and composition he developed an interest in synthesizers and Electronic Music. That was around 1975. In 1981 Frank bought his first synthesizer. After being a radio host for several years with his own EM show "Kosmofoon" (where, among other artists, some of his own works were featured), he issued his first LP in 1988. His music is in typical "Berlin School" style, albeit more melodic, with sequencer passages and lots of atmospheric sections.


Quattro (Italy)

Panorama Wasteland (2023) (recorded in 2022)

Relaxed, trip-hop-y rhythms, melodic sequencing and moody, dreamy, repetitive melodies.


Quayle, Mac (USA)

Mr. Robot Vol. 1 (2016) (soundtrack)
Mr. Robot Vol. 2 (2016) (soundtrack)
Mr. Robot Vol. 3 (2017) (soundtrack)
Mr. Robot Vol. 4 (2018) (soundtrack)

Electronic television soundtracks. Ranges from atmospheric to pulsing / rhythmic.


Queen Elizabeth (UK)

Queen Elizabeth (1994)
Queen Elizabeth 2 (1997)

Ambient / experimental duo of Thighpaulsandra and Julian Cope. Music with contrasting moods that switches from ambient soundscapes to krautrock sections and back.

See also: Thighpaulsandra, Cope, Julian.


Queso Sagrado (Mexico)

Queso Sagrado (2019) (recorded in 1974 - 1981)

Psych / prog / hardrock band that included Carlos Vivanco, Jesús González Martín and Alex Eisenring, who would later form synth-pop / electro-pop band Syntoma. The above collection includes "Mpdmad" - a solo synthesizer piece recorded by Eisenring in 1980 on two channels and a Korg MS-20.


Quest (Netherlands)

Questionmark (1994)
Quest 1 + 2 (1995)
Electro-City (1996)
The First Hour (1996)
Hic Locust Quest (1997)
Oblique Soundscapes Vol.5 (1997)
Recovered Files (1999) (recorded in 1994)
Quay (2017)
Yesternights (2019)
Winter's Sun (2019)
(A) Quarter (2019) (S)
(an) Exterior (2021)

Dark Ambient. Quest is the project of Frans De Waard (member of Kapotte Muziek and Beequeen) and Maurice van Dongen. Quest started as a solo project of Frans and was initially called QST.

See also: QST


Quest Master (Australia)

Sword & Circuitry (2023) (S)

Chiptune-ish / RPG-oriented dungeon synth / fantasy synth project from down under. On Sword & Circuitry, there is a certain 1980's EM feel mixed with the usual influences. The whole ends up sounding rather vaporwave-ish, though.


Quicksails (USA)

Quicksails (2009) (S)
Madison Lakes (2010) (S)
Vermillion (2011) (S)
Silver Balloons In Clusters (2011)
A Fantasy In Seasons (2011)
Bywater Colours (2011)
Diamond Servants (2011) (S)
Weight of Worth (2013)
Mayville Dream (2013)
Love of Lollipops (2014) (S)
Spillage (2015)
Fleurs de la Lune (2015)
Mortal (2017)
The Bright (2018)
Blue Rise (2020)

Cicago-based Ben Billington is a free jazz drummer and percussionist who as Quicksails indulges in solo synth soundsculpting. His project is too diverse for a brief description and ranges from noisy collages to bright, tinkling synthesizers and sequences. He often uses acoustic percussion along with synths. Part of his oeuvre is certainly prog EM-related, part isn't, but it's all really hard to tell apart so I decided to include all of his stuff. Anyway, fans of Experimental EM should enjoy this.

See also: White Prism


Quiem (Germany)

The Sentimental Swordsman (2023)

Relaxing Ambient with very slight lo-fi, glitch and dub influences.


Quiet Clapping (Ireland)

Solitude (2021)
The Abbey of the Black Hag (2021)
Zener_25 (2021)
MV Alta (2021)
Arctic - Air (2021)
Adversary (2022)
Arletty (2022)
Lyra (2022)

Varied ambient project of Jonathan Deasy.


Quiet Evenings (USA)

Burning Bridges (2009)
The Zodiac And the Salts of Salvation (2009)
The Soma Mandala (2009)
The Sun Scorched the Yellow Grass (2010) (S)
Follow the Water (2010) (S)
Pillars At Night (2010) (S)
Easy Listening Circles (2010) (S)
My Soul Will Be the Song of the Desert That Will Follow You (2010) (S)
Sensitive (2010)
Cascades (2010) (S)
Spirit Smoke (2011) (S)
Transcending Spheres (2011)
Patience Folding Waters (2011)
Circle of Vaporous Totem (2011) (S)
Impressions (2013)
Other Windows (2014)
Stork Bite (2016)
Oak & Lead (2016)
Espions (2018) (S)
Environs (2019) (S)
Fault (2020)
Narrows (2021) (S)
Primrose (2022)
Glass Bridge (2022)

Husband and wife duo of Grant and Rachel Evans with an ambient sound.

See also: Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Nova Scotian Arms, Ornamental Hairpin.


