Unknown artist 1 (Netherlands??)

De Nieuwe Volkswagen Transporter (1979)

Released as promo disc for buyers of the then new Volkswagen van, this record was made by uknown musicians supposedly from the Netherlands. I don't know what the guys at VW were thinking, releasing this album representing "musical impressions" of their new van, as part of the tracks are jazzy fusion / funk and then there are also a couple of mad electronic tracks - one of them relaxed, another mad and frenetic, with all kinds of heavy effects.


Unknown artist 2 (Germany??)

Hasselblad Präsentiert - Sound Of Space (??) (S)

A small promotional record for the Hasselblad camera used in spaceships. Side A has narration on top of background music, while side B has just music, which is sparse, ambient and electronic, creating a nice mood. The author of the music is unknown as of now, though.


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