Quiet Force (Germany)

Flow (1988)
Smile (1989)
Two Worlds (1990)
Free From Meditation (1994)
The Major And Minor Things (2004)

On IC label. I haven't heard it, but supposedly it's just boring new age fluff.

See also: Rex, Thilo


Quiet Places (UK)

Volume 1 (2020)
Volume 2 (2023)

Ambient trio coinsisting of Charlie May, Dave Gardner and Dennis White. Pretty varied sound, both abstract and vaguely rhythmic (or with some structure). Lots of flowing synths here, abundant sampling, some voices, etc.


Quiet Point (UK)

Beyond the Quiet Point (1987)

Quiet Point are Paul Ward and Neil Thompson. Supposedly, very melodic stuff.

See also: Ward, Paul


Quietist, The (UK)

Hidden (2022)

Ambient artist. Floating waves of sound, similar to Quiet Music series of albums by Steve Roach.


Quiltland (Sweden)

Quilts (2010)
Sisto (2014)
Quiltland (2014)
Polarity (2018)

A project of Frida-Li Lövgren. The music heard on Polarity is definitely influenced by IDM and the club styles. I guess it's mostly EDM-related in the end but it is not danceable and yes, there is a Prog EM influence, too, especially on the closer. A crossover project.


Quimper (UK)

Perdide (2018)
Dejado (2020)

A project of Jodie Lowther. Wacky, quirky, charming experimental compositions, with electronics, some acoustic instruments and wordless vocalizations. Like Cluster with a feminine soul. A unique style.


Quinn, Daniel Patrick (UK)

The Winter Hills (2003)
Jura (2003)
Severed From the Land (2004)
SUILVEN007 (2004) (with Beano Jameson)
Ridin' the Stang (2005)
West To the Irish Sea (2007)
Acting the Rubber Pig (2008)

Monolithic ambient droning soundscapes plus some more varied material, with folky undertones, avant-gardish compositions and more. Daniel Patrick Quinn was born in 1981 in Ipswich, Suffolk.


Quinn Redmond, Gareth (Ireland)

Laistigh den Ghleo (2019)
The Exquisite Corpse Shall Drink the New Wine (2022) (with C. R. Gillespie)
Umcheol (Cú Chulainn agus Ferdiad) (2022)
Air Ais Arís (2023)

In 1982, Japanese composer Satoshi Ashikawa released an acoustic ambient album (not in EEM due to its strictly acoustic nature) called Still Way. Gareth Quinn Redmond's Laistigh den Ghleo was composed as a companion piece to that classic release. This time, however, the piano and the classical instrumentation are augmented by synths and subtle electronics, warranting an EEM inclusion. You don't have to hear or love Still Way to appreciate Laistigh den Ghleo, though, because, regardless of its influences, it's a nice piece of ambient mastery in its own right.


Quinn, Seán (Ireland)

Skylines (2005)
Cold Sky Blue (2016) (with David Cross)

Dublin-based ambient musician, producer and audio engineer. Cold Sky Blue is a collaboration with King Crimson's David Cross and represents a mixture of vocal songs and ambient electronic material that marries Seán's electronics with David's electric violin playing.


Quinquis (France)

Seim (2022)

Quinquis is a project of Breton musician Emilie Tiersen. She focuses on modular synths, but uses her vocals extensively, resulting in sort of electronic lullabies. A small fraction of the material is instrumental. An acquired taste, overall (due to the use of vocals).


Quinta (UK)

Aeolian Mixtape (2022)

Quinta is a pseudonym of London-based cellist and experimental composer Katherine Mann. Aeolian Mixtape was inspired by the concept of the Aeolian harp. It will be enjoyed by fans of neo-classical, electroacoustic music and ambient electronics.


Quintelium (USA)

Moonwaves (2023)

Las Vegas-based artist with a version of motorik-based and ambient kosmische electronics on Moonwaves.


Quitter, Andrew (USA)

Entering Saturn's Return (2011)
Floaters (2011) (soundtrack)
Forgotten Farms (2012)
Gledenen Beach (2013)
Nu Grotesque (2013) (with Nick Hoffman)
Terra Firma Drones (2014)
Juice Machine + Andrew Quitter (2015) (with Juice Machine)
Kaiju Manifestos (2015) (with Chefkirk)
Flux (2016) (S)
Apotheosis Puterfactum (2016) (with Nick Hoffman)
Kill Your Parents (2019) (recorded in 2018)
Mountain Hymns For City Rats (2019)
A Season In Hell (2021) (with PBK and Minoy)
More Revelations / November (2022)

Ambient synth artist. Droning, noisy, cosmic, wild...


Quixosis (Ecuador)

Decomposiciones (2019)
Rocafuerte (2021)

A project of Quito-based Daniel Rofredo Rota. I would describe his output as a mixture of electro-acoustics / hypnagogic pop and analog EM. Rocafuerte is the less interesting of the two, also with less EM-friendly material.


Quosp (UK)

Soundscapes I (2007)
Soundscapes II (2009)

Ambient ala Brian Eno from Colin Kay.


Qype Dikir (UK)

Untitled (2017)

A project of Malcolm Delaney. Organic, analog, often noisy sound sculpting.


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